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The Escapists Cheats and Codes


- Combine the indicated components to craft the corresponding item:
Comb Blade1 Comb, one Razor Blade20 Intelligence, 2/5 Energy
Comb Shiv1 Comb & Use it on a wall0 Intelligence, two/5 Energy
Cup of Molten Chocolate1 Cup, 1 Bar of Chocolate, one Lighter40 Intelligence, Instantaneous K.O
Glass Shank1 Roll of Duct Tape, 1 Glass Shard0 Intelligence, four/5 Power
Knuckle Duster1 Roll of Duct Tape, one Razor Blade60 Intelligence, four/5 Electrical power
Nunchucks2 Timbers, 1 Wire70 Intelligence, five/5 Energy
Sock Mace1 Sock, 1 Soap30 Intelligence, three/5 Energy
Spiked Bat1 Timber, 1 Roll of Duct Tape, 1 Nails0 Intelligence, 4/5 Power
Super Sock Mace1 Sock, one Battery50 Intelligence, 3/5 Electrical power
Toothbrush Shiv1 Toothbrush & Use it on a Wall0 Intelligence, two/5 Electrical power
Whip1 Timber, one Wire, 1 Razor Blade80 Intelligence, five/5 Electrical power
Wooden Bat1 Timber, one Roll of Duct Tape0 Intelligence, three/5 Energy

Steam achievements

The Escapist!: Effectively escaped from all 6 prisons.
The Monopoly Guy: Have $1000 or over on hand.
The Moist Bandit: Flood thirty toilets.
Thug Daily life: Recruit five+ buddies.
Way of the Dragon: Pull off a prison takeover using nunchuks.
Favour Fave: Comprehensive a hundred favours.
Grey Issues: Reach one hundred intellect.
I Existing To You: Give away 50 items.
Butter Fingers: Dropped the soap in the showers.
Clean Getaway: Escape a prison with % typical heat.
Day A single: Escape a prison on the initial day.
Digging It!: Cleared a complete of 50 tiles employing the Shovel.
Disrespect My Authority: Knocked out 50 guards.
Jobsworth: Total quota on every job.
Let's Get Physical: Get your Strength and Velocity stat to a hundred.
Master Craftsman: Fill 15 pages of your crafting journal.
Never Be Alone Once more: Attended 50 prison visits.
Punch Drunk: Knocked out 50 inmates.
Strip Searched: Strip 50 outfits from floored opponents.

* The Escapists Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS4 - Xbox One - PC

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