Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS Vita - PC

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Cheats and Codes


Collected all accessories: Accessory Fanatic
Selected the two Gamindustri journalists for a Quest: Anything at all For A Scoop
Performed a sound check: Audiomension
Cleared Chapter 1 in Story mode: Chapter 1 Clear!
Cleared Chapter 2 in Story mode: Chapter 2 Clear!
Cleared Chapter 3 in Story mode: Chapter three Clear!
Used all characters in Quests: Character-driven Game
Watched a CPU go about her daily duties: CPU Voyeur
Performed a 999-hit combo: Eternal Combo Champion Redux
Watched all events: Event Master
Used EXE Drive: EXE Drive
All characters won the Gamindustri Gauntlet at least as soon as: Gauntlet Domination
Cleared a Quest with HDD mode lively: HDDimension
Triggered Costume Break for the duration of a Quest: It Carried out Received Ripped!
Selected Vert and Nepgear for a Quest: It Was Bound To Happen
A new character joined: Journalistic Integrity
Raised the Lily Rank of all characters to MAX: Lily Lord
Learned a Lily Specific: Lily Specific
Raised a character's level to 99: Max Degree
Dealt 9,999,999 damage in a combo: Highest Firepower
Acquired all medal bonuses: Medal Fanatic
All characters cleared Neptral Tower: Neptral Force
You did every thing you could do in Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed!Platinum Action Unleashed!
Uncovered Irregular Quest problems: Please Aid!
Cleared all Quests in Story mode: Quest Master
Defeated 999 enemies in a single Quest: Reaper of Souls
Selected Noire and Uni for a Quest: The Double Damaging
Cleared Neptral Tower for the first time: The 1st Climb
Won the Gamindustri Gauntlet for the very first time: The First Taste
Selected Blanc and both Rom or Ram for a Quest: The Content Loved ones
Selected Neptune and Nepgear for a Quest: The Purple Haze
Defeated Next-Gen Mech at the prime of Neptral Tower at Level one: The Spectral One
Cleared a Quest while sporting an accessory with negative effects: Uphill Struggle

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