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Ultratron Cheats and Codes

Steam achievements

The Artful Dodger: Received 100% on a dodge stage.
Times five Multiplier: Highest score multiplier.
Ultimate: Double 3 way bouncy max electrical power speedy fire gun.
Unexpected Item In Bagging Area: Quantum-shifted through a boss.
Vengeance: Smartbombed ten enemies with one particular blast.
XR3iTurbonutterbastard: Maxed turbo electrical power and recharge.
1000 shots fired: Player has fired one thousand shots in a game.
10000 kills: Vanquished 10000 enemies.
10000 shots fired: Player has fired 10000 shots in a game.
25 fruits: Collected 25 fruits.
10 fruits: Collected ten fruits.
100 dots: Collected a hundred dots.
100 kills: Vanquished a hundred enemies.
1000 dots: Collected 1000 dots.
1000 kills: Vanquished 1000 enemies.
250 dots: Collected 250 dots.
2500 kills: Vanquished 2500 enemies.
50 fruits: Collected 50 fruits.
500 dots: Collected 500 dots.
500 kills: Vanquished 500 enemies.
5000 kills: Vanquished 5000 enemies.
Challenge Perfect: Got one hundred% on a challenge stage.
Commando: thirty kills with a single grenade.
Crazy: Double 3 way bouncy bezerk gun.
Crufts: Held one or far more pets for ten ranges without dropping.
Double Dose: Defeated two bosses.
Drone Bullet Kills: Single drone shot down one hundred enemy bullets.
Drone Enemy Kills: Single drone vanquished 250 enemies.
And That!: EMP shocked 25 enemies in a single blast.
And This!: EMP shocked 50 enemies in one particular blast.
Assault Survivor: Survived assault degree with out taking damage.
Awesome: Great double three way bouncy gun.
Barbara Woodhouse: Held one or far more pets for twenty amounts without dropping.
Bellum: Defeated Bellum.
Bombadier: 20 kills with a single grenade.
Fruit Flatus: Detonated 10 bombfruits.
Grenadier: ten kills with a single grenade.
Healthy Diet: Consumed ten consecutive fruits.
His Master's Voice: Held one or a lot more pets for 5 amounts without having dropping.
Redemption: Smartbombed 25 enemies with one blast.
Salvation: Smartbombed 50 enemies with 1 blast.
Slurp: Maximum dot slurp selection.
Smartbombtastic: Detonated 50 smartbombs in a single game.
Superdrones: Highest drone upgrades.
Supervisory Place: Beat a degree with no firing a single shot.
Ieiunitas: Defeated Ieiunitas.
Letum: Defeated Letum.
Lues: Defeated Lues.
Max Grenade Upgrades: Grenade add-on upgrades maxed.
Max Laser Pet: Upgraded laser pet to optimum.
Max Pet Upgrades: Upgraded all pets to highest parameters.
Max Energy: Optimum droid electrical power.
Max Rocket Pet: Upgraded rocket pet to optimum.
Max Rocket Pet Level: Rocket pet levelled up to highest.
Max Shields: Optimum shields.
Max Shooty Pet: Upgraded shooty pet to highest.
Max Shooty Pet Degree: Shooty pet levelled up to optimum.
Max Smarts: Complete complement of smartbombs.
Take That!: EMP shocked 10 enemies in one blast.
Tenacious D 10: Drone survived ten amounts.
Tenacious D 20: Drone survived twenty ranges.
Tenacious D thirty: Drone survived thirty amounts.

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