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 PlanetSide Cheats and Codes

Gliding character

At any time in the course of the game, switch to the third man or woman see of your character and commence moving forward. Whilst moving forward, double-tap forward yet again and your character need to start gliding. This may take a few attempts.

Pulling cars out of the warpgate

If there is a vehicle within the warpgate that has no driver, back up as far as you can in a vehicle. Ram the other automobile at complete velocity. A glitch in the game will let the motor vehicle to cling on to your car.

Free weapons

Go to education mode and decide on "Shooting Selection". When in the shooting range, select any weapon that you want while in your armor. Subsequent, go to "Favorites" and save inventory. Exit training mode and go to terminal. Choose "Favorites" and select the inventory you saved. You should have your weapons.

Fire via an enemy warp gate

You want someone to fly you over an enemy sanctuary warp gate. Then, bail. You are not able to do this oneself due to the fact the game will not enable you to bail out of your personal plane more than a warp gate. You have to go slightly to the side of the warp gate, to the place the lengthy metal component goes down (not too shut or you will fall off). Search down and you can shoot inside of it.

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