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Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Cheats and Codes

Arcade mode personnel credits

Successfully complete Arcade mode to view the arcade version staff credits at the "Gallery" menu.

Console mode staff credits

Successfully comprehensive Story mode to view the console model staff credits at the "Gallery" menu.

Gallery objects

Earn the indicated quantity of WS to obtain the corresponding item for show at the "Gallery" menu. Note: DLC characters should be downloaded just before the connected products seem as Gallery objects. In addition, the A-C voice recordings should be acquired separately.

Play as Sin Kiske
Earn above 200,000 WS, then acquire Sin Kiske's entry at the "Gallery" menu to unlock him.

Arcade mode ending sequences

Successfully comprehensive Arcade mode with one particular of the following characters to unlock the corresponding unique ending sequence at the "Gallery" menu. Note: There is also a regular ending unlocked by completing Arcade mode with any character.

Arcade mode opening sequences

Play as the indicated character in Arcade mode to unlock the corresponding unique opening sequence at the "Gallery" menu:


Abundance: Win a hundred matches with optimum Stress.
Ace Up The Sleeve: Activate Psych Burst 1,000 occasions.
Air Master: Win with an aerial throw.
Attacker: Activate Red Roman Cancels numerous instances.
Avenger: Win soon after your opponent has an HP lead.
Awakened: Win with an Overdrive Attack.
Axl Killer: Defeat Axl one hundred occasions.
Balanced Fighter: Activate Roman Cancels of all colors.
Bedman Killer: Defeat Bedman a hundred times.
Best Defender: Counter Hit an opponent 5 instances.
Black Belt: Reach Degree eleven.
Blacksmith: Allow opponents read your Psych Burst 100 instances.
Blazing Speeds: Fell victim to a complete of a hundred Dust Attacks.
Blood With Blood: Win a round for the duration of Danger Time.
Body And Mind: Use the exact same character one,000 occasions.
Brute Force: Force an opponent to block for an very extended time.
Burned: Consider enormous injury.
Burster: Land a Counter Hit with a Psych Burst.
Cautious: Block a Dust Attack.
Challenger: Fight a player 3 or a lot more ranks above you, when you are rank eleven or increased.
Checkmate: Defeat an opponent with chip harm when they have zero Tension.
Chipp Killer: Defeat Chipp 100 times.
Choosing Battles: Defeat an opponent towards whom you are powerful.
Climax: Eat a huge volume of tension.
Close Competitor: Fall victim to 1,000 ground throws.
Close Victory: Win a match with practically no HP remaining.
Combo Breaker: Defeat an opponent with 30 consecutive wins.
Combo Stopper: Defeat an opponent with ten consecutive wins.
Conservative: Win a match with highest Stress.
Continue?: Shed to the personal computer.
Cornered Mouse: Force an opponent to block at the edge of the screen for an incredibly long time.
Correct!: Draw an angel.
Crushed: Allow opponents break by way of your guard one,000 instances with overhead attacks.
Cry Of 1,000 Lives: Fall victim to one hundred Quick Kills.
Debut: Battle your 1st ranked match.
Deployment: Activate Yellow Roman Cancels several instances.
Dust Striker: Land a total of 100 Dust Attacks.
Elphelt Killer: Defeat Elphelt a hundred occasions.
Enforcer: Counter for the duration of a Psych Burst.
Executioner: Land a complete of one,000 Mortal counter hits.
Faust Killer: Defeat Faust 100 occasions.
Fierce Winner: Win in an additional round.
Fighter: Wi five consecutive ranked matches.
Firepower: Lnd a massive amount of damage on an opponent.
First Blood: raw very first blood in all the rounds.
Flash Of Lighting: Successfully execute one,000 Blitz Shields.
Flashy: Win a ttal of a hundred rounds with Overdrive Attacks.
Follower: Activate Purple Roman Cancels several instances.
Foundation: Finish Arcade Mode in one sitting.
Gambler: Defeat a player three or far more ranks above you, when you are rank 11 or greater.
Get Me Off This Point: Fall victim to 1,000 air throws.
Grappler: Win with a standard throw.
Grounded: In no way leap in a match.
H-Help-!: Your personal R.I.S.C. Level flashed a complete of a hundred times.
Hardcore: Attain one,000,000 XP.
He Who Strikes Very first: Successfully execute 1,000 Overdrive Attacks.
Hell: Land an Overdrive Assault from a disadvantage.
High Spirits: Hold you Stress Gauge substantial for the excellent second.
Historic Hero: Fight a total of 500 ranked matches.
Honored: Gather 50 badges.
Honored Knight: Collect a total of a hundred badges.
I-No Killer: Defeat I-No a hundred occasions.
Ignition: Land an assault on an opponent while their R.I.S.C. Degree is flashing.
Illogical: Fall victim to a total of 1,000 Mortal counter hits.
Impregnable: Efficiently Immediate Block five consecutive attacks.
In-Fighter: Land a complete of 1,000 ground throws.
Incomplete Combustion: Drop a match with greatest Stress.
Indestructible: Use Faultless Defense to block an opponent's attack with practically no HP remaining.
Iron Curtain: Effectively block one,000 overhead attacks.
Jackhammer: Win by chipping away an opponent's HP.
Ky Killer: Defeat Ky a hundred occasions.
Lavish: Use an Overdrive Assault three instances.
Leaking: Perform a total of ten hrs.
Leo Killer: Defeat Leo a hundred instances.
Lifeline: Activate Psych Burst with virtually no HP left.
Light The Flare: Activate Psych Burst one,000 instances although in a normal state.
Lightning Strike: Cause a clash to occur 100 occasions.
Lost Possibility: Lose a match with a full Psych Burst Gauge.
Master Of Time: Complete a Roman Cancel one,000 times.
May Killer: Defeat Could 100 occasions.
Millia Killer: Defeat Millia a hundred times.
Mind's Eye: Efficiently use Blitz Shield even though being pushed back.
Misfortune: Fell victim to 1,000 Counter Hits.
Mixer-upper: Break via an opponent's defense with an overhead attack, and win.
Monumental: Fought a complete of five,000 ranked matches.
Mortal: Land a mortal counter hit.
Nine Lives: Recover from a Stun.
No Touch: Effectively execute 1,000 Dead Angle Attacks.
Overcoming Weakness: Defeat an opponent against whom you are weak.
Overkill: Win a round by dealing considerably more injury than an opponent's remaining HP.
Paladin: Won 50 consecutive ranked matches.
Patience: Allow a match finish with Time Up 100 instances.
Perfectionist: Pull off a best victory.
Perserverance: Land a complete of 1,000 Counter Hits.
Persevered: Win a round using a counter hit.
Pity!: The angel has turned into the devil.
Potemkin Killer: Defeat Potemkin 100 times.
Pouring: Perform for a total of 100 hours.
Prudent: Use Faultless Defense incessantly.
Punished: Crush an opponent's Blitz Shield with an Overdrive Assault.
Pure Luck: Win as the timer hits zero.
Quick Turnover: Activate Psych Burst two time in a round.
Rage: Land a counter hit with an Overdrive Assault.
Ramlethal Killer: Defeat Ramlethal 100 times.
Ranged King: Land a total of 1,000 air throws.
Reactionary: Get rid of 100 matches with greatest Stress.
Read Like A Book: Read an opponent's Psych Burst a complete of 100 occasions.
Read As well A lot: Misplaced 100 matches with a full Psych Burst Gauge.
Reckless: Fight a player three or a lot more ranks above you a hundred times, when you've reached rank 11 or larger.
Relentless: Your opponent's R.I.S.C. Degree flashed a complete of a hundred times.
Remorse: Get rid of a round without having using a recovery to escape an opponent's attacks.
Resurrection: Land an assault on an opponent even though your own R.I.S.C. Level is flashing.
Romantic: Execute a Roman Cancel instances.
Rookie: Win your very first ranked match.
Seasoned: Win ten ranked matches.
Security: Block a Dead Angle Attack.
Seer: Efficiently use Blitz Shield three times.
Shining Knight: Efficiently execute one,000 Instantaneous Blocks.
SIGN: Finish Arcade Mode.
Sin Killer: Defeat Sin a hundred instances.
Slayer Killer: Defeat Slayer 100 times.
Soarer: Jumped all around.a lot.
Sol Killer: Defeat Sol 100 instances.
Special: Win with an unique attack.
Stalemate: End a game in a draw.
Straight: Win a match without losing any rounds.
Stunning: Stun an opponent.
Sweeper: Break through an opponent's defense with a lower assault, and win.
Swept: Let opponents break through your guard 1,000 instances with minimal attacks.
Table Turner: Use an unique assault upon waking up several occasions.
Technician: Complete a combo with 20 hits or a lot more.
Tester: Hit an opponent with a Dust Attack.
The Walker: Take a really long walk for the duration of a match.
The Wall: Successfully Instant Block twenty attacks.
Thoroughly Seasoned: Win a complete of a hundred ranked matches.
Treasure Hunter: Unlock Class 14 in M.O.M. Mode.
Unbreakable: Win a complete of two,000 ranked matches.
Untouchable: Pull off one hundred perfect victories.
Used To It: Let opponents Blitz Shield you one,000 times.
Valiance: Be defeated in a near match.
Venom Killer: Defeat Venom a hundred instances.
Veteran: Battle 100 ranked matches.
Volatile Scenario: Enter Danger Time a complete of 100 occasions.
Walking Death: Efficiently land a hundred Instant Kills.
Warrior: Win 10 consecutive ranked matches.
Wasted: Shed a round while getting ready for an Instant Destroy.
While Down: Rush down and defeat an opponent who is knocked down.
Wiseman: Acquire over 1,000,000 Medals.
With Dying Breath: Result in a Double K.O.
Zato Killer: Defeat Zato a hundred times.

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