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Astebreed Cheats and Codes

Steam achievements

WELL Accomplished: Cleared the game on Typical difficulty with less than 50,000 harm taken in total (Chapter Choose is not allowed.)
WITHOUT ARMS: Destroyed Agnesi in Chapter 1 but kept its arms intact.
WITHOUT DEATH: Cleared the game on Straightforward trouble without making use of continues. (Chapter Decide on is not allowed.)
COMPLETE ALL: Cleared the game on Normal problems with out making use of continues (Chapter Pick is not allowed.)
COMPLETE FLEET DESTRUCTION: Destroyed the total enemy fleet in Chapter three.
EX COUNTERATTACK: Used an EX Assault to knock a direct assault from Asymptote Void back in Chapter 5.
FAIRY THE RIPPER: Employed Blade to destroy 20,000 enemies and their attacks.
GAME MASTER: Cleared the game on Difficult difficulty without utilizing continues (Chapter Pick is not allowed.)
ANALYSIS Completed: Noticed each assault pattern utilized by Asymptote Est in Chapter three.
AT Complete THROTTLE: Employed the Wild EX Attack 10 occasions.
BEYOND ASYMPTOTE: Destroyed Queen Program in Chapter 6 with out taking any injury.
BLADE COUNTERATTACK: Utilised the Blade to knock a direct attack from Asymptote Void back in Chapter five.
BREAKTHROUGH: Employed the Dash Blade assault to get a x16 multiplier ten instances in total.
BY FORCE: Destroyed Dux's outer shell in Chapter four by only attacking from the outdoors.
GET Prepared: Viewed all the tutorials.
GOOD Task: Cleared the game on Simple difficulty with much less than 50,000 injury taken in total (Chapter Choose is not permitted.)
GOOD Capabilities TO Stay away from: Prevented all of the Lucis capture attacks in Chapter five.
GOOD SNIPER: Reached a total Lock Level of 30,000.
THE STORY ABOUT ASYMPTOTE Between TWINS: Played the Prologue to the finish.
TO ALTER Actuality: Cleared the game on Easy issues.
TO ALTER THE Long term: Cleared the game on Standard trouble.
HIGH SCORER: Reached a complete score of a hundred,000,000 pts.
HIGHER SCORER: Reached a total score of 500,000,000 pts.
INVINCIBLE: Cleared a chapter on Tough issues with no taking damage.
TO ALTER THE Globe: Cleared the game on Tough issues.
TOO Considerably DESTRUCTION: Destroyed thirty of Dux's batteries in Chapter 4.
TORNADO: Destroyed one hundred enemies and their attacks employing the Spin EX Assault.
HASTY: Skipped each cutscene.
LIGHTNING: Utilized the Dash Blade attack to get a x16 multiplier 30 times in total.
LISTEN TO HER: Destroyed Asymptote Est in Chapter two swiftly.
NICE SCORING: Earned 500,000 pts by employing an EX Attack.
PERFECT GAME: Cleared a chapter on Simple problems without taking injury.
PERFECT Taking part in: Cleared a chapter on Normal difficulty with no taking injury.
LOCUS OF LIGHT: Employed Shot to ruin twenty,000 enemies and their attacks.
MISSION Completed: Cleared the game with all mecha on all troubles.
MULTI LOCK ON: Locked onto 50 targets at the very same time.
NEVER GIVE UP: Continued ten times.
SLENDER: Destroyed Asymptote Void and all its parts in Chapter five.
SUNSHINE: Destroyed a boss utilizing an EX Assault.
SUPERHUMAN: Cleared the game on Hard trouble with significantly less than 50,000 injury taken in complete (Chapter Choose is not allowed.)

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