Arcania: The Complete Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - Xbox 360 - Xbox One - PC

Arcania: The Complete Cheats and Codes


Glutton (Bronze): Consume 200 items.
Jackrabbit (Bronze): Jump 1000 Times.
Relaxed Attitude (Bronze): Use beds or chairs for 60 minutes.
Ancient Treasure (Bronze): Obtain all ancient relics.
Radiant Blessing (Bronze): Obtain all Innos statuettes.
Dark Reward (Bronze): Obtain all Beliar artifacts.
Master of the Elements (Silver): Obtain an audience with the Grand Master of Water in Tooshoo.
Chosen by Fire and Shadow (Silver): Learn the secrets of the abbots of the Sea Cliff Monastery.
Bad Dog (Silver): Defeat Jabo's watchdog.
Geek (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies.
Teacher Beater (Bronze): Prove your mettle to your secret mentor.
Family Man (Bronze): Obtain Ivy's agreement to marry you.
Queen Slayer (Bronze): Defeat the loam vermin queen.
Bane of the Bandits (Bronze): Clear the bridge to Stewark.
Kingmaker (Bronze): Bring stability to Stewark.
Champion of Silverlake (Bronze): Obtain access to the Silverlake archives.
Seeker (Silver): Gain access to the forgotten temple.
Forged by Destiny (Silver): Claim the power of the divine forge.
Battlemage (Silver): Kill 100 enemies with magic.
Champion (Silver): Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons.
Marksman (Silver): Kill 100 enemies with ranged weapons.
Merchant (Silver): Sell 200 items.
Avenger (Silver): Obtain revenge for Feshyr.
Saviour (Silver): Defeat an ancient evil.
Deft Hands (Bronze): Craft your first item.
First Blood (Bronze): Emerge victorious from your first battle.
Initiate (Bronze): Annihilate an enemy with a spell.
Hunter (Bronze): Finish an enemy off with a well-placed shot.
Weaponsmith (Silver): Craft 3 weapons.
Alchemist (Silver): Craft 50 potions, elixirs or food items.
Explorer (Silver): Cover more than 50Km on foot.
Awakened (Bronze): Reach Level 2.
Greenhorn (Bronze): Reach Level 5.
Adventurer (Silver): Reach Level 10.
Veteran (Silver): Reach Level 20.
Arcane Reaper (Bronze): Kill 300 enemies with magic.
Duelist (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with flurries.
Sniper (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with headshots.
Chickenbane (Bronze): Kill 10 chickens in the game.
Legend (Silver): Reach Level 30.
Conqueror (Gold): Complete the game on the hardest difficulty level.
Deadly Adversary (Silver): Defeat 500 enemies.
Army of One (Silver): Defeat 1000 enemies.
Richer than Diego (Bronze): Hoard 100`000 pieces of gold.

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