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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Cheats and Codes

Straightforward "Unfinished Story" trophy

You can only interact with the sniper rifle after you find the area of Ethan close to the finish of the game. Even though you can discover the sniper rifle prior to then, it will not be achievable to interact with it, and finishing the story will reset your progress. You must first discover the grenade by following the train tracks more than the bridge until reaching the 1st rock slide that blocks the tracks. Then even though facing the rock slide, travel to the left. Comply with the high path right up until you attain an area that provides a sunny view above the valley and some tree tops. In front this see is a little rock with a conifer cone on top that you can interact with to turn it into a grenade. Take the grenade to the dam. Walk to the third and last viewpoint to get a prompt to throw the grenade. Throw it, then go down to the river degree by riding the elevator or strolling along the long path. As soon as there, use the generator property to cross the stream near the dam, then move to the other side. If you have not already accomplished so, disable the generator and decrease the water degree. Use the stairs to climb the small slope to attain a shallow bay. You will find a dead diver that you killed with the grenade and his sniper rifle. Interact with the sniper rifle to area it in your stock and get the "Unfinished Story" trophy.

Easy "Home" trophy

Enter the Carter residence, and find the photograph within. Search every space in the house to hear snippets of conversations in most of them. You must stay within the rooms until finally the conversations have ended. After hearing the ultimate conversation in the attic by Ethan, another conversation will be began by your character. You will get the "Home" trophy following it ends.


- Successfully total one particular of the following tasks to get a trophy:
The Tunnel (Bronze): Walked in direction of the light.
Home (Bronze): Explored the loved ones house.
Unfinished Story (Silver): Identified the sniper rifle.
Behind the Veil (Bronze): Identified the magic behind the potions.
The Wish (Bronze): Want come true.
What happens then? (Gold): One more story, child. What else?
Sap (Bronze): Survivor's guilt.
Fangs (Bronze): A beast outsmarted.
The Curse of the Sea-Point (Bronze): The Cursed Planet.
Denial (Bronze): Solved the death of Chad.
Depression (Bronze): Solved the death of Travis.
Acceptance (Bronze): Solved the death of Ed.
Anger (Bronze): Solved the death of Missy.
Bargaining (Bronze): Solved the death of Dale.

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