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Lost Dimension Cheats and Codes

Cheat mode

Pause the game, pick the "Extras" selection, and pick the "Input Code" selection. Then, enter a single of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat perform:

x2 stud multiplier place

Go to The Lord Of The Rings Planet from Vorton Globe. When you spawn, go down the stairs, flip left, and get in the Batmobile. Then, chase the blue Lego drone with the green shield all around it, near the Batmobile, that is carrying the Red Brick. Run into it to get the Dwarf's Bounty x2 stud multiplier. Up coming, go back to Vorton World to get it at the unlock portal for 1 million studs.

Infinite studs

Go to the principal spot inside Arkham Asylum in DC Comics Planet. Use a car with a stud collector to defeat all enemies. If you are swift ample, you can get approximately 2 million studs per minute using this trick with the x2 stud multiplier.

Go to DC Comics World - Arkham Asylum. Repair the Jukebox, then flip it on. The goons in the location will begin dancing. Hold shooting them and collect the studs. They keep respawning so you can just maintain shooting and collecting. It operates greater and is considerably quicker using the x2 stud multiplier, Batmobile's Gather Studs capacity (Level two), and Stud Magnet ability (Degree three). You can get hundreds of thousands of studs in minutes using this trick.

At the start of the Wizard Of Oz level in the campaign, immediately turn around and destroy the silver bricks to entry a hidden location. This modest hidden region consists of roughly 150,000 studs (or 300,000 if making use of the x2 stud multiplier) that are really effortless to collect. Make confident to run along the main wall at the entrance. There is an entire row of studs hidden from see. Also, swim underneath the bridge for an easy thirty,000 studs. This region only will take about five minutes to clear. Then, quit the degree, return, and repeat the method as many instances as wanted.

Go to The Lord Of The Rings World from Vorton World. Fix the Mill in Hobbiton and the Farm location near Rivendell. Then, use Wonder Lady (or any flying character or ship) to fly among the mill and farm, breaking the colored bricks (3 in every single region). If timed correctly, you can get it to land on purple, which gives 50,000 studs. You can do this by operating with a character, but it will take a prolonged time and is considerably quicker to use a flying character or ship to go back and forth. The colored bricks respawn each time you exit the region. Thus, you can go back and forth in between the two region and have an infinite loop of studs available. Repeat this as a lot of instances as preferred. You can use this trick to completely upgrade every little thing. It is advised to initial gather, buy, and activate the Dwarf's Bounty x2 stud multiplier just before performing this so you get twice the number of studs; the purple stud will then be well worth a hundred,000 studs.

Go to DC Comics Globe from Vorton Planet. As soon as you spawn, get in the Batmobile, and drive over the ramp with the two blinking red arrows to attain Wayne Tower. Preserve driving to the left to reach Gotham Cathedral. Hit all the cars in the parking great deal at Gotham Cathedral and location that spot to get above 50,000 studs in around two minutes. Then, pause the game, and select the "Quit to Vorton" alternative. Return to DC Comics Planet, and repeat this procedure as several instances as sought after. You will get a whole lot far more studs employing this trick with the stud multipliers.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
Too Previous for This Shift (25 points): Shift by means of 50 Shift Mode rifts.
But Does it Come in Pink? (25 points): Give the Batmobile a pink paint job.
Do You Like Bling, Batman? (50 factors): Give the Batmobile a chrome paint task.
Simply Walked Into. Metropolis (25 points): Complete Painting the Town Black.
Interdimensional Showdown (25 factors): Full After Upon A Time Machine in the West.
There's no Area Like. This. (25 factors): Comprehensive Stick to the LEGO Brick Road.
Chroma Simpson (25 points): Full Meltdown at Sector 7-G.
Of Mice and Chen (25 factors): Complete Factors of Surprise.
In the Nick of Timey-Wimey (25 points): Full A Dalektable Adventure.
GLaD to be out of There! (25 factors): Complete GLaD to See You.
Riddle Me That! (25 factors): Complete Riddle-earth.
Broke the Rules! (75 factors): Complete all story ranges.
The Keystone to Victory (five points): Collect all of the Gateway Keystones.
Rare Artefacts, collected! (50 factors): Collect thirty Minikits from ranges.
Na na na na na na na upgrades! (25 points): Upgrade the Batmobile to Model two.
Ghost. busted! (25 points): Full The Phantom Zone.
Enter Your Initials: AAA (25 points): Complete All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us.
Zoinks! (25 points): Comprehensive Mystery Mansion Mash-Up.
Tri Yet again Up coming Time (25 points): Total Prime Time.
Tri Challenging with a Vengeance! (25 factors): Full The Finish is Tri.
A Critical Loophole (25 points): Total The Ultimate Dimension.
Time to Break the Rules! (5 factors): Rebuild the LEGO Gateway.
Holy Upgrades, Batman! (50 points): Improve the Batmobile to Model 3.
Home, Sweet Home (ten factors): Visit any Hub Globe for the Initial Time.
Dimensional Explorer (25 factors): Pay a visit to the houses of Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle.
Restoring Purchase (15 points): Comprehensive any hub planet renovation.
Official Master Builder (forty points): Comprehensive 15 hub world renovations.
Taking the Tube (25 factors): Travel by way of twenty rifts all through the game.
Speedy Point Goes In. (25 factors): Total GLaD to See You inside of 25 minutes.
Time for an Improve! (10 factors): Collect five Gold Bricks.
The Real Golden Master! (25 factors): Acquire 30 Gold Bricks.
Dimensional Dasher (15 points): Full a race in any of the hub worlds.
Pedal to the Metal (forty factors): Total five hub races.
The Heroes We Need to have (10 points): Complete any hub planet quest.
Forever Alone (25 points): Total a degree although only ever maintaining one character active on the Toy Pad.
Lost Home (25 points): Total 25 'Locate Mode' puzzles.
Painting by Numbers (25 factors): Complete 25 'Chroma Mode' puzzles.
Elemental, My Dear (25 points): Enter 'Elemental Mode' on 25 unique events.

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