Godzilla: Save the Earth Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS2 - Xbox

Godzilla: Save the Earth Cheats and Codes

Cheat mode (X-BOX)

At the major menu, hold L2 + Circle + R2 (in that purchase), then release Circle, R2, L2 (in that buy) to show the code entry screen. Enter 1 of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code appropriately, you will hear a sound. Note: To use codes in four player melee mode, each and every player need to enter it.

Master code
Enter 246518 as a code.

Player two invisible
Enter 118699 as a code.

Player 3 invincible
Enter 953598 as a code.

Player 3 super power
Enter 651417 as a code.

Player 3 quadruple damage
Enter 500494 as a code.

Player three invisible
Enter 507215 as a code.

200,000 Points
Enter 750330 as a code. Note: This code could only be utilized after.

Enter 975013 as a code.

Health regeneration
Enter 536117 as a code.

Indestructible buildings
Enter 812304 as a code.

All cities
Enter 659996 as a code.

All monsters
Enter 525955 as a code.

Gallery 1
Enter 294206 as a code.

Gallery 2
Enter 409014 as a code.

100,000 Factors
Enter 532459 as a code. Note: This code could only be used after.

150,000 Factors
Enter 667596 as a code. Note: This code may possibly only be utilized as soon as.

One time vitality
Enter 122574 as a code. You will have only 1 bar of vitality that does not regenerate.

Player a single invincible
Enter 338592 as a code.

Player 1 super energy
Enter 819342 as a code.

Player one quadruple harm
Enter 259565 as a code.

Player 1 invisible
Enter 531470 as a code.

Player two invincible
Enter 259333 as a code.

Player two super power
Enter 324511 as a code.

Player two quadruple damage
Enter 927281 as a code.

Cheat Listing (PS2)

To access the cheat menu, you have to be on the major display. Scroll down to the bottom of the list. Press and hold L, B, R in that buy. You should hold all 3 buttons for this to operate. Then release B, R, L, in buy. The Cheat code menu will seem. Enter the

following codes:
525955: All Monsters
659996: All Cities
812304: Buildings Indestructible
122574: Energy does not regenerate
536117: Overall health comes back
259565: Player one does 4x harm
819342: Player 1 has Infinite Power
531470: Player one is Invisible
338592: Player 1 is Invulnerable
927281: Player 2 does 4x damage
324511: Player 2 has Infinite Energy
118699: Player 2 is Invisible
259333: Player two is Invulnerable
500494: Player 3 does 4x injury
651417: Player three has Infinite Vitality
507215: Player three is Invisible
953598: Player 3 is Invulnerable
988551: Player 4 bargains 4x damage
456719: Player four has Infinite Vitality
198690: Player 4 is Invisible
485542: Player 4 is Invulnerable

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