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F1 2015 Cheats and Codes


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding quantity of Gamerscore factors:

Final Lap Heroics (15 points): Win a race on the ultimate lap, coming from behind.
Continental Circus (30 points): Drive at least 20 laps on a track in every continent, in any game mode.
The Last Countdown (40 factors): Drive 500 laps on European tracks in any game mode.
F1 Super Hero (35 factors): Invest at least 600 minutes out on track.
It's All about Time (15 factors): Commit 180 minutes in total track time at Silverstone.
Putting in the Laps (15 factors): Comprehensive 200 laps in Quick Race mode.
Stay on These Roads (15 factors): Comprehensive 50 clean laps in Swift Race mode.
Pole Position (15 points): Consider 10 poles in Quick Race mode.
Points Suggest Prizes (15 points): Score 75 Constructors' Championship points in Fast Race mode.
Pack Leader (15 factors): Remain out in 1st spot for 150 laps in Rapid Race mode.
Stirling Occupation (thirty factors): Win 3 races at Monaco in Rapid Race mode.
One Aim (15 points): Meet or exceed a race goal offered to you from the crew in Championship Season.
Me, Myself and I (15 points): Finish ahead of your crew mate in a practice session in Championship Season.
Pole Trophy (15 factors): Accomplish the most poles within a Championship Season.
Pole Sitter (15 points): Consider pole position in Championship Season.
1, two, three, Podium (15 factors): Get a podium in Championship Season.
Clean Club (15 points): Comprehensive a Championship Season race without colliding with an additional car or object.
Champion (35 factors): Win the Drivers' Championship in Championship Season on any issues.
Construction Time (35 points): Win the Constructors' Championship Grand Slam (50 points): Get pole, win the race, set the fastest lap and lead each and every lap in a Championship Season weekend.
Super Monaco (15 factors): Drive a total of 78 laps at Monaco in Professional Season mode.
Hard Instances (35 points): Comprehensive a race in Professional Season mode.
Easier than Expected? (35 points): Spot in the leading sixteen in qualifying in Professional Season mode five occasions.
Boiling Stage (15 factors): Reach a hundred points in an on the internet championship.
Elementary, My Dear Watson (35 points): Win the race from 22nd location on the grid in the 2014 Championship Season.
Master and Commander (50 points): Get 14 wins in a single in Championship Season on any difficulty.
Championship Season to beat Michael Schumacher's record of 13 wins.
Online Winner (15 points): Win an on the web race.
Just the Starting (15 points): Total an on-line race in the Newbie Hopper.
Multiplicity (50 points): Comprehensive 50 online races.
One with the Vehicle (15 points): Set a time at a Time Trial Event.
Keep It Clean (15 points): Set a lap time at five different circuits in Time Trial in the dry.
Wet Wet Wet (15 factors): Set a lap time at 5 different circuits in Time Trial in the wet.
Standard-Bearer (15 points): Total an on-line race in the Regular Hopper.
Hard-Boiled (15 points): Complete an online race in the Hardcore Hopper.
Number five (15 points): Comprehensive 5 on-line races.
Online Pony (thirty factors): Complete 25 online races.
Sweet Dreams (25 points): Set 30 clean laps at Singapore in Time Trial.
Welcome to Russia (15 factors): Set 50 clean laps at Sochi in Time Trial in a Marussia.
Phone Property (15 factors): Set 50 clean laps at the Red Bull Ring in a Red Bull in Time Trial.
Ticket to Trip (20 factors): Set one hundred clean laps in Time Trial on any blend of tracks.
Clean Sweep (30 factors): Set a clean lap time for all circuits in Time Trial.
Sauber Wolf (15 points): Set 50 clean laps in a Sauber on any track in Time Trial.
William the Conqueror (15 points): Set 50 clean laps in a Williams on any track in Time Trial.
Three of a Sort (15 factors): Win a race in Quick Race, Championship Season and Multiplayer mode.
Total Recall (15 factors): Load a Mid-Session Conserve.

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