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Amnesia: Memories Cheats and Codes

Steam achievements
Follow the indicated methods to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To see your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, decide on "Community", then search for the game hub for "Amnesia: Recollections (Computer)". Click the "View Stats" choice in the drop down listing, then choose the option that displays the achievements for your account.

Secrets Unveiled : Listened to every single even now image voice.
The Most Critical Point : Reached the Good Ending in the Joker Planet.
Traveler of Worlds : Skilled every achievable ending.
Visions Shared : Witnessed all of the extra stories.
Eternal Recollections : Unlocked Memories of every single character.
Even Now, and Usually. Forever. : Reached the Great Ending in the Diamond Planet.
Fate Actually Brought Us With each other : Reached the Great Ending in the Spade World.
Air Hockey Champion : Won towards 3 men and women in Air Hockey.
Air Hockey Master : Won towards all 5 people in Air Hockey.
Bad Ending Master : Knowledgeable poor endings in all of the routes.
Congratulations! : Achieved the Mini Game reward.
Encounter with Orion : Cleared the Prologue.
Good Ending Master : Experienced great endings in all of the routes.
Grim Fate : Reached an undesirable ending in a single of the routes.
I Will Never ever Leave You : Reached the Very good Ending in the Clover World.
It Was Really like All Along : Reached the Excellent Ending in the Heart Globe.
Normal Ending Master : Skilled typical endings in all of the routes.
Peaceful Planet : Reached a standard ending in one particular of the routes.
Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion : Won towards 3 individuals in Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Rock-Paper-Scissors Master : Won against all 5 individuals in Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Memories of Ikki : Unlocked Recollections of Ikki.
Memories of Kent : Unlocked Memories of Kent.
Memories of Shin : Unlocked Recollections of Shin.
Memories of Toma : Unlocked Memories of Toma.
Memories of Ukyo : Unlocked Recollections of Ukyo.
Memories Returned : Collected every single trophy in the game.

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