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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Cheats and Codes

Easy "Demon Slayer" trophy
At the start off of Globe 3: Level two are two demon spawn sites that are separated with a set of doors.
Gather the important from the pedestal, and unlock these doors. Stay at these two spawn internet sites, and kill as a lot of demons as possible. You can also destroy these two spawn websites and carry on by decreasing the bridge to uncover one more set of two spawn web sites. Stay on the bridge, and destroy the demons.

Easy "Cave Crusher" trophy

Have the Orcs and Grunts masteries to at least silver to make this simpler. Start off with the Siren's Lute relic to make oneself briefly ignored in purchase to get previous specific elements that are difficult, especially areas exactly where a number of spawners seem.

Easy "Crypt Kicker" trophy

Have the Mummy and Skeleton masteries to at least silver to make this less difficult. Start with the Siren's Lute relic to make by yourself briefly ignored in buy to get past specified components that are challenging, specifically regions in which multiple spawners appear.

Easy "Frostweaver" and "Stormcaller" trophies

Reach the final location of World 1: Level one in which four shrines spawn. Do this on the Insane problems to increase the spawn fee. This is considerably less difficult with support from yet another man or woman playing as the Valkyrie. Go with the other player into a corner, and have them block enemies even though you destroy them.

Easy "Orc Slayer" trophy

At the begin of Globe two: Level 3 are two spawn sites. Note: 3 of them will be right here if more than one player is existing. Remain on the stairs, and destroy the orcs. Play on the Unfair trouble to keep away from long delays among the waves.

Easy "Skeleton Slayer" and "Slayer" trophies

Skeletons will die when attacking a Valkyrie's shield. To get benefit of this, choose a place with numerous skeleton summoning stones. Back your self into a corner, and use an object to hold the [Shield] button. Let the game to idle in this state as long as desired. Note: Perform on a higher trouble for more rapidly respawns. A great spot to uncover skeletons is Planet 1: Level 2 or Level 3. There are places where two skeletons spawn consecutively in room after space. Remain there and hold your place to destroy them.

In "Tomb III" (Crypts Of The Sun King III), progress to the final stage, the place the brief arena fight ends with two liches. Do not kill the liches, as they will summon seven or eight skeletons each thirty seconds. They will eventually kill themselves or die on the spike trap. Then, pause the game, and pick the "Retry" selection. Repeat the approach as a lot of occasions as wanted.

Easy "Lich Slayer" trophy

In "Tombs III" (Crypts Of The Sun King III), progress to the last stage, exactly where the short arena fight ends with two liches. Kill them, then remain on the spike trap right up until you run out of lives. Select "Retry" to resume at the beginning of the arena fight. Repeat the procedure as many times as desired. You can also ruin the meals in this room to progress in the direction of the "Eating Off The Floor" trophy.

Easy "Spider Queen Slayer" trophy

Select the Effortless difficulty, and reach Floor three of Act 2. Progress to the third door. At the starting of this floor is a spider queen that will spawn. Kill the spider queen, pause the game, and decide on the "Retry" option. Repeat the approach as several occasions as preferred.

Easy "Temple Toppler" trophy

Have the Demons and Cultists masteries to at least silver to make this less difficult. Commence with the Siren's Lute relic to make oneself briefly ignored in buy to get past certain elements that are difficult, specifically areas in which several spawners seem.


Successfully comprehensive 1 of the following duties to get an achievement:
Cultist Slayer (Silver): Kill 15000 Cultists With 1 Hero.
Demon Slayer (Silver): Destroy 15000 Demons With A single Hero.
We require to go Deeper - Bronze (Bronze): Survive from floor 1 to floor 10 in Limitless Mode.
We need to have to go Deeper - Silver (Silver): Survive from floor 1 to floor 25 in Limitless Mode.
We need to have to go Deeper - Gold (Gold): Survive from floor one to floor 50 in Endless Mode.
Heroic Hunger (Bronze): Consume meals equal to 6000 health in total With A single Hero.
Dying for a Living (Bronze): Die one hundred Occasions With One particular Hero.
Embracing the Finish (Bronze): Die by taking Location Harm from an Explosive Barrel that you are Carrying.
Whirling Death (Silver): Kill 12000 Monsters with Warrior Weapon Talents.
I've not observed this kind of bravery! (Platinum): Complete all Trophies in Gauntlet.
Slayer (Gold): Kill 50000 Monsters With One Hero.
Eating off the Floor (Silver): Destroy the Food 500 Occasions With A single Hero.
Dropper of Crowns (Bronze): Drop the Crown 200 Instances With One particular Hero.
As Luck Would Have It. (Bronze): Ruin 800 Props With 1 Hero.
Formidable Fortune (Silver): Destroy 5000 Props With One particular Hero.
Furious Charge (Bronze): Tackle 500 Monsters making use of Rush - Warrior.
Hardened Champion (Bronze): Consider 15000 Cumulative Injury as the Warrior.
Bombardier (Silver): Kill 12000 Monsters with Elf Weapon Capabilities.
Precision Strike (Bronze): Kill 500 Monsters with Magic Arrow or Sniper Shot - Elf.
Mysteries of the Elf-folk (Bronze): Take 10000 Cumulative Harm as the Elf.
Frostweaver (Silver): Destroy 8000 Monsters while they are Frozen or Chilled.
Flamewalker (Silver): Destroy 8000 Monsters with Fire Spells.
Stormcaller (Silver): Kill 8000 Monsters with Lightning Spells.
Accomplished Master (Bronze): Consider 10000 Cumulative Harm as the Wizard.
The Undeath of Khamun (Bronze): Kill The Boss of the Crypts.
Crypt Kicker (Bronze): Complete all Crypt Amounts on Challenging.
Mummy Slayer (Silver): Kill 15000 Mummies With One particular Hero.
Skeleton Slayer (Silver): Destroy 15000 Skeletons With One Hero.
Lich Slayer (Silver): Kill 50 Liches With A single Hero.
Besting the Beast of Orox (Bronze): Kill The Boss of the Caves.
The Captain's Specific (Silver): Destroy 12000 Monsters with Valkyrie Weapon Talents.
Eye for an Eye (Bronze): Block 100 projectiles with Shield Block - Valkyrie.
Heir of Valhalla (Bronze): Take 12000 Cumulative Damage as the Valkyrie.
Cave Crusher (Bronze): Complete all Caves Levels on Tough.
Grunt Slayer (Silver): Kill 15000 Grunts With One particular Hero.
Orc Slayer (Silver): Destroy 15000 Orcs With One particular Hero.
Spider Queen Slayer (Silver): Destroy 50 Spider Queens With A single Hero.
Morak Defeated (Bronze): Destroy The Boss of the Temple.
Temple Toppler (Bronze): Total all Lava Ranges on Challenging.

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