AeternoBlade Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS4 - 3DS - PSVita

AeternoBlade Cheats and Codes

Successfully total one particular of the following tasks to get an achievement:
New paradox (Silver): Win last battle.
Time Manipulate (Bronze): Simultaneously use Time Travel and Time Warp.
Timeless explorer (Gold): Totally explore a hundred% of all stages.
Trickery (Bronze): 30 enemies are killed by traps or Time Guardian.
Marble cracker (Bronze): Total stage 1.
No more rain (Bronze): Comprehensive stage six.
Non sequencial jumper (Bronze): Comprehensive stage 5.
Brutal destroyer (Bronze): The highest harm reaches 1000.
Combo Dealer (Bronze): The highest combo reaches twenty hits.
Endless vengence (Silver): Full stage seven.
I'm Pharaoh (Bronze): Total stage four.
Number doesn't matter (Bronze): Complete stage 2.
Time-reversing Dealer (Bronze): Deal 15 combos in Time Travel.
Whitewind matador (Bronze): Total stage three.

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