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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse Cheats and Codes

Part one
The Truth to the Grave: Located the Tablet of Reality.
Water of Lifestyle: Received Hobbs drunk.
What Just Took place There?: Saved the planet!
X Marks the Spot: Identified the hiding spot of Tabula Veritatis.
Brand is Almost everything: Helped Bassam to identify his enterprise.
Breaking the Seal: Sent Moue to the bathroom.
Chasing your Tail: Found the Ouroboros.
Balance: Have a dream.
Best buddies: Chatted to the goat.
Bons Hommes: Located the route the fleeing Cathars took.
Boogie Nights: Danced with Bijou.
Completed Tutorial: Learnt how to play the game!
Count Leo has the Solution: Opened Medovsky's secret drawer.
Cry Havoc!: Allow slip the goats of war.
Gravity Depravity: Received rid of the guards blocking your path.
Hidden Goat Easter Egg: Discovered the hidden goat.
Hot Wire: Got the cable car working.
I Get in touch with It The Dreamatorium: Won a battle in your personal mind.
CSI: Deluded: Fixed the forensic machine.
Diamond Geezer: Reduce your way out of the office.
Fountain of Youth: Presented the Manneken Pis to Moue.
Game Comprehensive: Progress via the entire game.
Ink Trail: Spotted the murderer's tattoo.
Joey Easter Egg: Identified all hidden Joeys.
Local Get in touch with: Chilled out to Radio Yorkshire.
No Parlo el Catala: Decrypted Hobbs' map.
Notorious P.U.G: Located all the hidden pugs in the neighbour's apartment.
Russian Evolution: Identified Medovsky's deal with.
Suited and Fluted: Spilt champagne on Laine.
Oh my God it's a Mirage!: Located proof of sabotage.
Order of the Goat: Outwitted the goat.
Philosophy 101: Persuaded Shears to assist you.
Roll 'em Up: Opened the shutter to Vera Protection.
Super-Charged Potpourri Easter Egg: Almost manufactured Pearl faint with heavenly delight.
The Mystery Deepens: Finished element one.

Part two

George Stobbart interview

When controlling Nico at Castell Dels Sants, open the door of the car found close to the goat. Use Nico's press card on to the radio nine occasions to pay attention to a fan interviewing George Stobbart.

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