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Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Cheats and Codes

Buried Atari E.T. video games reference
Travel northwest of the Ranger Citadel in the Arizona above-planet to locate a cache of video game cartridges. You can locate a total of 50,000 cartridges in 100 unit stacks buried in the desert.

Tortoise treasure

You can uncover a tortoise that offers treasure at the Rail Nomads camp, in the northern part of the globe map. The camp can be found just past some radiated places. After in the camp, search northern part of the Rail Nomads location, which is the 1st spot you check out in this general place. Travel north from the central area of the map with the rail car interiors. Pass the modest homeless camp up the middle path to reach the area in which the tortoise can be found. A character with the "Animal Whispering" ability is required to "activate" the tortoise. If required, you can recruit Ralphy by saving him from drowning following getting into the location. He can be discovered in one of the train automobiles in the central portion of the map right after his rescue. Soon after "Animal Whispering" is used on the tortoise, it will get started moving gradually. It starts by traveling south, out of the hobo-camp, then follows a path that prospects it previous the primary meeting hall (where the clan leader is discovered), and further down to the south. Follow it, and it will eventually approach a river at the southern part of the map. Note: You must clear mines from this spot. The tortoise will at some point die at the finish of its journey, leaving behind a mound of dirt. Use a shovel to dig up a random piece of treasure (rifle, weapon mod, armor, trinket, or ammunition).

Easy "Hell Bent For Leather" achievement

Chris Van Graas, the mayor's son, is a bastard discovered in the Rodia distillery. When you first reach Rodia, give fifteen bullets to the guards. Search the town hall, and talk to the recent mayor and accept his process. Find the ex-mayor, caged close to the radio tower. Speak to him from outdoors the wall. During the conversation, agree support the former mayor and his friends overthrow the present mayor of Rodia. The former mayor will mention his son, Chris Van Graas. Insist on your child right up until the former mayor approves. Go to the distillery. A single of the guards will request what you are undertaking there. Respond that you are functioning for the existing mayor. You can find Chris Van Graas in a small area. Tell him that his father requirements his assist. Chris will make a counter provide, asking that you destroy his father and the present mayor. Accept his proposal. Go to City Hall and kill the recent mayor, then kill the former mayor. Talk to Chris Van Graas to get the "Hell Bent For Leather" achievement.

Easy "Persona Non Grata" achievement

Load an outdated saved game file. Shoot in Highpool or Agricultural Center until somebody reviews you to Vargas. Travel north to the Rail Nomad Camp, and carry on killing until an individual reports you to Vargas once again. Following the first report, you can lie to Vargas about why you had to destroy the folks. After the second report, Vargas will get extremely angry and send Team Delta soon after you. This will be a random experience on the planet map. At this level the game may possibly not be comprehensive-in a position, which is why you want to use an undesirable saved game file. You will not be capable to use the radio simply because you are no longer a Ranger.

Easy "Sweet, Sweet Squeezins" achievement

Scotchmo is situated in the Rail Nomad camps, near where the Hobos dwell. If you have ample Charisma, he will request if he can join your party. If you do not accept or decline his provide also many times, he will detest you and not have any even more dialogue with your get together. Make certain you have a totally free slot for him in your get together ahead of talking to him. Right after he is in your celebration, he will start to talk about his hidden Snake Squeezin. It is buried in the junk region -- so a shovel is necessary. The exact area is in the dead end that has a chest and risk-free. You can only find the hiding location if you have him in your celebration. He will give you hints as to how shut you are. There are 4 bottles of the "drink" that are hidden. Make positive one more character gets these bottles, as Scotchmo will immediately steal them. If he has stolen all four bottles, take 1 bottle away from him yet again, and he will steal that bottle once more. Alternately, buy a bottle in the bar at the railroad nomad camp. Then, get it away from him every time he steals it so he can steal it once again.

Easy "They Walk Amid Us" achievement

Stand subsequent to the pods in the Agricultural Center when they explode to turn into contaminated. The 1st one can be located just following to the door that leads into the complicated. The infection has two stages. The very first stage lasts for 4 hours and is indicated by a green debuff icon above the character. The 2nd stage follows immediately afterwards and lasts for two hours. It is indicated by a red debuff icon over the character. During the second stage, the infected character suffers a consistent well being drain in addition to attribute debuffs. When the 2nd stage ends, the infected character will turn out to be a pod particular person. The time for the duration of every single stage will not progress if you are at the globe map. The well being drain in the course of the 2nd stage is not robust sufficient to kill the contaminated character on its personal. You do not have to heal that particular person.


Skin 'O Yer Teeth (25 factors): Survive a fight experience with only one party member standing.
Wasteland Historian (40 points): Study each lore entry in the game.
Elbow Grease (15 factors): Repair ten locks or safes using Mechanical Restore.
Peace On The Rails (40 points): Make peace among the Atchisons and Topekans.
Wasteland Justice (15 points): Witness Angela destroy Samuel Haas.
Persona Non Grata (15 factors): Get Ranger Staff Delta sent following you.
A Night To Bear in mind (15 points): Get an STD.
They Stroll Among Us (25 points): Have a celebration member turn into a pod particular person.
Tasty! (15 points): Give the Evening Terror 20 pieces of candy.
Embrace the Glow (15 points): Send the nuke to the Mad Monks.
Fight Fire With Fire (15 points): Send the nuke to the DBM.
Self Actualized (25 factors): Put the Robbinsons in power in Angel Oracle.
How Rude (25 points): Support Mr. Manners eliminate Tori Robbinson's plot.
Divine Retribution (25 points): Assist Retribution Jones consider in excess of Hollywood.
Red Wire, Blue Wire (15 points): Disarm the Nuke.
A Gentle Heart (25 factors): Conserve Binh from Tinker.
Under Previous Management (25 factors): Restore Rodia's mayor to workplace.
Hell Bent For Leather (25 factors): Support Chris Van Graas Jr. turn into mayor of Rodia.
Religious Persecution (25 points): Destroy all of the God's Militia leadership.
Sinners And Saints (50 points): Make peace in between Hollywood and the Bastion.
Too Significantly Time On Yer Hands (15 points): Dig up all the holes at Redondo Seashore.
Blast From The Previous (15 points): Understand Fight Shooting.
Sweet, Sweet Squeezins (15 factors): Scotchmo steals 5 bottles of Snake Squeezins from you.
Scavenger (15 points): Locate all of the globe map caches.
Call Of The Wild (15 points): Use Animal Whisperer to charm 20 animals.
Pop Idol (five factors): Uncover The Fin's poster.
Ezekiel 18:20 (15 points): Intervene in a God's Militia execution.
Cat Burglar (15 factors): Steal the Golden Spike from Kekkahbah's fortress without becoming detected.
Not Monkeying Close to (15 points): Comprehensive the game with a Ranger dressed in a gorilla costume.
Locked And Loaded (15 factors): Apply 20 weapon mods.
Moo, I Say (15 points): Tip five cows.
Goat Herder (15 points): Get 3 goats following the get together at after.
Son Of A Motherless Goat (twenty factors): Outfit three rangers in the amigos hat, jacket, and pants.
Better Left Buried (15 factors): Uncover the hidden cache of extraterrestrial cartridges.
Relics Of A Bygone Age (15 points): Find all hidden shrines in the game.

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