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The Talos Principle Cheats and Codes

The Lord Of The Rings reference
Just as you enter Weathertop, go to the ledge straight opposite from the entrance. Appear down to see a scene from The Lord Of The Rings reenacted by a Gnaar hanging off the edge of the cliff.

The Swapper reference

As you first enter Region B: Messenger, stick to the river upstream away from the goal to at some point attain an underwater cave under the outer edge of the map. Pass by way of it to find a statue head in a cavern soon after leaving the water. The statue is from the independent game The Swapper.

Nexus puzzle self-reference

Go to the Planet C Star Area, and remedy the Nexuspuzzle by linking the lasers until finally you attain the end. Then, allow the "cht_bFly" code, and move your see over the maze. Search down to see that the lasers you positioned really spell out the word "Nexus".

Antichamber reference

After collecting the Minecraft Diamond Sword, go to the QR code and vines hanging underneath a massive window in the back of a stone damage to get a "Slash" alternative while close to the vines. Pick the "Slash" choice to reveal the QR code. When go through with a sensible cellphone, it will display "You Are Not Here" when the Croatian text is translated into English, which is a reference to the game Antichamber.

Fork Parker reference

In Location C: Space 2, go to the ruins of a church with a red door. Stroll by way of that door to enter a black hallway. Go to the window to see Fork Parker's workplace. Fork Parker is the fictional Devolver CEO that broadcasts on Twitter.

Developer's Island
In Area A: Hub Land, go to the Space seven teleporter. Search the opposite end exactly where yet another teleporter need to be to locate Developer's Island between the boarded up section and the Room 6 port.

Different purple door

Purple doors typically make an error sound when you consider to bring an item through them. Even so, there is one particular particular door that says some thing different. Near the end of the game, attain Floor five of the Tower. You will encounter a puzzle that needs a mine to destroy a killer turret to progress. After the turret, place the fan parts and use a crate to activate a floor button. Gather the Jammer device, and fly to the spot over it. Use the recording gadget twice to get via both energy fields. Hold the Jammer and continue to a purple door. Have any item, such as the Jammer held as you try out to walk by means of the purple door. This door says "Hello" rather of generating the normal rejection sound. Note: You will not be in a position to consider the Jammer via the door.

Minecraft reference
In Area C: Area 6, enter the initial puzzle to the proper. Enter the Sigil room that is guarded by a mine. Search the dark left corner covered in brush meticulously to discover a hole in the wall. Enter it to discover the Diamond Sword stuck in a stone.

Papers Please! reference

In Location B: Space four, enter the Sphinx puzzle room, then turn around. Click the wall of hieroglyphics to uncover the red Papers, Please logo on the rock door. Go through the very first door on the left, and examine the altar. Acquire the modest green item behind the vases in the left corner. Return to the door to pass via it. Inside is a movie theater the place you can observe a short movie featuring Serious Sam after you wait a brief time.

Portal two references

In Spot B: Area two, use the 1st puzzle on the left to hyperlink a red laser with the moon to show the Aperture Science emblem. Furthermore, in the identical location is a hidden crucial in the nearby puzzle on the proper that is utilised to access a telescope on the high stone beams. Use the viewfinder to get a closer look at the Aperture symbol on the moon to see Wheatley trapped above it.

Serious Sam references
In Region C: Room one, there are nine statue components that can be discovered. When place with each other, they will generate a statue of a Gnaar, a mutant enemy from the Severe Sam series.

Go to the Weathertop puzzle, and make your way close to to the back ledge. Seem down to exactly where a tree reveals a hidden lower platform. Drop down, and enter a cave that was partially obscured by another tree to discover Critical Sam frozen like Han Solo in carbonite.

You can find the jetpack from Significant Sam by utilizing the following actions. You must very first get the star in Area C: Space 3. To do this, commence at the "Weathertop" puzzle area, and turn left to uncover some wooden fences. Recognize that one of the fences is slightly decrease than the other individuals, permitting you to see the star area. You should gather three Hexahedrons to generate stairs in buy to get over the fence. Total the "Weathertop" puzzle to get two Hexahedrons to use, then go to the angled fan launcher that is not blocked by iron fences. Stack the two Hexahedrons close to the wall, and jump onto the fan, then to the Hexahedrons with a Connector outfitted. Set down the Connector, and hyperlink a blue laser to reduced the force discipline barrier that was blocking another Hexahedron. Use the three Hexahedrons to kind stairs making it possible for you to advance to the star room. You need to then full four puzzle rooms, and return to the wooden bridge that leads to the castle ruins. Enter the "Big Stairs, Minor Stairs" puzzle room. Starting at the entrance, travel to the cliffs along the appropriate edge at the rear. Recognize the ledge beneath you that can be reached without having deactivating any force fields. Drop down to the very first platform cautiously, then go to a 2nd platform identified to the correct. A third platform will be to your left, then a last one particular along the right edge. When you drop down you will uncover ruins inside a cave. Gather the four sigils in this space in purchase to bypass the walls. There is a star trap door at the end of the path. Lastly, drop down into a water-filled chamber that has the jetpack in the rear corner.

Pink Floyd reference
In Spot B: Room five, get to the best of the damage that you arrived in at the start of the room. Note: A box and fan are necessary to reach the leading. Go by way of a single of the teleporters to locate a reference to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" album cover.

Planet Of The Apes reference

From the entrance of Area B5, travel left to reach the shore, behind an enclosed puzzles. At the waterline is a submerged ruined framework featuring two lengthy tops that are split down the center. Enter the water, and go to the base of the ruins. Examine the underwater sand near the center of the ruined wall that is facing the exterior of the map to find a hidden crucial. Following collecting it, return to the front of the ruins, and use the fallen pillar as a ramp to exit the water and get on leading of the ruins. Search near the left corner to discover a viewfinder. Look by means of the viewfinder, and scroll slightly up from its original position to see the partially submerged Statue Of Liberty in the sand.


On The Edge: Reach the top.
On Top of Things: Stand on your own two shoulders.
Press The Serpent: Expose the flaws in the code.
QR Reader: See what the others have to say.
Sacred Grounds: Find a Messenger's abode.
Changed My Mind: It is never too late to accept Elohim's forgiveness.
Deal With The Deceiver: Strike a deal.
Eternal Life: It's not for everyone!
A Good Listener: Listen to all she has to say.
Blessed Messenger: Solve every mystery in every land, that you might aid those who walk in your footsteps.
Break Down Barriers: That's what axes are for!
Extreme Persistence Detected: Try, fail, try again, fail again, eventually succeed.
Into The Unknown: Search for other lands.
Know Your Limits: Accept Elohim's wisdom.
Last Stable Version: Restore a backup version of yourself.
Leave Your Mark: Tell the others what you think.
Free Will: Bring the end of your generations.
Halls of His Temple: Enter Elohim's temple.
Hedging My Bets: Do as you're told (for now).
Help From Above: Receive guidance from Elohim's messengers.
Logic check... OK: Pass the initial checks.
LOL: Laugh at the pointlessness of existence.
Make Connections: Use the connectors to win a prize!
Not a Cube: ...but let's be honest, it works the same.
Off The Radar: A little curiosity never killed the cat.

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