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Samurai Warriors 4-II Cheats and Codes

Further Costumes
You can access the additional costumes indicated under by satisfying the corresponding needs.
Gracia's Event - Finish the "Women of War" story
Koshosho's Occasion - Finish the "Love is Fear" story

Extra Stories

Unlock further stories by satisfying the corresponding specifications indicated beneath.
Bonds of Fealty - Finish "Sparks of Rebellion"
Duty and Respect - Finish "Trials of Trust"
Friends and Rivals - Finish "Clash of Wills"
Pledges of Honor - Finish "Love and Dread"
Signs of Greatness - Finish "Trials of Trust"
Tides of Fate - Finish "Visions of Hope"
Wisdom and Grace - Finish "Sparks of Rebellion"
Women of War - Finish all other stories


A Tale of Unification (Silver): Unlock one hundred% of all events for viewing in the Vault.
The Finer Things (Bronze): Unlock 50% of all music tracks for listening to in the Vault.
Cultured Endeavors (Silver): Unlock one hundred% of all music tracks for listening to in the Vault.
Vow of Eternal Adore (Bronze): Clear "Trials of Trust" in Story Mode.
The Correct Villain (Bronze): Clear "Sparks of Rebellion" in Story Mode.
Loved Ones (Bronze): Clear "Love and Concern" in Story Mode.
Unrivaled Warrior (Platinum): Get all trophies.
The Path to Greatness (Bronze): Clear an goal.
The 1st of Several (Bronze): Claim victory in a battle.
Rising Star (Bronze): Clear "Clash of Wills" in Story Mode.
Open Your Eyes (Bronze): Understand an Epiphany Ability for the initial time.
Forged of Steel (Bronze): Upgrade a weapon for the very first time.
Apprentice Jockey (Bronze): Improve a mount for the 1st time.
Pure of Thought (Bronze): Clear "Visions of Hope" in Story Mode.
Unstoppable Force (Silver): Claim victory in all Story Mode battles.
The Weapon of Legend (Bronze): Get a rare weapon.
One Guy Army (Bronze): Accomplish 1,000 K.O.s in a single battle.
War Machine (Bronze): Defeat one,000 enemies making use of Hyper Attacks in a single battle.
Breaking Down Barriers (Bronze): Successfully activate a Compatibility Bonus.
Outlast the Nightmare (Bronze): Clear a stage on the "Nightmare" difficulty degree.
Make It Rain (Bronze): Receive one,000 Gold during a single Golden Time.
Master Juggler (Bronze): Obtain a combo count of one,000 or a lot more.
Your Saga Commences (Bronze): Register your score in the on the internet rankings for the first time.
Variety is the Spice of Lifestyle (Bronze): Perform as all of the famous officers in the game at least when.
Perfect Harmony (Bronze): Defeat 150 enemies utilizing a Multi Musou Attack with both player characters in a single battle.
Duel Master (Bronze): Defeat five enemy officers employing Mighty Strikes in a single battle.
Lightning Reflexes (Bronze): Execute a Perfect Block towards an enemy officer's Hyper Assault.
Completionist (Silver): Attain an objective clearance price (as displayed in the Vault) of one hundred%.
A Tale of War (Bronze): Unlock 50% of all occasions for viewing in the Vault.
The Prime One % (Bronze): Commit a cumulative total of 100,000 Gold at the Shop.
Go Down in Background (Bronze): Attain a total K.O. count (as displayed in the Vault) of one hundred,000.
A Warrior of Action (Bronze): Attain an goal clearance fee (as displayed in the Vault) of 50% or larger.

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