Organ Trail: Complete Edition Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS4 - PS Vita

Organ Trail: Complete Edition Cheats and Codes

Simple "Pimp Your Trip" trophy
Purchase or discover 5 upgrades for the vehicle and have them put in at the exact same time. Risk-free locations sometimes will have an car shop that sells upgrades. Check out all of them throughout your trip and save $100 to $200 to purchase the upgrades. The accessible upgrades are random at each store. Components can also be obtained random in the course of random encounters during your journey.

Easy "Deja Vu" trophy

Play Endless mode on the highest problems. Do not get any food at the commence. Enable zombies to attack you although scavenging to lessen your wellness. When it is minimal, get started travelling yet again right up until your character dies. Start a new game in Limitless mode and travel right up until you find your tombstone to get the "Deja Vu" trophy.


Marathon (Silver): Beat the game 5 occasions.
True Survivor (Gold): Beat the game on difficult.
Pimp Your Ride (Bronze): Completely upgrade your station wagon.
I Can't Do It (Bronze): Don't pull the trigger.
I Know A Man (Bronze): Make it to Protected Haven with somebody Romero in your party.
named Fording Master (Bronze): Successfully forde a horde of zombies 3 times.
Fat Cat (Bronze): Have $1000 on you.
Silver Bullet (Bronze): Destroy 25 zombies without having missing a shot.
Don, Bill & Paul's Curse (Bronze): Someone died of dysentery.
Deja Vu (Bronze): Discover your personal grave.
Make The Phone (Silver): Place down an infected party member who has passed out.
Life On The Other Side (Bronze): Turn out to be a zombie.
Zombicide (Silver): Destroy 500 zombies.

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