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Lords of the Fallen Cheats and Codes

Unlimited Attribute Points (Exploit)
First, find the Curse sword, which is located in the Citadel region (check in the Old Quarters). Now go to the Graveyard region and bury the sword in the Kyle Ember's grave. Defeat the ghost, then retrieve the sword and equip it. Your luck attribute should increase by five points. Save your progress at the nearest checkpoint and exit the game completely. Load it again and you should find your luck has increased by +5, doubled. You can repeat this process as often as you like, then use the Shard of Heroes and reassign your points in categories that suit you better.

Legendary items
Successfully complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding legendary item:

Clawfinger Scythe: Kill Worshiper after he kills two of his own minions.

Special Feature: One-handed heavy attack casts a demonic scythe.
Damage: 42
Power: 100%
Energy: 170
Attack Speed: 100%
Critical: 100%

Bloodsick: Loot from a chest in the "New Burial" chamber.

Special Feature: Grows weaker each time you kill an enemy.
Damage: 35
Power: 100%
Attack Speed: 114%
Critical: 100%

Curse: Loot from a dead body in the "Old Quarters" area.

Special Feature: Blocking attacks will replenish magic.
Defense: 14
Block Defense: 100%
Poise: 46

Commander Shield: Kill Commander without blocking a single attack.

Special Feature: Creates three projectiles in the form of minor shields.
Phys: 100
Magic: 45
Fire: 0
Poise: 20
Light: 0
Defense: 12
Poise: 12

Defender-I Buckler: Kill the fire-element Brother last.

Special Feature: Reflect fire-damage for all blocked attacks.
Physical: 100
Magic: 50
Fire: 100
Poise: 70
Light: 0
Defense: 32
Poise: 23

Defender-II Buckler: Kill the lightning-element Brother last.

Special Feature: Reflect lightning-damage for all blocked attacks.
Physical: 100
Magic: 50
Fire: 0
Poise: 70
Light: 100
Defense: 32

Firewalker Shortsword: Kill Guardian without extinguishing any braziers.

Special Feature: Deal fire-damage often.
Damage: 33
Power: 100%
Energy: 150
Attack Speed: 110%
Critical: 100%

Lightning Hammer: Use a lightning-damage weapon to defeat the Annihilator.

Special Feature: Get more power for two-handed lunging attacks.
Damage: 150
Power: 100%
Energy: 230
Attack Speed: 94%
Critical: 100%

Persistence Greatsword: Kill the First Warden without taking any damage.

Special Feature: One-handed heavy attack that causes a tremor.
Damage: 50
Power: 100%
Energy: 190
Attack Speed: 104%
Critical: 90%

Stain Hammer: Kill Beast without getting poisoned.

Special Feature: Two-handed heavy attack casts a Poison Pool.
Damage: 94
Power: 100%
Energy: 180
Attack Speed: 94%
Critical: 100%

Stance: Provide Crippled Rhogar with fifteen Human Skulls.

Sting Fists: Kill Champion without him becoming enraged except during the three transition phases.
Special Feature: At low health, it deals additional fire damage.
Damage: 38
Power: 100%
Energy: 135
Attack Speed: 90%
Critical: 350%

Uras Polesword: Kill Infiltrator before the lanterns at the top of the room become lit.

Special Feature: Heavy attacks create a healing pool.
Damage: 33
Power: 100%
Energy: 160
Attack Speed: 100%
Critical: 100%


The real Lords starts here (Bronze): Entered the Rhogar realm.
Shout at the gods (Bronze): Met Adyr.
Now we're talking (Bronze): Found the Gauntlet.
Harkyn collection (Silver): Collected 20 armor sets.
Go breaking my heart (Silver): Collected 9 Tyrant Hearts.
Human skull (Silver): Collected 25 Human Skulls.
He who protects us (Bronze): Met Antanas.
I feel lucky (Silver): Purified the sword of the unlucky grave robber.
Fool of a Tuck (Bronze): Throw a corpse down the bottomless pit in Catacombs.
She was the last woman here (Silver): Showed mercy to an imprisoned monster.
God is dead (Bronze): Led humans to victory.
Take my hand (Bronze): Cut off Monk's arm.
I saw everything (Bronze): Entered 15 secret rooms.
Do unto others... (Bronze): Killed the First Warden with the Warden Greatsword.
Faith is weakness (Bronze): Led Rhogar to victory.
Whole world in his hands (Bronze): Bring balance to both realms.
Lords and Judges (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
Way of the rogue (Silver): Complete the game as Rogue.
Way of the warrior (Silver): Complete the game as Warrior.
Against all odds (Silver): Defeat any Boss without taking damage.
By the book (Gold): Find 60 audio notes.
My private stash (Gold): Get 12 special weapons.
Harkyn collection (Gold): Collected 20 armor sets.
Way of the cleric (Silver): Complete the game as Cleric.
Only after Disaster (Bronze): Defeat the Worshiper.
Not a question of can or can't (Bronze): Defeat the Annihilator.
Hard shell, soft core (Bronze): Defeat the Commander.
Thousands of candles (Bronze): Defeat the Guardian.
Anger is a gift (Bronze): Defeat the Beast.
Two against one (Bronze): Defeat Lost Brothers.
He speaks in riddles (Bronze): Meet the Blacksmith.
So that's a Lord! (Bronze): Defeat First Warden.
No time for losers (Bronze): Defeat the Champion.
Seal the gate (Bronze): Defeat the Infiltrator.
Treasure left alone (Bronze): Loot all Treasure Chambers.
Are you not entertained? (Bronze): Complete all Proving Grounds.
No one can hear you scream (Bronze): Complete all Infinite Voids.
Myself again (Bronze): Retrieve lost experience by collecting your ghost.
Bookworm (Bronze): Find a note that someone left behind.
Extra strong (Silver): Upgrade the Health Potions.
Strong with this one (Bronze): Unlock all spells for one class.
Give him power (Bronze): Buy your first Attribute or Spell Point.
It's bound to take your life (Bronze): Die for the first time.
All in (Bronze): Defeat a boss with at least 20,000 unspent experience.
Couldn't have done it myself (Bronze): Let a boss destroy the statue during fight.
Good with weapons (Bronze): Collect all weapon types.
Killing monsters (Bronze): Kill all types of enemies at least once.
This! Is! Keystone! (Bronze): Kick an enemy into his death.

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