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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Cheats and Codes

Secret occasions
Successfully full the indicated activity to unlock the corresponding event. Note: There are a complete of 17 bonus events. Occasions that require the completion of Chain Requests must have a completion of minimal-level requests 1st prior to progressing to high-degree requests.
A Skilled Assassin: Efficiently full "Assassinate The Ruler" whilst in a Vegabond Unit.
A Sworn Oath: Increase your friendship to "A" rank with any officer. Both request them through "Special" or wait for them to request you.
A Trusted Guardian: Efficiently total "Guard The Ruler" even though in a Vegabond Unit.
Building a Nation: Use Increase Banner as a Vegabond Unit and win the battle.
Burning Ambition: Start Empire mode as a Cost-free Officer.
Confessions: Raise your friendship to "A" rank with the opposite gender. Either confess to them by way of "Special" or allow them confess to you.
Land of the Lots: Have a considerable portion of the land underneath your control or construct six of the identical developing.
Living in Exile: As a Marshal or Strategist, rebel from your Ruler and fail the mission.
Mountain Bandits: Effectively complete 5 missions in the Assassination, Raid, or Infiltration quest chain.
On To The Last Battle: Invade the last area on the map that is not underneath your handle.
Perfect Mercenaries: Efficiently complete "Rescue The City" even though in a Vegabond Unit.
Plots And Schemes: As a Marshal or Strategist, rebel from your Ruler and win the battle.
Sacred Vows: Accept the confession from the opposite gender and say "Yes" when prompted to marry them.
Succession: Accept the promotion to Ruler.
The Capitalist: Have 99,999 gold as a Ruler.
The Opportunist: Effectively complete "Infiltrate The Treasury" although in a Vagabond Unit.
The Warriors Peak: Successfully complete "Slay The Vagabond Unit" even though getting either Lu Bu, Zhang Liao, or Xu Huang in your Vagabond Unit.


Crushing Victory (10 points): Win a battle with more than 90% of your total forces remaining.
First Mission (10 points): Complete your first mission.
Brave and Bold (10 points): Fight your way into enemy territory alone and defeat an officer.
Weapons Locker (35 points): Obtain at least 100 weapons.
Battle Ready (35 points): Obtain at least 30 items.
Beyond Invincible (35 points): Use any custom character to defeat all of the famous officers.
Completionist (90 points): Accomplish all of the achievements in the game.
King of Chaos (70 points): Clear any scenario on the "Chaos" difficulty.
Many Ways To Live (70 points): Complete all lifestyles.
Decorated Veteran (80 points): Achieve all titles.
The Sound of Tiny Feet (35 points): Have a total of at least 5 children.
Ultimate Nation (35 points): Make all famous officers into your subordinate officers.
A New Hero (10 points): View any of the endings using a custom character.
Intellectual Victory (35 points): Defeat more than 10,000 enemies using just Stratagems.
Master of Strategy (35 points): Execute all Strategy Commands at least once.
Till Death Do Us Part (10 points): Get married for the first time.
Successor (10 points): Succeed your superior's position for the first time.
Blossoming Love (10 points): Profess your love for someone or have someone confess their love for you for the first time.
Oath Beneath Peach Trees (10 points): Swear a sworn sibling oath for the first time.
Beginnings of Ambition (10 points): Raise the banner of your own Kingdom for the first time.
Nepotism Rules (10 points): Create a Kingdom comprised entirely of your sworn siblings, spouses and children.
Prove Your Quality (10 points): Became a Ruler for the first time.
Jumping Ahead (10 points): Get recruited as a Marshal or Strategist from being a Free Officer.
Rebel (10 points): Rise in rebellion and become Ruler.
Doesn't Play Well With Others (10 points): Have a subordinate officer abandon you for the first time.
Goal Orientated Leader (10 points): Complete four Battle Objectives in a single battle.
Aim For The Back (10 points): Perform a betrayal for the first time.
Architect (10 points): Build a facility for the first time.
Strategy Stopper (10 points): Stop a Large Scale Stratagem being prepared by the enemy.

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