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Divinity: Original Sin Cheats and Codes

Simple knowledge factors
After obtaining the Telekinesis+2 capability, go to Cyseal. Go on the street northwest of the market square. Appear for a massive beer barrel on stilts behind some wooden barriers and up some methods. After there, switch to your secondary character and spot the barrel in their stock. The barrel will overburden that character, producing them unable to move. Switch back to your major character and leave the secondary character with the barrel. Get into a random experience outdoors Cyseal. Throughout combat, open your inventory menu and send the Beer Barrel to your primary character. Consider the barrel out of your inventory, then use Telekinesis+2 to slam it into your enemies and quickly destroy them. All enemies from random encounters in the overworld map can be killed making use of this strategy.

Source Temple puzzle remedy

Once you enter the Supply Temple, there will be an enormous puzzle in the central chamber with 3 Statues of Self-Awareness. Stand on the floor panel switch to open the initial door. There are strain pads in every space, but some are dangerous. Stand on the stress pad shut to the giant head, then enter to the room to the right. Stand on the stress pad discovered there to open the left door that opens into a third room. Once within, bypass the poison gas trapped pressure pad. Search the walls to uncover a hidden button that opens yet another doorway. Go through to enter an spot with a broken bridge. Throw a Teleport Pyramid across and teleport to the other side. Teleport across the hole and search for a door to open past some wreckage to attain a teleportation waypoint. Activate the "Source Temple Vault" waypoint to enter the Supply Temple Vault. Conserve the game, as an additional puzzle should be solved. You should destroy 1 of the statues, but if the incorrect one is picked you will teleport to the begin of the temple. You have to fix the puzzle and destroy the correct statue based on the clue that is offered. Throw a Teleport Pyramid into the treasury and travel inside. Step through the mirror, collect the Earth Essential, and retrieve your Teleport Pyramid. Return to the central chamber and go upstairs. Use a characters with higher Perception to uncover a hidden switch on a wall to the correct of the stairs and to the left of the door. If you were not ready to uncover it, go down and throw a Teleport Pyramid into the chamber from the south, then stage on the pressure pad inside to open the gate. Leave one of your characters on the strain pad although the rest of your party opens the Earth Door with the important. Kill the enemies located inside, then use the clue to destroy the proper statue and receive the Air Essential. Return to the central chamber and search for a floor switch next to the giant head. Go through the door that it opened. As soon as in the 2nd strain plate area, leave a Teleport Pyramid behind prior to coming into the poison trap chamber. Activate the poison trap, then use the Teleport Pyramid you left behind to escape. The Air Door path need to now be open. Go by way of the Air Door to enter a maze halls. Attain the center of the maze to find a closed gate. Throw a Teleport Pyramid by way of, then find the switch to open the path that leads to a third statue puzzle. Adhere to the clues and ruin the appropriate statue. Return to the central room. All 3 Statues of Self-Awareness should be lit. Read through the books to get clues. The ultimate puzzle requires lighting specific candles in a certain purchase. The purchase will vary dependent on which statues were destroyed. Each appropriate phase will produce a lightning bolt.

The duties that should be accomplished are as follows; modify the buy to match your certain puzzle:
Light all candles, except for the center 1.
Light the center candle only.
Light the three horizontal candles only.
After 3 lightning strikes, the bookcase will open.

Star Stone spots

Search the indicted spots to locate all Star Stones:
1. In the tavern murder area at Cyseal; element of the very first quest.
2. Up coming to the connecting path in between Cyseal and Luculla Forest.
3. Dropped by Braccus Rex at the finish of the "Undead Scourge" quest began outside the Cyseal church.
4. In the Immaculate Trial dungeon in Luculla Forest.
5. In Luculla Forest, complete the quest with Mangoth and do not sacrifice him.
6. Inside Boreas' treasure vault at Hiberheim.
7. Ruin the sarcophagus inside of the Knight's Tomb dungeon in Dark Forest.
8. Search for buried stones near the teleportation mirror within the Supply Temple in Dark Forest.

Easy "Amazing" achievement

The 1st area you experience Bellegar is within the elemental demon cave at the best corner of Cysael. Talk to him, and he will disappear. He will seem once more much later on, near the center of the Phantom Forest swamp. He will allow you to decide on a treasure from a set of 3 barrels. To experience him a third time, go south of Balberith's shack at the southern finish of the swamp to uncover a large mound of gold. Select the gold, and Bellegar will seem. He will include a new Portal to your menu, permitting access to a dungeon containing a single puzzle. Fix the puzzle, and open all three treasure doors to get the "Amazing" achievement.

Blood Stone places

Search the indicated spots to uncover all Blood Stones:
1. In Cyseal, tell Evelyn the healer which individual to conserve.
2. At the end of the Black Cove, soon after the Pontius Pirate Boss battle.
3. Within Maradino's dungeon lab at Luculla Forest.
4. In Luculla Forest, total the quest with Mangoth and sacrifice him.
5. Destroy the central totem in the middle of the Goblin Village in Luculla Forest.
6. Search Loic cellar in Luculla Forest to find two stones.
7. Smash the Iron Maiden in the Hiberheim prison.
8. Following discovering Cassandra's real corpse in the Temple of the Dead in Dark Forest, search to find it.

Easy "Baaaah." achievement

Find the Kickstarter birch tree inscribed with glowing letters at the Phantom Forest. It is positioned close to the northern waypoint, up the road major to the northwest. Drop a Stardust Herb in front of the tree. The Weresheep will appear, and you will get the "Baaaah." achievement. You can kill or speak to the Weresheep to gather its wool. Put it in the Elemental Forge to get a specific set of armor.

Easy "Caught In The Game" achievement

At the start of the game, have 1 of your characters engage in dialogue with the drunken Legionnaires at X357, Y87 coordinates. Decide on the other character, enter stealth mode, and attempt to cross the bridge to get the "Caught In The Game" achievement.

Easy "Brutal Reality" and "Zero The Hero" achievements

In "The Scaredy Pact" quest, Aureus will ask you to locate some Legionnaires he sent to investigate the Lighthouse. The soldiers are discovered slightly northeast of the actual Lighthouse, which itself is at the far southwestern portion of Cysael. Even though on your way to the Cysael West portal, you will set off it. Destroy the undead next to the Lighthouse, then return and talk to the Legionnaires yet again. Return to Aureus, and inform him that his Legionnaries are cowards to get the "Brutal Truth" achievement. Return to Aureus and lie that his Legionnaires are brave heroes to get the "Zero The Hero" achievement.

Easy "Captain Jack" and "The Planet Wants Guts" achievements

Find the sailors at the southernmost dock of Cysael Harbor striving to place out a fire on their ship. Aid them, and they will inform you they are now hunting for work, providing you "The Shipless Sailors" quest. Tell the The Fabulous Five spokeman outside the entrance of the King Crab Inn that the sailors are looking for work. Return to the sailors and inform them about the occupation chance to get "The Planet Requirements Guts" achievement. Discover Jack at the Cysael open air market place location, and talk to him about the sailors. Return to the sailors, and tell them about the task opportunity to get the "Captain Jack" achievement.


Unforgiven: You recommended Desdemona not to forgive Samson.
Voices from the past: You talked Ebenezer into. Not going to the Hall of Echoes.
Well, effectively, effectively: You have united the well brothers.
Whisky in the jar: You brewed a fine whisky for Hershel.
Caught in the game: You attempted to sneak past the guards. And failed!
Disciples of the view: You sent the View after these irritating imps.
Amazing: You have solved Bellegar's maze.
Baaaah.: You have met the legendary weresheep!
Brutal truth: You informed Aureus that his soldiers are cowards.
Captain Jack: You located a work for the unemployed. They will work for Captain Jack.
Feeble screams from forests unknown: You have safely entered Phantom Forest.
Fields of regret: A specific potion wore off and that had some consequences.
Echoes from the previous: You talked Ebenezer into. fighting you.
Escape: You securely returned to the surface.
Fabulous catastrophe: The Fantastic Five packed their bags and left town.
Find the White Witch: You have rescued the White Witch.
Forged in fire: And water. And air. And earth.
Forgiven: You suggested Desdemona to forgive Samson.
Headlines: You talked to Icara and learned a lot more about Leandra's strategies.
I walked with a zombie: You defeated Evelyn and found Councillor Jake.
Gimme shelter: You have saved the Homestead at the Shelter Plane at the End of Time.
Grande finale: You have entirely, totally, and utterly completed the game! Woooo!!!!one
Grizzled finale: You have made it into the Source Temple.
Into the Void: You have met the Conduit.
Is any individual property?: You defeated the 4 elemental demons, unlocking the prison of.
It could be mine: You kept Cecil's personnel for oneself.
Locked in: You manufactured it so that Loic couldn't escape and had to battle you alone.
Man on the silver mountain: You escorted the total get together securely to Silverglen.
Mister wonderful man: You delivered Blossius' will to Marisa totally unaltered.
Keelhauled: You killed the ghost of Pontius Pirate.
Kingdom come: You produced Archibald king of the trolls.
Leave my lady alone: You saved Bonnie!
Live undead: You informed Aureus about the supply of the undead.
Model citizen: You returned the mayor's mighty staff.
No more mister nice guy: You delivered the will to Marisa. Following shifting it in your favour.
Run down the devil: You have destroyed Balberith.
Sacrifice: You came encounter-to-encounter with Mangoth himself. MANGOTH!
Shell shock: You met a speaking shell known as Ishmashell.
Skull crushing finale: You have finished the Trial of Ascension.
Sleeping village: You produced it into Hunter's Edge.
Peace sells: You located a way to open the barrier without harming any mushrooms.
Push it: You pushed this 1 button we wanted you to push. Congratulations!
Raw deal: You have created a deal with the demon Balberith.
Suspicious minds: You've located your main suspect.
Take no prisoners: You rescued the prisoners and assisted them escape.
Team roller: You thwarted Billeh Gahr's trap with teamwork.
The a single that acquired away: Esmeralda was freed from prison.
The method has failed: You sent the Observe on a wild goose chase.
The wizard: You have found Zandalor.
The world demands guts: You identified a work for the unemployed with the Fabulous 5!
Time to destroy: You have created a spell that can make Death Knights vulnerable.
The declaration of indifference: You have provided 1 of your own to the demon Balberith.
The thoughts is a horrible issue to test: You passed the test! Well, one of several.
The mirror within: You have solved the puzzle that we call the Mirror Dungeon puzzle.
To hell with the devil: You have killed Cassandra to get hold of the soulforge restore ritual.
Trick bag: You've discovered the legendary teleportation units of Rivellon!
Truth be told: Get Brandon to tell you the truth about the mining guild.
Undeath is just the beginning: You advised Arhu about Thelyron's machinations.

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