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Beyond: Two Souls Cheats and Codes

All bonus collectible areas
Search the indicated locations to uncover all 22 bonuses. Collect all bonuses to get the "Explorer" trophy. These collectibles can only be located and obtained with Aiden. You can see which ones you have currently collected underneath "Additional Material - Bonus" from the primary menu. Each bonus has a particular identify, and they are all listed in the purchase in which they appear all through the story. You can also gather all bonuses by means of chapter selection. Soon after collecting a bonus, you can quickly quit the chapter, as your progress will constantly be saved quickly and automatically. To collect a bonus, get near it with Aiden, and press L1. Note: The final two bonuses (The Dark Sorcerer and Style Pack 14) can not be collected. They will unlock immediately following effectively completing the game.

1. Design Pack 1: In "The Experiment" chapter, fly into the manage room, and flip left. Fly past the researcher with an orange aura to locate the bonus under a desk in the back corner, on the floor.

2. Design Pack 2: In "The Embassy" chapter, while at the get together, fly into the room straight across from the entrance, the place two guards and two palm trees are correct outdoors of it. Go about the appropriate corner to find the bonus.

3. Beyond: Two Souls Trailer: In "The Embassy" chapter, while in the bathroom, fly upstairs and into the huge workplace by way of the double doors. Flip proper as you enter to locate the bonus behind a table and chairs.

4. Design Pack 3: In the "First Interview" chapter, while sitting in the hospital waiting room, fly by way of the wooden door and into the hallway. Then, quickly flip left to uncover the bonus.

5. Design Pack four: In the "Hunted" chapter, whilst close to the police barricade with the two talking cops, fly slightly previous the two cops to uncover the bonus in the forest, just previous the railing.

6. Design and style Pack 5: In the "My Imaginary Friend" chapter, although in the backyard, go to the bush to your left, then switch to Aiden to locate the bonus.

7. The Casting: In "The Condenser" chapter, whilst in the tunnels, turn proper following the ticket gates to go down the dark hallway. Switch to Aiden, and seem behind the destroyed counter to discover the bonus.

8. Style Pack six: In "The Condenser" chapter, although in the frozen labs, attempt opening the door with no a keycard. Ahead of discovering the card, turn all around and fly into the lab on the appropriate to discover the bonus behind some counters.

9. Kara: In the "Homeless" chapter, even though under the bridge, walk to the ledge with the blue container to discover the bonus in the corner, right next to the container.

10. Design Pack 7: In the "Homeless" chapter, go down the alley close to exactly where the man delivers Jodie some extra cash, and flip left. Use Aiden while close to the empty cage to locate the bonus appropriate subsequent to it.

11. The Origins of Beyond: Two Souls: In the "First Evening" chapter, although in a check space, use Aiden to fly into the control area the place scientists are watching. Fly previous the two males, and seem behind the drawers to uncover the bonus.

12. Style Pack 8: In the "Like Other Ladies" chapter, whilst in the bar, walk more than to the bathrooms, and use Aiden to enter the men's bathroom to locate the bonus.

13. Visual Arts in Beyond: Two Souls: In the "Navajo" chapter, go to the tree on the far edge of the ranch grounds, near the corner of a fence, to uncover the bonus below the tree.

14. Layout Pack 9: In "Navajo" chapter, when Jodie is carrying a bowl into a canyon, search in the brush in the corner, close to a pond. The bonus is surrounded by some rocks, past a fire and close to the left rock wall.

15. Functionality Capture in Beyond: Two Souls: In "The Dinner" chapter, use Aiden while talking to check out the apartment. Fly into the bathroom, then go into the room with the toilet to locate the bonus, on the floor.

16. Design and style Pack ten: In the "Night Session" chapter, soon after talking to the lead researcher, Jodie will enter a dark room hunting for her book. Use Aiden to acquire the bonus in the back right corner.

17. The Gameplay in Past: Two Souls: In "The Mission" chapter, when there is dialogue telling Jodie to uncover something right after discussing the target's final recognized place, use Aiden and fly straight ahead to uncover the bonus on prime of a building following to a streetlight.

18. Design and style Pack 11: In "The Mission" chapter, when you are informed to consider cover and find Jamal, although looking through a little hole in the wall, use Aiden to fly into the 2nd floor of the developing across the street. The bonus is inside in the correct corner.

19. Style Pack twelve: In the "Norah" chapter, search for space 38 even though in the developing. Fly inside it with Aiden, and seem to the right of the person sitting on the floor to uncover the bonus.

20. Design and style Pack 13: In the "Dragon's Hideout" chapter, even though there are a handful of people standing ahead of you on skies, use Aiden to fly in the direction of the constructing on the left. Then, go straight down the road, and enter the close by creating with the wooden boat in front of it to find the bonus within.


Together Till the End (Gold): Finished the game in Duo mode.
Saved All (Gold): Saved every character that could be saved.
Entities Apprentice (Bronze): Vanquished the entities with Aiden.
Sorry (Bronze): Forgave Jodie's father.
BEYOND: TWO SOULS MASTER (Platinum): Collected all trophies!
Two Souls (Bronze): Launched a scene in Duo mode.
All Endings... (Gold): Saw all endings.
Explorer (Silver): Found all the bonuses.
Not My Father (Bronze): Choked Philip with Aiden.
Somebody Else? (Bronze): Played as Aiden for the first time.
Obedience (Bronze): Stopped the experiment voluntarily.
Teammates (Bronze): Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden.
Revenge (Bronze): Taught 3 or more of the teens a lesson, or started the house fire, with Aiden.
Cold Blood (Bronze): Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.
Perfect Soldier (Bronze): Completed most of the physical training successfully.
Fight Apprentice (Bronze): Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.
Together Forever (Bronze): Protected Jodie from her attackers.
Portal Shutdown (Bronze): Successfully shut down the condenser portal.
Channeling Master (Bronze): Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound.
Possessive Spy (Bronze): Finished the mission using only the Sheik.
Perfect Lover (Bronze): Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.
Casual Girl (Bronze): Ordered a pizza, watched some TV and wore something casual.
Stealth Apprentice (Bronze): Completed all stealth training without being spotted.
Clean Job (Bronze): Shut down the monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden.
Houdini (Bronze): Got arrested three times and escaped each time.
Money to Eat (Bronze): Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner.
Smart Thief (Bronze): Deactivated the supermarket's camera.
In Love with Ryan (Bronze): Slept with Ryan.
Stealth Master (Bronze): Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.
Catch Me if You Can (Bronze): Escaped the train without being arrested.
Aiden's Apocalypse (Bronze): Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store and the helicopter.
Miracles (Bronze): Looked after Tuesday's baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan.
Medicine Girl (Bronze): Successfully performed the entire ritual.
Not Just Sand (Bronze): Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.
Chose Life (Bronze): Stayed in reality.
Convince Dawkins (Bronze): Helped Dawkins see the truth.
Black Sun Down (Bronze): Deactivated the Black Sun.
The End (Silver): One possible reality has been uncovered...
Uncontrollable (Silver): Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden.
Never Alone (Silver): Started at least one romance.
Entities Master (Silver): Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities.
Eye for an Eye (Bronze): Didn't speak during the interrogation.
Agent 894732 (Bronze): Told the truth during the interrogation.
Almost Too Easy (Bronze): Went to the containment shield with the General.
Chose Afterlife (Bronze): Entered the Infraworld.
A Better World (Silver): Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld.

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