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Back to the Future: The Game Cheats and Codes

Get it on Tape (Bronze): Recorded everybody at the Expo.
Full Fair (Bronze): Get your funds's worth at the Expo.
Two-Up (Bronze): Fix the saloon puzzle with no far more than two trips to the second floor.
Moonwalker (Bronze): Busted a move, 80's type.
Grandpa Acquired Served (Bronze): Delivered the subpoeana to Arthur McFly.
Junior Bootlegger Badge (Bronze): Managed to get 190-proof alcohol delivered to Emmett's.
Jailbreak! (Bronze): Acquired Emmett's Rocket Drill.
Platinum (Platinum): Earn all trophies in: 'Back to the Long term: The Game'.
A Bicycle Developed for Two (Silver): Rescued Doc from Kid Tannen.
Back In Time (Silver): Traveled back in time to rescue Doc.
Doc's Legacy (Bronze): Acquired Doc's Notebook back from Biff.
Fate In Flux (Bronze): Heard about the curious fate of Marshall Strickland.
Hi Bob! (Bronze): Namechecked 'Back to the Long term' creators.
Deja Marty (Bronze): Properly repeated dialog whilst repeating Doc's temporal experiment.
Hello, Young Good friend (Bronze): Talked Emmett into completing the Rocket Drill.
A Plausible Explanation (Bronze): Found the origin of the 'new' DeLorean.
Fuelamaster (Bronze): Flawlessly mixed up a batch of Emmett's Rocket Fuel.
Kid Restraint (Silver): Defeat Child Tannen.
Escape Artist (Bronze): Find a hidden passageway.
Police Blotter (Bronze): Dry a cop out.
Moll Mender (Bronze): Get a gangster's woman to do the right thing.
Door Prize (Bronze): Break the password code with no cheating.
Chucklehead (Bronze): Discover 'Chuckles Lenart'.
Demystifier (Bronze): Get a complete explanation of your circumstance.
Final Resolution (Silver): Layout Biff and escape the speakeasy.
Hope You're Insured (Bronze): Use the DeLorean parts to enter Hill Valley.
Tannen Tamer (Bronze): Defeat the Tannen Brothers in 6 jumps.
A Minimum of Panic (Bronze): Rescue Arthur with minimum fuss.
Art Lover (Bronze): Track down a missing accountant.
Tuned Out (Bronze): Enjoy a total set from Hill Valley's major songstress.
Intervention (Bronze): Received caught with Lorraine's booze.
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Bronze): Got caught creating out with Jennifer.
All Good Canines Go To Utah (Bronze): Received caught with Einstein.
Into the Garbage Chute, McFly-boy (Bronze): Jumped into the Decycling Bin.
Hidden Treasure (Bronze): Examine every single container of contraband in the speakeasy.
Ruin it for Absolutely everyone (Bronze): Coax Edna out of the courthouse with the buzzer.
To the Expo! (Silver): Marty and Emmett head to the Expo.
Your Very own Private Frankenstein (Silver): Gave Emmett his Epiphany.
Hill Valley Tourist (Bronze): Listen to all tourist audio guides in Hill Valley.
One Bad Apple (Bronze): Collect each Demerit in the game.
Marty and the Pinheads (Bronze): Use the spray can to paint Marty's band identify in the alley.
Breaking Up is Difficult to Do (Bronze): Broke up Emmett and Edna.
Free Citizen Brown! (Bronze): Rescued Citizen Brown from the Citizen Plus system.
The Electrical power of Really like? (Bronze): Escaped from Marty's cell.
Let Them Consume, Um, Cake (Bronze): Supplied algae cakes to every person.
An Uncomfortable Reality (Bronze): Emmett is prophetically sincere about his marriage prospects.
Timely Traveller (Bronze): Take the fewest possible journeys to Emmett's lab.
There's a Moose? (Bronze): Get a very good appear at Trixie's postcard.
The Long term isn't Written (Gold): Returned property.
Emmett Finds His Muse (Bronze): Emmett completes his magnificent failure at the Expo.
Edna Was Proper! (Bronze): Uncovered the Hill Valley hooliganism fee.
The Other Lady (Bronze): Acquired Trixie prepared to make Edna jealous.
Like a Not-So-Fine Wine (Bronze): Messed with Emmett's cleanser.
A Not-So-Stunning Mind (Bronze): Crafted a mind map of Emmett that reveals him to be a 'Degenerate Criminal.'
Crackpot Mended (Bronze): Restored Edna's memory.
No Backups (Bronze): Complete the glass house maze with out going back up the stairs.
False Impressions (Bronze): Impersonated three folks more than the telephone.
Raising the Bar (Bronze): Prevented the Fantastic Hill Valley Fire.
Green Gobblin' (Bronze): Taken care of Desert Edna to an algae cake.
A Prickly Pair (Bronze): Had a conversation with a cactus.

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