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The Treasures of Montezuma 4 Cheats and Codes


Volcanic eruption: Use the Red Totem 100 times.
Wise Guy: Play 10 games in any mode without clicking a hint.
Coins: Earn 25,000 coins.
Collector: Collect all items of the Puzzle mode collection.
Aesthete: Buy every decorative piece for the Ziggurat.
Bingo: Collect 1,000 gold coins in Slot Mania mode.
Chameleon: Use the White Totem 100 times.
Fighting Fit: Complete all levels of the Puzzle mode with gold.
Frenzy: Activate Score Frenzy 100 times.
Curious: Read the entire help menu.
Eternal flame: Destroy 1,000 fire tokens in the Sacred Fire mode.
Experienced: Get rank 50..
Irrepressible: Complete 10 goals in a row in the Quest mode..
Life Spring: Win 50 times in the Spring mode.
Perfectionist: Complete all goals in the Quest mode.
Get Cold: Make Tagile sneeze 10 times for the level..
Glint in the eyes: Release 20 gems in one combo.
Hero: Complete the Story mode.
Prospector: Release 15 gems for 10 seconds.
Researcher: Complete the Quest mode.
Roll on, time!: Use the Orange Totem 100 times.
Piles of gems: Collect 5,000 gems.
Pro: Get rank 100..
Stormy cloud: Use the Blue Totem 100 times.
Superhero: Complete all levels in the Story mode with gold.
Sand Mountains: Destroy 100,000 tokens.
Sand Storm: Destroy 40 tokens in one combo..
Stone Toad: Collect 500 frogs in the Catch the Frog mode.
Treasury key: Use the Yellow Totem 100 times.
Twins: Match 130 pairs of items in the Match Pairs mode.
Tame the Fate: Use the Purple Totem 100 times.
Treasure chest: Use the Green Totem 100 times.

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