Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - PS Vita - PC

Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest Cheats and Codes

The Protagonist joined the Zipang army.: The Servant of Heaven
Defeated the Illuminati and brought peace to the world...?: The World Unified
Sided with all characters.: They Are All Friends of Mine
Conquered Australia: Australia Conquered
Conquered Babylonia: Babylonia Conquered
Conquered Britannia: Britannia Conquered
Conquered Egypt: Egypt Conquered
Conquered the EU: EU Conquered
Won a battle that the protagonist joined, without him attacking even once.: Gentleman
Won a battle with only the protagonist fighting.: Can't Get My Beloved Ones Hurt
Conquered the Dark Realm: Dark Realm Conquered
Unified East Asia: East Asia Unified
Didn't use money to buy USA: Money isn't Everything!
Conquered Mongolia: Mongolia Conquered
Won a battle without anyone getting any damage: Never Let Anyone Get Hurt
Emerged victorious from Shambhala: I Am Invincible
Conquered India: India Conquered
Conquered Macedonia: Macedonia Conquered
Conquered the South Sea Colonies: South Seas Conquered
Conquered Southern America in the New World: Southern America Conquered
Conquered Southern Hawaii: Southern Hawaii Conquered
Conquered Northern America in the New World: Northern America Conquered
Obtained more than 100,000 gold: Rich
Conquered Russia: Russia Conquered
Sasaki Kojirou sided with the Zipang Army: Sasaki Kojirou
Obtained more than 500,000 gold: Super Rich
Conquered Taika Empire: Taika Empire Conquered
Won the first battle.: The First Victory
Obtained all trophies.: The Master of the World

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