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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Cheat Codes and Unlockables


Successfully full the indicated process to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, choose "Community", "My profile", "View all my video games", then the game and view stats.

All Two handed Axe Unlocked: Collect ample encounter with two handed axes weapons.
All Two handed weapon Unlocked: Gather adequate knowledge with two handed sword weapons.
All 1 handed blunt weapons Unlocked: Gather adequate expertise with a single handed blunt weapons.
All A single handed sharp Unlocked: Gather enough knowledge with one handed sharp weapons.
All Daggers Unlocked: Gather sufficient knowledge with dagger weapons.
All Javelins Unlocked: Gather sufficient expertise with javelin weapons.
All Bastard weapons Unlocked: Gather enough experience with bastard weapons.
All Bows Unlocked: Gather adequate expertise with bow weapons.
All Crossbows Unlocked: Gather adequate encounter with crossbows.
All Light weapon Unlocked: Gather adequate encounter with light weapons.
All 1 handed Axes Unlocked: Gather ample experience with one handed axe weapons.
All Polearms Unlocked: Gather sufficient encounter with polearm weapons.
All Spears Unlocked: Collect ample experience with spearing weapons.
A warrior is made, not born: Perform the tutorial to get this achievement.
Agatha Knights supporter: Team up with Agatha Knights for twenty hrs.

Easy "Fire Nemesis" achievement

Enter an empty Staff Aim mode server with yet another player. Alter maps until you get the "Hillside" map. Join Masons and have the other player join Agathians. Run to the beacon and have the other player set it on fire. Then, extinguish the fire to get the "Fire Nemesis" achievement.

Easy "Let It Rain" achievement

Play in Team Goal mode and find locations near ammo crates. Blindly fire your shortbow in the general course of your enemies.

Easy "Rotisserie Chef" achievement

While enjoying as a Guy-At-Arms, equip a fire pot and broadsword and discover a single enemy. Throw a fire pot at your target to set them on fire, then commence a swordfight and consider to aim for the neck. Take into account employing an archer as your victim, as they have the least well being and no armor. Note: Kills on allies will also count.

Easy "Agatha Knights Supporter" achievement

Play as an Agatha Knight and enable the "aoc_slowmo 99999" code. Then, allow the game to idle a couple of hours to get the "Agatha Knights Supporter" achievement.

Easy "Fists Of Fury" achievement

Enter an empty Hordetown mode server. Start the match solo and destroy the 1st wave of peasant bots, which will die right after a single hit of your fist. Either fight the rest of them with swords and advance to get an additional wave of peasants and knights, or intentionally shed to the 1st wave's commander. There are 10 minions in the 1st wave and eight of them are peasants that can be dispatched with 1 hit.

Easy "Heads With each other" achievement

Enlist the help of two other players and play on an empty server. Have the other people perform as archers and line up shut collectively. Play as a Vanguard with a greatsword, and hit each gamers in their legs to drop their overall health. Then, aim at their necks and swing away. Repeat the procedure as several times as needed, as your achievement will be random.

Easy "Swordsmith" achievement

Unlock all the leading row weapons with a Vanguard, Knight, and Man-At-Arm to get the "Swordsmith" achievement. This needs one hundred kills per class, for a total of 300 kills needed in total. The swords that Archers use do not qualify.

Easy "Fire Starter" achievement

While playing as a Guy-At-Arms, equip a fire pot and seem for targets on a Staff Objective mode server that are presently covered in blood. Throw it at them, then go to an ammo crate to get one more fire pot. Repeat the process as many instances as essential to get the "Fire Starter" achievement.

Easy "Sands Of Time" achievement

Start an offline game without having bots and enable the "aoc_slomo 9999" code. Enable the game to idle as lengthy as essential.

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