Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3

Jak And Daxter reference

In Multiplayer mode, Drakes wetsuit (DCL) says "Ottsel". This is a reference to Jak And Daxter (Daxter is an Ottsel) from Naughty Canine.

Legacy mode

Reach Level 75 in Online Multiplayer mode. If you choose to play in Legacy mode, you will begin at Level 1 and get rid of all your boosters, guns, and mods. Nonetheless, you will get a new emblem with a diamond at the corner, and new adverse boosters which increases the trouble, but increases income gained. You will nevertheless retain treasures, unique guns from treasure sets, and skins.

Legacy Mode

Get to Level 75 on multiplayer to unlock Legacy Mode. In this mode you can begin from Level 1 yet again. You get to maintain treasures, unique guns from treasure sets, and skins. You will loose all boosters, mods and guns, but you will get a diamond emblem and you'll acquire more cash.

Jak & Daxter Reference

In multiplayer Drakes wetsuit (DCL) says ottsel witch refers to Naughty Canines other game Jak & Daxter (Daxter is an ottsel).

Piggyback emblem emblems

At the emblem editing display, press Up, Correct, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Proper to unlock some Piggyback brand emblems.

Crushing mode
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the Crushing problems.

Additional Emblems Code

Enter this code at the Emblem Editing Screen (multiplayer) to unlock extra emblems: UP, Proper, DOWN, LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, Appropriate

Crushing Trouble
To unlock "Crushing" mode, beat the game on "Normal" or "Hard."

Silver Star rank icon
Successfully total all 5 Co-op Adventure maps on the Crushing problems to unlock the Silver Star rank icon.

Easy "Relic Finder" trophy

In Chapter four: Run To Ground, following entering the underground part, you will reach a cylinder looking structure that leads to a lower level. Ahead of going all the way down, climb to the very best and grab the Unusual Relic to get the "Relic Finder" trophy.

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