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Use Tweaks on Any Trouble

Normally, when you beat the game on a specific trouble you'll be in a position to use Tweaks in a new game set on that trouble. However, if you commence a new game on an issues you haven't beaten, you can nevertheless enable Tweaks. Play until you have an actual gun and then switch the problems to a mode you've beaten and allow your Tweaks. Conserve and quit, then set the trouble back tot he more difficult version on the Main Menu. When you return to the game, your Tweaks will be permits on that tougher mode.

Infinite Income

Once you have beat the game you'll get the possibility to man buy issues like weapons from the store. You make cash by doing issues like locating treasures and so forth.

Once you do some thing that offers you a huge quantity of funds (like Master Ninja for 25k). Save your game (if it's not at an automobile save location) and then quit back to the primary screen. Then load up the game yet again you'll maintain obtaining the reward every single time you do it. Soon ample you'll have adequate cash to purchase every little thing without having having to uncover all the treasures.

Infinite Enemies for Trophy Hunters

If you're obtaining difficulty obtaining any of the "X kills per weapon," or Headshot or Survivor Trophies (destroy 75 enemies prior to dying), there is an area shortly right after starting up Chapter 19: The Siege in which you can camp and shoot continuously respawning enemies.

After beginning Chapter 19, make your way down the sloping alley to the big courtyard. There is a mounted machine gun uphill on the left constantly shooting at you. Clear out as numerous enemies as you can and climb up to the right of the door of the developing closest to the cliff (on your appropriate as you enter the courtyard). Get cover searching towards the mounted machine gun on the left and use a grenade to consider it out.

If you now seem somewhat appropriate of the machine gun, at the tiny grass/mud patch before the subsequent developing, you will see an enemy working from behind a developing from right to left producing for the machine gun. Camp right here in cover and hold shooting the enemies as they appear from behind the developing. They only stop spawning temporarily if a single of them reaches the mounted machine-gun (if one particular reaches the gun, then grenade them to start off the respawns once again). Beware: it will quit permanently if you go even more to the appropriate, triggering the RPG/wall collapsing cutscene.

If you've currently beaten Chapter 19 at the difficulty you're taking part in, bought weapons in the store and unlocked the "Infinite Ammo" tweak, then you can use these to get the weapon/kills Trophies.

Crushing mode
Successfully total the game on the Challenging problems to unlock the Crushing problems.

Easy cash

Successfully complete a process that rewards you with a great deal of money. Save the game if it is not at an auto-save spot. Exit out to the primary menu. Then, load the game to get the reward once more. Repeat this as several instances as desired.

In Chapter six, uncover the pool on a hotel roof. Jump in the pool and swim around to have Chloe and Nate perform a game of Marco Polo and get $10,000.

Easy "Dyno-May Master" medal

In Chapter 22, make sure to hold at least a single grenade on hand at all instances. When Drake and Elena are assaulted by snipers, climb to the prime of the tower and use the Dragon Sniper supplied to take them out. When Elena says, "They're crossing the bridge!", move to the quite edge of the roof in front of the two crates. Under is a beam linking the tower to a modest platform which then connects to the bridge. 1st, consider out the two snipers who have moved onto the bridge, whilst taking care not to shoot anybody else. Up coming, aim a grenade at the platform, wait for the remaining soldiers to get near, and loose the grenade. If you do not hit all five enemies, restart from the final checkpoint and try out once again.

The Odd Relic
The Unusual Relic is back in Uncharted two -- you can uncover it in the sewer in Chapter 5.

Marco Polo's Rich Legacy

You'll experience a pool on the roof of a hotel for the duration of Chapter 6. Be confident to leap in it and swim about when you experience it. Chloe and Nate will play an impromptu game of Marco Polo, and you'll earn $10,000 in-game to spend on bonuses as an outcome.

Uncharted 1 Signage

On the "Urban Warfare" chapter and "Their Coming With Us" chapters, the climb-able indicators hold references to Uncharted one. For instance: Club Raja (Which references Eddy Raja from the first game) and Hotel El Dorado (which references the MacGuffin of the initial game).

Using Tweaks on a problems you have not finished

Start a game on a problems you have not finished, and play till you get an actual gun. Go to the in-game choices, set the problems to the a single you have the Tweaks unlocked on, and allow your Tweaks. Then, save the game, and quit. At to primary menu, pick "Options", and alter the issues back to the one you initially chose. Proceed the game to play on that difficulty with all your Tweaks enabled.

Flynn's response

In Chapter 24 when Flynn forces you to uncover a way to flip the bridge, press Square to flip and swing at him. He will dodge your attack, knock you down, and give you a message. If you do it once more, he will shoot and kill you.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Cheat Codes PS3

Hidden Sully pictures

When you are prompted to view your journal by pressing Select, hold flipping back to locate an entry with four pictures of Sully, which Nate has apparently drawn above and labeled according to his expression.

Running generally even though injured
When Nate is injured, he can nonetheless run at regular pace although carrying a propane tank.

Defeating Guardians

To effortlessly destroy the Guardians you battle later on in the game, as soon as you kill 1, get the gold crossbow it drops, and use it on the others to kill them considerably quicker than your regular guns.

Defeating Lazarevic

To defeat Lazarevic, you have to lure him close to the volatile blue sap throughout the level. When he is inside of variety, shoot the sap to trigger it to explode.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune references

When you are prompted to view your journal by pressing Pick, search for the image labeled "Angry Eddy". Eddy was one of Drake's enemies from Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Furthermore, a single of the unlockable guns in Single Player mode is a gun employed by Angry Eddy.

Multiplayer Boosters

The following Boosters can be unlocked by attaining the levels below. After they are unlocked you may purchase them in the Multiplayer Store.

Point and Shoot (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 2, then purchase for $2,000
Bandoleer (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 4, then purchase for $2,000
From the Hip (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 6, then purchase for $5,000
Scavenger (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 8, then purchase for $8,250
Break Up (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 10, then purchase for $11,250
Keep Firing (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 12, then purchase for $14,250
Down the Irons (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 14, then purchase for $18,750
Fleet Foot (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 16, then purchase for $23,250
Hell Blazer (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 18, then purchase for $27,750
Explosive Expert (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 20, then purchase for $32,250
Turtle (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 22, then purchase for $40,500
Treasure Bearer (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 24, then purchase for $43,500
Sure Foot (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 26, then purchase for $52,500
Launch Man (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 28, then purchase for $58,500
Sure Shot (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 30, then purchase for $64,500
Monkey Man (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 32, then purchase for $72,000
Walk Softly (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 34, then purchase for $79,500
Scoped In (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 36, then purchase for $87,000
Juggler (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 38, then purchase for $94,500
Deposit (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 40, then purchase for $98,250
Rapid Hands (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 42, then purchase for $111,000
Rocket Man (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 44, then purchase for $120,000
Situational Awareness (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 46, then purchase for $129,000
Revenge (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 48, then purchase for $134,250
Evasion (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 50, then purchase for $210,000
Veiled (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 51, then purchase for $300,000
Invalid (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 52, then purchase for $350,000
Half Loaded (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 54, then purchase for $400,000
Glass Jaw (Booster Slot 1) - Reach Level 56, then purchase for $1,500,000
Come Get Some (Booster Slot 2) - Reach Level 58, then purchase for $2,000,000

Bonus Money for Old-School Players

In the store, hit SQUARE button to check for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune save data. You'll be rewarded with the following bonuses.

$20,000 - Load Uncharted 2 on a hard drive with a game save for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
$80,000 - Load Uncharted 2 on a hard drive with a completed game save for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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