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Load Screen Easter Egg
On the load display, you can wave your controller close to and the on-display fireflies will comply with the movements.

Jak And Daxter references

Search the shelves in the ChooChoo Toys store to uncover a "Jak And Daxter" board game.
When you encounter the brothers in Chapter five: Pittsburgh, search the child's area on the appropriate to find Jak & Daxter figures on a dresser close to the door.

Uncharted references

Search the shelves in the ChooChoo Toys retailer to find an "Uncharted" board game.
Examine different newspapers to uncover an ad for "Uncharted twelve", starring Justin Bieber.
When you encounter the brothers in Chapter five: Pittsburgh, search the child's room on the correct to find a Nathan Drake figure on the bottom bunk.

New Game + mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game + mode, which makes it possible for you to begin a new playthrough and retain all your stats, collectibles, weapon upgrades, and crafting amounts. Note: The issues used in your unique playthrough will figure out which troubles are accessible in New Game + mode. For instance, completing the game on the Challenging difficulty will unlock the Effortless, Regular, and Hard problems in New Game + mode.

Alternate principal menu

Successfully total the game on the Normal problems. There will now be a knife leaning towards the window at the primary menu.

Control loading screen
Move the controller around at the loading screen, and the fireflies will adhere to the movements.

Easy ammunition and supplies on more difficult problems

While taking part in on the Tough or Survivor problems, you can pause the game and switch to the Straightforward issues to stock up on ammunition and supplies. Then, return to the original problems after you are accomplished.

All optional conversation areas

Search the indicated locations to locate all 37 optional conversations. Pay attention to all 37 of them to get the "I Want To Talk About It" trophy. To trigger them, you usually will need to have to search at a certain object for an even though. Then, press Triangle to initiate the conversation. There are several other conversations in the game that do not count in direction of this trophy. The 37 shown conversations are the only ones necessary to get the "I Want To Speak About It" trophy. You can also pay attention to the conversations by way of chapter select, as each and every conversation is right away saved soon after listening to it. Because you do not have to reach a checkpoint for the conversation to save, you can quit to the major menu quickly soon after listening to it, and select a new chapter. In addition, there is no way to see which conversations you have presently completed. As a result, make sure to do them in the correct order. In the statistics segment of the bonus menu, you can only hold track of how several you have in total. Once it exhibits 37 conversations, you must get the trophy.

The Last of Us: Remastered Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - The Last of Us: Remastered Cheat Codes PS4

All shiv door locations

Search the indicated spots to locate all 13 shiv doors. Unlock all 13 shiv doors to get the "Master Of Unlocking" trophy. Every single door demands a shiv to be opened. You can craft a shiv at any time and place, but consider to keep 1-2 in your stock at all occasions. You can see how a lot of shiv doors have previously been opened by choosing the "Bonuses" choice at the principal menu, and selecting the "Statistics" choice. Nonetheless, there is no way to tell which ones you are missing. Hence, consider to unlock them in the proper purchase. This can also be carried out over several playthroughs, as your statistics carry in excess of to new playthroughs. You can also get the trophy through chapter select following completing the game.

All tool places

Search the indicated places to locate all five toolboxes. Discovering all 5 resources is necessary to upgrade your weapons. It is also a necessity to get the "For Emergencies Only" trophy. Only discovering the toolboxes will not earn you the trophy. You nevertheless must upgrade every weapon in the game (can be completed at workbenches). The tools have fixed areas and have to be picked up in the proper order throughout one playthrough. They do carry in excess of to a New Game +. Additionally, getting them through chapter select will not assist with the upgrades or trophy.

1. Chapter 4: Bill's Town - Graveyard: Inside the cellar (first floor) of the church, you will find the hidden armory and Bill will give you the nail bomb. Seem in the corner with the metal shelf to discover the toolbox.
2. Chapter five: Pittsburg - Alone And Forsaken: Right after defeating the initial group of enemies in the chapter, Joel and Ellie will enter a garage by assisting each and every other through the shutter. Immediately right after coming into the garage, the toolbox will be on your left, up coming to the smoke bomb.
3. Chapter six: The Suburbs - Sewers: After reaching the opposite side of the flooded location with the generator, adhere to the path. To the left will be a room with the toolbox.
4. Chapter 8: The University - Science Creating: Right after entering the science constructing by moving the dumpster, you will be in an area adjacent to a lab with a workbench inside. The following laboratory prospects out to exactly where you will meet back up with Ellie. You will then attain a long hallway. At the finish of the hall is a locked door on the appropriate. Open it employing a shiv to discover the toolbox on the function table.
5. Chapter 10: Bus Depot - Highway Exit: When you enter the Triage spot with all the tents, go to the large tent on the left side of this spot. Enter the greatest tent to locate the toolbox on the correct.

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