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Load Screen Easter Egg
On the load display, you can wave your controller about and the on-screen fireflies will adhere to the movements.

Uncharted and Jak and Daxter Easter Eggs
After the scene exactly where you meet up with Sam and Henry, you enter a store named Choo-Choo Toys. On a single of the walls, there are board games for sale. One of people games is Uncharted and the other a single is Jak and Daxter. In an earlier room, you can also find a Jak and Daxter plush toy, and all through the game you can also unlock shirts from the identical game for Ellie to dress in.

Change Your Difficulty Setting (New Game+)
Begin enjoying the game in New Game+ mode. Work your way by way of the first level, then save and exit to the principal menu after you have finished it. Now you can head to the screen that lets you select your chapter. Begin the initial chapter once again, only now you can choose a different problems setting if you like and you won't lose any of your progress.

Main Menu Knife
When you finish the game on Standard mode, a knife will appear leaning against the window on the major menu screen.

Extra Ammo and Supplies
If you discover oneself operating reduced on ammunition while playing on the Challenging or Survivor setting, pause the game and decide on the choice to play on the Simple setting rather. Preserve taking part in right up until you acquire extra supplies on the much more generous setting, then switch back and you'll retain the extra gear.

Unlimited Blades
If you possess a modified pipe but you're working lower on blades and the like, there's a neat trick you can use to rectify that situation. Very first, stand in excess of a normal pipe and then switch between that pipe and the modified a single in your possession, then switch back once more. You need to now have yet another blade in your stock. You can repeat the process as essential till your stock is complete of shivs, nail bombs, and modified weapons.

The Final Of Us Reference in Uncharted three
During the bar battle at the starting of Uncharted three, gamers can stroll over to the dartboard and spot a newspaper on the bar. The headline of the paper reads "Scientists are nonetheless struggling to realize deadly fungus."

The Last of Us Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - PS4

Infinite shivs
To duplicate shiv resources at any time, you need to very first receive the upgraded melee weapon at the start off of Bill's Town (the weapon is situated on the roof of the tiny creating close to the wooden plank just ahead of you enter the town). This weapon makes it possible for you to craft upgraded melee weapons. To duplicate shiv components, just equip an upgraded melee weapon, and swap it with one more melee weapon that you find in the atmosphere (2x4, axe, bat, lead pipe, or machete). Then, swap and reacquire the upgraded melee weapon to replenished shiv components and nevertheless have the upgraded melee weapon. This glitch is really useful if you are minimal on materials and require a shiv for fight or to open a locked shiv door.

New Game + mode
Successfully total the game to unlock New Game + mode, which permits you to begin a new playthrough and retain all your stats, collectibles, weapon upgrades, and crafting ranges. Note: The difficulty utilised in your unique playthrough will decide which troubles are offered in New Game + mode. For example, completing the game on the Tough difficulty will unlock the Straightforward, Typical, and Tough issues in New Game + mode.

Alternate principal menu
Successfully full the game on the Standard difficulty. There will now be a knife leaning against the window at the major menu.

Control loading display
Move the controller around at the loading screen, and the fireflies will adhere to the movements.

Easy ammunition and supplies on tougher difficulty
While enjoying on the Challenging or Survivor difficulty, you can pause the game and switch to the Effortless trouble to stock up on ammunition and supplies. Then, return to the original difficulty soon after you are carried out.

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