Sword Art Online: Lost Song Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - PS4 - Vita

* Additionally, there are 26 secret trophies:

Welcome to ALfheim On-line! (Bronze): Log into ALfheim Online.
Fairies in the Sky (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "Fairies in the Sky."
The World of the Black Fairies (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "The Planet of the Black Fairies."
The Youthful Goddess (Bronze): Attain the story chapter "The Youthful Goddess."
The Red-head in the Shadows (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "The Red-head in the Shadows."
A Paradox of Light and Darkness (Bronze): Attain the story chapter "A Paradox of Light and Darkness."
Battle of the Knights of the Tri-blade (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "Battle of the Knights of the Tri-blade."
Lies (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "Lies."
Intertwined Desires (Bronze): Attain the story chapter "Intertwined Wishes."
The Dark Planet (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "The Dark Globe."
The Twilight of the Gods (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "The Twilight of the Gods."
The Two Idols (Bronze): Reach the story chapter "The Two Idols."
We're Not Done But! (Silver): Total all main story chapters. "We even now have a whole lot more gaming left to do!"
A Deeper Bond: Asuna (Silver): Total Asuna's side story. "Stay with me forever, Asuna."
A Deeper Bond: Leafa (Silver): Complete Leafa's side story. "I hope that I'll constantly get along with Sugu."
A Deeper Bond: Silica (Silver): Total Silica's side story. "I won't tell any individual what occurred here nowadays."
A Deeper Bond: Lisbeth (Silver): Comprehensive Lisbeth's side story. "We're going to forge a whole lot of memories with each other, whether or not you like it or not."
A Deeper Bond: Sinon (Silver): Comprehensive Sinon's side story. "Sinon is an indispensable portion of this group, and an critical buddy."
Ki-bo's a Playah! (Bronze): Go to the festival with all the game's heroines. "This's a sweet scoop!"
A Worthy Rival (Bronze): Befriend Sumeragi.
It's Just Like Outdated Occasions (Bronze): Complete a side quest, Added Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a get together consisting of Kirito and Asuna.
Guys Night Out (Bronze): Full a side quest, Added Quest, or Multiplayer quest with a party consisting of Kirito, Klein, and Agil.
Girls Ops (Bronze): Complete a side quest, Further Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a celebration consisting of Silica, Lisbeth, and Leafa.
A Game Where You Can Die Is Too Simple! (Bronze): Have the character you are controlling reach HP and turn out to be a Continue to be Light.
Skill Master (Silver): Increase Asuna, Yuuki, Rain, and Sumeragi's OSS to level one hundred.
Sword of Kings (Silver): Acquire Excalibur.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - PS4 - Vita

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
ALO's Strongest Player (Platinum): Earn all trophies. "You are an outstanding fighter. The best I have ever witnessed."
Let's Commence With a Check Run (Bronze): Total your 1st side quest.
Contractor (Silver): Comprehensive a complete of one hundred side quests.
Bounty Hunter (Silver): Comprehensive a total of one hundred Further Quests and/or Multiplayer Quests.
Being a Solo Player Isn't So Bad (Bronze): Total a total of 10 side quests, Additional Quests, and/or Multiplayer Quests with a get together consisting of any single character.
Super Player (Gold): Full an Added Quest without taking injury.
Can I Get a Raise? (Bronze): Resurrect a celebration member who has become a Stay Light.
Weapon Collector (Silver): Acquire 100 various weapons, not such as shields.
Accessory Collector (Silver): Collect 50 different add-ons.
Lisbeth's Smithy Appreciates Your Patronage! (Silver): Raise a weapon's Enhancement Degree to its maximum.
Swordmaster (Silver): Raise a single Sword Ability to level 500. *OSS integrated.
Spellmaster (Silver): Increase a single Magic Ability or Unique Skill to degree 500.
Skill Maniac (Silver): Understand every single achievable Sword Skill, Magic Talent, and Specific Skill for a single character.
All These a hundred,000 Yuld Mithril Pieces.! (Bronze): Have far more than 1,000,000 Yuld.
Slayer of Enemies (Silver): Defeat five or a lot more enemies at the same time with a single attack.
Annihilator of Enemies (Silver): Defeat 1,000 enemies over the program of the game.
Your Adventure. (Bronze): Develop a party that includes your personal customized character.

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