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Horse Hopping Getaway

From the front balcony of the Armadillo Saloon, climb above the railing over the place your horse is hitched and you can fall correct on to your horse, ready to ride away into the sunset. It's a great nod to an previous western traditional.

Early Access to Blackwater, Tall Trees and Fantastic Plains
Float the stagecoach down the river, but alternatively of embarking from Thieves Landing like typical, do so from Montana Ford (located to the left of the Pacific Union Camp). Float for a prolonged whilst right up until you reach land on the other side. Jump onto shore and get a property (such as one at Manzanita Publish) and conserve your progress. Now you can return each time you like, through stagecoach, even prior to the bridges are finished.

Online XP Farming

During on the internet free roam, go to a gang hideout and neutralize the enemies there. When reinforcements are sent, deal with them as well, then loot all the corpses.

After you nab the money and ammunition, depart the hideout and the enemies must respawn following a brief while. You can repeat this method as considerably as you want.

Homing Fire Bottles Missiles

Use Dead Eye although holding a Fire Bottle and your aiming dot will seemingly dissapear. It's even now there, nevertheless, and you can pass it over enemies to lock on to them like you typically would with a gun. Fire the bottle and it will seek out its target like a homing missile.

It's in the News

If you examine at the misc area of the newspaper you will see a phrase at the end of each and every edition. Enter it and it will be a cheat.

Access Mexico Early (The Less complicated Way)

To obtain early access to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, very first go to the Frontera Bridge area. Stroll below the bridge and move to the proper side, along the edge that borders the river. When the title "Punta Orgullo" seems on-screen, use your campsite and you'll be transported into Mexico. If you want to return, you'll require to visit the Ramita de la Baya bridge and set up camp near its center, which will result in your character returning to America.

Access Mexico Early

Travel to the bridge named "Frontera Bridge." Ride your horse rapidly to the end of the bridge and get off the horse, letting it plummet into the water under. Do not get in touch with a new horse. Walk backwards until the railroad tracks start working into reliable ground (for a quick distance), flip left and go down a steep slope to the riverbank. There must be several small bushes by the river right here. The music must also switch (it switches to the music you hear in Mexico). If you don't hear the music, start off over. Set up a campsite when you hear the music and you will locate by yourself on the Mexican side of the river. To get back, you have to travel to the bridge named "Romita de la Baya." Do the exact same point with the horse here, allow it fall into the river and set up a campsite on the island. The campsite should be near the edge of the island to the north, either to the left or the proper of the bridge. You can also listen to the music here, when you hear the music modify back to the "American" music, you can set up your camp and you will be back on the north side of the river.

Easy Master Hunter Completion (Level 5)

In order to complete the challenge of killing a cougar with a knife, just wait until the mission 'At House With Dutch' (offered by MacDougal in Blackwater.

At the point the place you are confronted by the cougar, turn around and jump up on the rock soon after the cougar comes at you. Given that the cougar will not be capable to leap up to you, all you want to do is fall on leading of it and spam your knife assault; requires about three hits. Skin and you're all set.

Note that this is a later in game mission, so you are not able to do this challenge early on.

Skip the Skinning

Kill an animal and hop on your horse. Park the horse in excess of the carcass (search for the small, black X on the map that marks it) and hop off. When you get the prompt to skin the animal, the horse's presence will stop the quick cutscene from taking place. Occasionally you'll observe that a related obstruction -- box or barrel -- will permit you to skip physique-search cutscenes and the like.

No Reload
When you are minimal on ammo, basically enter Dead Eye mode to right away restore your ammo without obtaining to reload.

Access West Elizabeth / Tall Trees Location Early

There's a cliff and a waterfall in the far northern regions of New Austin -- just over the MacFarlane Ranch. Enter this area and you'll see "Tall Trees" appear on your display. If you can control to get arrested right here you'll get carted off to Blackwater. From here you can entry the total northern map. You'll need to have to car save (see 'Save Anyplace' cheat) and die to return to the southern areas. If you get the home in Manzanita, it will stop you from doing this. Even so, it is possible to hop the unfinished bridge in Thieves' Landing to get back.

Force a Save, Anywhere, Anytime

Occasionally you could be killed by a cougar and returned to your last save after collecting a bunch of flowers, pelts and whatnot -- worry the reaper no more! If you acquire two horse deeds and enter your item menu, you can select a deed to summon its respective horse. Each and every time you switch horse, your game instantly saves. Switch in between deeds on the fly to save your game anytime, anywhere.

Alternately, you can simply modify the Audio settings in the Options Menu and the game will conserve.

Infinite Honor

Note: You should be sporting the Elegant Suit for this to work. Discover the least expensive poker game in town. Purposely get caught cheating, so that a "duel" will ensue. Wait for the "draw" signal to flash and aim at your opponent's correct hand/arm in order to shoot their gun from their hand. This neat tiny trick will net you +100 Honor. Plus, its repeatable, because you can just keep getting caught "cheating" in poker.

Master Hunter Legendary Ranks (Multiplayer) & Character Unlocks
There is an effortless way to get all the Legendary creature (killing ten of one particular animal). When you check out the location they are in, lead all the animals to a close by construction (or creating).

For the wolves, there is a developing on the hill. Now, this is the only 1 where they will truly come into the developing because it is so run down, but there is a walkway/plank close to the door. Stand on it, and shoot all the wolves, they can't get you.

The boars' hunting ground has the identical with a run down half building (by the shoreline) but they won't assault you in the constructing.

The cougar grounds probably has the most difficult developing. There is a home on the leading of the hill. The ideal way to do this is have a buddy on horse lure them to your direction. When the cougars walk in front of the door/windows, shoot them.

The bears' hunting ground is almost certainly the best of the bunch. There is a cabin, that has loads of open location to shoot the bears from.

And for those who hold asking about unlocking ladies or legendary characters, people unlock with EXP factors. There's no secret job, just develop your ranks.


Give the nuns funds each time attainable. Reaching optimum honor and fame may aid. A nun will sooner or later strategy you and inform you she and the other sisters have been gathering objects to support your righteous result in. She will give you a cross that makes enemies significantly less probably to hit you with bullets. Note: You have to continue to be honorable for this to stay in effect.

Free item developing ("Undead Nightmare" DLC)

Get an a hundred% completion in the "Undead Nightmare" bonus downloadable content material to develop Blunderbuss ammo, Boom Bait, Phosphorus Coating, and Undead Bait without having making use of components.

Easy expertise

Play in on the web Free of charge Roam mode. Uncover a gang hideout, and kill all the enemies, as well as the reinforcements that appear. Loot the bodies to get funds and ammunition, then leave the hideout. Soon after a short volume of time, the enemies will respawn, permitting you to repeat the method as numerous occasions as preferred.

Easy funds

Find one particular of the bird shooting challenges. They are normally effortless to discover; basically pay attention for shots and view for a good deal of birds circling in the sky. Accept the challenge, and intentionally lose. The wager will then double. Repeat this until finally you have just sufficient funds to make one a lot more bet. Then, view the sky and wait right up until you can see the amount of birds you need to have to win the bet. Accept the challenge, then go into Dead Eye mode, and destroy the appropriate volume to win. Note: It might aid to have moonshine or chewing tobacco in case you run out of Dead Eye. Soon after you win the bet, place on your bandanna, and kill the guy you bet towards. Loot his body, and he will have the exact same amount of income as the ultimate wager. The much more funds you have to perform with, the much more you can make. It is achievable to loot more than $20,000 from him.

Play the "Five Finger Filet" knife mini-game in Armadillo. Bet the $100 greatest every game. The buttons you press are usually in the same order; A, B, Y, X, A, B, Y. This will permit you to get $100 every 20 seconds early in the game. Repeat this approach as several times as wanted.

Easy cash and honor

Accept a bounty mission. Go set up camp someplace, and conserve your game. Capture or destroy the bounty target, and return to the sheriff to get your money and +100 honor. Then, go run into some water and die. When you respawn in a single of your homes, the bounty mission will nonetheless be energetic, and you will also maintain the income and honor you just acquired for completing the mission. Repeat this as many instances as desired.

Easy fame and honor

Go to Thieves' Landing, and purchase the Classy Suit. Then, go in the saloon (or any other location with low-cost poker), and play poker ($25). Get caught cheating by pulling the arrow to a single side. You will then have to duel with an individual. Wait for the "draw" signal to flash, then aim at their right hand/arm to shoot the gun out of their hand for additional fame and honor. Note: When you do this, the bullet might ricochet and hit somebody else. If this takes place, they will start off shooting at you. To make this easier, get the residence in town to conserve the game and cease other folks from coming after you. Repeat this as several occasions as desired.

Easy skinning

Kill an animal, then stroll more than it gradually, and press RB to come to a cease above the dead animal. Subsequent, press Y to get off, then press Y yet again to skin the animal, then press Y one particular final time to get back on your horse. This is quite valuable when you are currently being attacked by packs of wolves or when hunting grizzlies or cougars.

Determining horse breeds

If you go to the common retailer, you can obtain horses by acquiring a deed for them. Instead of getting the deed, check out the data, and it will give you a description of the horse's appearance. You can compare this details with horses you break to aid determine the horse breed.

Another very good way to determine a horse's breed and top quality is to break and trip them just a number of seconds. You should be ready to instantaneously tell the variation among an one-star, 2-star, and three-star horse. The stamina will deplete significantly quicker the reduced the good quality, and the horse itself will not run as rapidly. Physically you can also tell a distinction. If you can see any ribs or bones, the horse is minimal quality, while thicker far more muscular horses are the three-star ones. You can get the 3-star Pearl from the "Bonnie" mission really early in the game. The Hungarian Half-bred is identified in Mexico and is an off-white color. The Standardbred Pinto is all black and can be identified in Mexico. Other horse breeds that can be located throughout the game are American Standardbred, Ardennais, Cleaveland Bay, Dutch Warmblood, Friesian, Highland Chestnut, Kentucky Saddler, Lusitano, Painted Quarter Horse, Painted Standardbred, Quarter Horse, Tersk, Tobiano Pinto, Turkmen, War Horse, and Welsh Mountain.

Map places

There are a complete of 94 locations in the game. 45 are in New Austin, 32 are in Mexico, and 17 are in West Elizabeth. The quickest and easiest way to find these areas are by means of the maps you can purchase at numerous common retailers. These will unlock all regions in a specific element of the game.

Alternate shut-quarter kills

Take out a target's legs using a throwing weapon, such as the throwing knives or tomahawk, or even a pistol. Then, get near to them, aim at the target, and press RT as regular to complete a kill. If accomplished properly, Marston should execute a particular destroy for the place of them being on their knees. Note: This performs with the pistol, rifle (not explosive), shotgun, throwing knife, and tomahawk. Additionally, this only functions with men and women who have a gun, and they will fire back if offered the possibility to.

Homing projectiles

With a throwing weapon (fire bottle, dynamite, or knife) in hand, enter Dead Eye mode, and try to picture the normal targeting reticule on the screen. The target will not appear, but it works the very same. If you rapidly tap RB, it will be simpler. When you release the object (automatic soon after locking on), the projectile will home in on the target. This is actually useful when people are speeding away on horses/carts. The projectile will preserve flying till it hits the target. Try this with a stick of dynamite on birds; the result is hilarious.

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