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Easy "S" rank in "Classified Intel Acquisition" Side Op mission

To get an "S" rank effortlessly in the "Classified Intel Acquisition" Side Op mission, total the following actions. The mission will get started with Snake in the back of a truck. Continue to be in there till you reach the Admin developing. As soon as the gate opens, get out of the truck, and go to the parking and unloading zone to the left of the road. Swiftly crawl beneath the pipes, then climb in excess of the second set of pipes. Shoot the patrol guard to the proper (near the parked jeep) with the Tranquilizer Gun. Then, climb up the ladder, and enter the central observe tower. Grab the tape, then go back down the ladder to the parked truck. Get in the back of the truck, and wait about a couple of minutes right up until the driver returns. Stay in the truck, and it will leave the base. You will total the mission and get an "S" rank. Note: It does not matter how extended this method takes, as time does not matter. You only require to trip the truck into the base, grab the tape, then trip the truck out. Make certain not to get spotted in the Admin constructing to achieve an extra "No Reflex" bonus.

Easy "S" rank in "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op mission

To get an "S" rank very easily in the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op mission, comprehensive the following methods. Do not get any kills in the mission. Destroying AA emplacements or armored autos does not count as a combat kill. Destroying manned vehicles, trucks, or choppers does count. Initial, select the non-lethal Stun Revolver secondary weapon in your stock. Soon after the operative will get in his jeep, you will have to deal with pursuing vehicles. Aim for the driver with the Stun Revolver, and shoot out the windows. Miller will warn Snake of an Anti-Air emplacement. Switch back to the rifle, and ruin the emplacement with the secondary grenade launcher attachment. Use the evening-vision goggles to swiftly scan the spot for enemies. If it looks clear, use the grenade to destroy the emplacement. Attempt to get it out in a single shot. Do not shoot the explosive barrels, and make certain to shoot the soliders first with the Recoilless Rifle. They are the most significant threat to your operative ally and chopper. Right after Snake is dropped off on the helicopter landing pad, run to the operative, and grab a rocket launcher. Destroy the armored automobile with 3 shells, then clear out the remaining attackers right up until Morpho appears. In the course of the final sequence, when the gunner appears in the pursuit helicopter's open door, use the Stun Revolver to knock him out (do not ruin the chopper with a grenade or explosive) to comprehensive the mission and get an "S" rank.

Alternate Costumes in Console-Exclusive Missions

The console-unique missions (Dja Vu for the Playstation and Jamais Vu for the Xbox) have alternate costumes obtainable, which you can unlock by satisfying the corresponding requirements.

Raiden re-skin (White) - Total Jemais Vu mission on Normal difficulty
Raiden re-skin (Green) - Total Jemais Vu mission on Challenging problems
Snake Skin - Accurately response all Dja Vu finish-of-mission quiz inquiries on Regular trouble
Gray Fox Skin - Properly solution all Dja Vu finish-of-mission quiz queries on Tough trouble

FOX. DIE Easter Egg

As you commence the Dja Vu mission, break into the prison location and make your way to the cage that holds Chico in the regular Ground Zeroes mission. You'll uncover an 8-bit guy within, effortless to identify as the DARPA chief from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Pick the lock on the door to set off a cutscene, wherein the man gets up and then collapses although screaming "FOX. DIE!!" If you then head to the cell in the Admin building in which typically Paz is found imprisoned, you'll see yet another 8-bit man. He is Kevin Baker, the Armstech President featured in the 1st game. Pick the lock to set off one more scene in which Baker meets the exact same end as the preceding guy. Then the screen should flicker and briefly modify colors.

Bonus Extra Op missions

Collect all 9 XOF patches in the "Ground Zeroes" mission, then effectively full the mission to unlock the unique "Jamais Vu" Added Op mission. Note: If you have the "Update one.02" patch set up, you will also unlock the "Dj-Vu" Added Op mission.

Hard mode
Successfully comprehensive a mission to unlock the Hard problems for that specific mission.

Bonus character skins

Successfully complete the indicated job to unlock the corresponding skin in the bonus "Jamais Vu" Further Op mission:

~ Raiden Commando Armor: Successfully total the "Jamais Vu" Extra Op mission on the Tough trouble.
~ Raiden White Armor: Efficiently complete the "Jamais Vu" Extra Op mission on the Regular problems.
Successfully total the indicated activity to unlock the corresponding skin in the bonus "Dj-Vu" Further Op mission. Note: This calls for the "Update one.02" patch.
~ Classic Gray Fox: Recreate all 7 scenes in the "Dj-Vu" Further Op mission on the Hard trouble, and answer all MGS Trivia questions accurately soon after the credits.
~ Classic Snake: Recreate all seven scenes in the "Dj-Vu" Additional Op mission on the Typical problems, and solution all MGS Trivia queries appropriately following the credits.

M-2000 sniper rifle
Get an "A" rank to unlock the M-2000 sniper rifle in Primary Ops mode.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Cheat Codes PC

Bonus track

Successfully comprehensive all missions on the Hard difficulty to unlock a remix track from Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner for the music player.

All cassette tapes locations

Search the indicated locations to get all 17 cassette tapes and get the "Information" achievement. Only 12 cassette tapes in fact want to be manually collected, as the other 5 will instantly be unlocked while collecting them. Some can be collected like the XOF unit patches, while other individuals are a reward for rescuing specific prisoners, interrogating enemies, or basically completing a mission with any rank. You also have to full all missions (like the "Jamais Vu" Additional Op mission) on the Hard issues to unlock 1 of the tapes. The Difficult issues gets to be available following finishing a mission for the initial time. Even however all collectibles are on the very same map, you will have to acquire them in excess of the program of diverse missions. Every tape only spawns inside of a specific mission. Make positive to gather them in the shown purchase, as some tapes disappear if you progress also far in a mission. If that transpires, you have to restart the mission from the beginning. Soon after collecting a tape, if you die just before reaching the subsequent checkpoint to save your progress, you have to collect the tape once more. You can see how many cassette tapes you have collected underneath the "Play Records" alternative at the title screen. Select "Record Totals" and scroll all the way down. Every single tape has its personal distinct name. You can also listen to them and see their names below the "Cassette Tapes" option at the title screen.

All Moai statues places
Search the indicated spots to uncover all 5 Moai statues throughout the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op mission:

1. On prime of the tower following the first 5 enemies and the helicopters circle about to the warehouse location.
2. Inside Chico's cell.
3. In the watchtower, on the corner of the administrator constructing, where the guard tries to fire a rocket launcher.
4. Get off the helicopter, and kill all of the enemies at the base. Run to the rocket launcher, wait for the gate to open, then let the tank to pass. The Moai statue can then be discovered at the bottom appropriate corner of the gate. It have to be collected prior to the gate closes.
5. Search the square roof at the base of the massive tower the place the other helicopter blows up. You could need to circle the tower a few occasions to get the possibility to hit it.

Easy "Depth" achievement

In "Side Op: Eliminate The Renegade Risk", you have to extract each enemies whilst they are nonetheless alive to get the "Depth" achievement. You can knock them out, but do not destroy them. The very first target is found in the south, near the location with the white tents. He is a bald man, patrolling along two other guards. You will see him reasonably easily because he is the only enemy with no a hat. Be sure to get to him as speedily as possible right after the mission begins. Use the WU Silent Pistol to tranquilize him and the two other guards. Phone the helicopter, and extract him. Subsequent, go to the north, the place the helipads are positioned. In the large view tower of the admin constructing is an additional soldier with out a hat. He is also guarded by two other enemies. Go through the red door on the far left, get out all the guards and cameras, and he will come down a ladder. You can kill his two bodyguards even though they are going down the ladder. Knock him out, and put him in the vehicle that is parked in the exact same region. Then, drive out of the mission spot while he is sitting within to get the achievement.

Easy "Extraction" achievemen

In "Side Op: Destroy The Anti-Air Emplacements", there are four prisoners you must rescue to get the "Extraction" achievement. The first 1 is being held in the identical cell where you located Paz for the duration of the "Ground Zeroes" principal mission (in the basement of the admin building). Contact the extraction helicopter to the seaside at the east side of the map, and safely carry the prisoner out to it. The other 3 prisoners are all in the identical area. They are in the cells where you located Chico for the duration of the "Ground Zeroes" mission, which is correct subsequent to the seashore with the extraction point. Hence, you do not have to travel far after the first extraction, and there are quite handful of enemies guarding the spot. Just open their cells, call the helicopter, and extract each prisoner. All prisoners must be alive when you extract them. Soon after putting the fourth prisoner in the chopper, you will get the achievement.

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