Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - PS4 - Vita - PC

Steam achievements
*Successfully full the indicated activity to unlock the corresponding achievement. To see your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my video games", then the game and see stats.

1-800-CLEARED: Finish the game.
1-800-GETHELP: Finish the game on challenging mode.
1-800-GODDAMN: Get A+ on all ranges on regular.
A BOX Complete OF SHARP OBJECTS: Use every weapon in the game at least when.
ACHIEVEMENT WHORE: Unlock all achievements.
ASSASSIN'S CRED: Clear the 1st floor of NO MERCY with the silencer.
COMBO Newbie: Carry out a 5x combo.
COMBO GOD: Carry out a 20x combo.
COMBO INTERMEDIATE: Carry out a 10x combo.
COMBO MASTER: Perform a 15x combo.
DEAD SILENT: Finish SUBWAY without having the Gang Leader seeing you.
DON'T Let ANGER GET THE Best OF YOU: Clear all of the Author's ranges without having killing.
EXTRA! Further! Go through ALL ABOUT IT!: Get the huge image.
FAMILY Enterprise: Clear a degree with every single of the Son's techniques.
FANATIC: Clear a level with each and every Fan.
FANTASTIC!: Unlock all the Fans.
FOLLOW THE SCRIPT: Do as the Director says!
GENOCIDE: Kill 50,000 enemies.
GOT YOUR BACK: Shoot two enemies for the duration of a chainsaw finish.
I'M COMING IN AND I'M UNARMED!: Finish HOMICIDE without employing guns.
KARMA: Die one thousand times.
NUCLEAR WASTE: They won't reach the Nuclear Throne.
PERCUSSIVE Upkeep: Ruin a hundred electronic gadgets.
SNAKE CHARMER: Unlock all snake masks.
SNAKES ON A HEAD: Clear a degree with each snake mask.
THE BAR OF BROKEN HEROES: Meet up with the Biker.
THESE ARE MY RIFLES, THESE ARE MY GUNS.: Unlock all weapons for the Soldier.
WHAT YOU Depart FOR YOUR SONS: Unlock all of the Son's methods.

Easy "FOLLOW THE SCRIPT" achievement
During the Pilot Act - "Midnight Animal" introductory mission, do precisely what the director says to get the "FOLLOW THE SCRIPT" achievement at the finish.

Easy "GOT YOUR BACK" achievement
Kill an enemy lying on the floor with Alex and Ash while concurrently shooting two individuals. An excellent location to do this is on the 2nd floor of Act two: Scene eight - "Execution". Kill the henchmen to the left, then shoot the door to lure a few enemies. Time it so you can finish off 1 enemy and have ample time to destroy the other two.

Easy "NUCLEAR WASTE" achievement
During Act one: Scene two - "Homicide", shoot 5 boxes with nuclear waste to get the "NUCLEAR WASTE" achievement.

Easy "ASSASSIN'S CRED" achievement
Successfully total the 1st floor with the silencer you commence with to get the "ASSASSIN'S CRED" achievement. If you miss a shot, restart the level simply because you will not have adequate bullets. Make certain to use the lock-on perform to make this easier.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - PS4 - Vita - PC

Easy "COMBO GOD" achievement
During Act three: Scene twelve - "Death Want", you can get a 20x combo at the quite commence of the degree, while playing as Mark (the bear). After you enter the original elevator, run into the door you begin off facing. Shoot straight ahead to destroy the two men within. Turn back, go to the doorway on the right, and shoot the two guys patrolling in the hall beyond. Destroy the canine and man with a gun that run at you from down the hall. Rapidly open the very first door (to the area in which the dog came from, to the left of the following hallway), and shoot the two men who are standing guard. Move to the other side of the up coming hallway, and shoot the two males standing guard by means of the windows. You will most likely now want to reload. Move up the up coming hallway, and use Mark's ability to spread his arms to shoot the males on both side (by means of the windows). You ought to have a 17x or 18x combo by now. If you have run out of ammo, quickly grab a weapon. Get down the males charging at you as they enter the hallway to get a 20x combo and the "COMBO GOD" achievement. Note: This could need a couple of attempts. The timing of your reload is quite critical. You need to stay alive until the combo instances out to get the achievement.

Easy "DON'T Let ANGER GET THE Ideal OF YOU" achievement
While taking part in as the Author, do not finish a downed enemy to get the "DON'T Let ANGER GET THE Best OF YOU" achievement. Note: You will also have to unlock the bonus chapter for the Author, named "The Abyss" by receiving the "STARE INTO THE ABYSS" achievement. The bonus degree is difficult and features a good deal of thugs with guns and rifles. You should punch men and women and hide until you have a bat or pipe.

Easy "STARE INTO THE ABYSS" achievement
In Act four: Scene 15 - "Withdrawal", full the third floor with no dying. Return to your automobile, and a brief cutscene will play. In the following scene, you will be seated at a desk with a floppy disk. Interact with the disk to select it up, and comprehensive the scene. For the duration of the up coming scene, you will be standing in front of a table of proof; take the floppy disk from the table.

Easy "THE BAR OF BROKEN HEROES" achievement
In Act 4: Scene 13 - "Subway", do not skip the introduction. Interact with the mobile phone discovered on the little table following to the door you appeared from when the scene starts. You will have a message from a person that asks to meet you at a bar. Successfully total the level for a bonus scene to get started. Speak to Biker, the man at the bar, to get "THE BAR OF BROKEN HEROES" achievement.

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