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Nissan R34 GTR Easter Egg
On the bottom of the Nissan R34 GTR it says, "Thanks For Discovering This."

007 Cameo
A Lotus Esprit is sometimes driven by "J. Bond" - a reference to "For Your Eyes Only" and "The Spy Who Loved Me".

The Most Realistic . Die-Cast Models?

The logo of die-cast model vehicle maker AutoArt can be found on the bottom of Nismo Skyline GTR if you flip it -- and possibly other automobiles. There are also giant screws in the bottom of the motor vehicle as if the automobile was modeled right after a toy.

Rain Tires

In races that force you to switch above to rain tires, use Intermediate Rain tires. Racing Rain tires don't really serve your objective, particularly in individuals lengthy 24-hour Endurance races. Racing Rain tires also have less grip, and force you to burn the tires up making an attempt to maintain the tempo up. Also one more tip that is safe to say is that Rain tires final about as half the quantity of distance, compared to standard tires. i.e. On Circuit de la Sarthe at Le Mans: 10 laps on Racing Soft tires = five laps on Intermediate Rain tires.

Easy Credits

In B-Spec events you can win all races, get maximum credits and train your driver with nearly no time investment with this basic approach: Play A-Spec occasions to level 23. This will give you accessibility to cars that very easily win the reduced ranges. Now get started the B-Spec events, giving your novice driver the best vehicle for the race. It will get just a number of seconds to get him into the lead, then you can tell him to sustain the existing tempo and he will win the race with no any extra coaching. You can repeat any B-Spec race and rack up phenomenal credits with nearly no time invested.

Time-Saving Gear Shift (Automatic)

In Automatic Transmission mode, you can hold R2 to stay in the same gear. Use this to maintain speed by means of a corner or stretch a gear for somewhat more pace and efficiency.

Higher Degree Grinding

If you are hunting for experience at the expense of some grinding for high endurance levels, race your Formula GT auto (assuming you have one particular) in the Indianapolis race of the Dream Auto Championship, it will take underneath 7 minutes and you get 9819 xp factors and 108000 credits which performs out to be 78552 xp factors and 864000 credits in about a single hour of actual time.

Win a Really Rapidly Toyota Minolta 88-CV Simply

At degree 21, you unlock a race named "Like the Wind" in the specialist hall. You most very likely do not have an automobile that will be ready to maintain up with the LeMans automobiles you are pitted against. Nevertheless, golds in the two of these races will earn you a Toyota Minolta 88-CV, which will be valuable in numerous races to come. It's a really tricky event, so your auto setup and driving technique are essential. Stick to these steps to consider the gold and assure your initial purebred race automobile.

1. Get a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 '09. This vehicle has the upgrades accessible that you will want.
2. Soon after phase one particular, you will require close to $500,000 to upgrade this vehicle.
3. Go to GT Auto, and buy the Racing Modification for the auto. (It should be at the really end of the menu.)
4. Now that your Corvette is light and prepared for the tracks, you will want electrical power to hold up with individuals LM Cars.
5. In the tuning store, acquire each and every higher end modification you can, such as the supercharger. Be confident to get every bit of HP feasible into your Vette.

Now, it's Race Day! Adhere to the subsequent measures to guaranteeing gold.
1. You will need to have to fine-tune the setup. Go to auto settings (the wrench icon) and tune your transmission to a best pace of 242. Set the auto's downforce (Physique and Aero) to the highest attainable amount on the front and back.

2. The 2nd race on Indy is the toughest, so get that out of the way 1st: You will need to have to slipstream to remain up with the other people. At the corners, minimize within to overtake your opponents. Right after a lap or two, you need to be fairly shut to first, if you haven't reached it. This is the difficult element: you will have to block the rapidly LM cars from taking your spot, so seeking backwards in third man or woman is the ideal way to drive on the straights.

3. Right after you last but not least win this a single, comprehensive the other. There isn't considerably to say, but don't slam cars as well challenging, for your downforce is higher and easy to upset. When you pull ahead, you will most likely gain a large lead.

Enjoy your new Toyota Minolta 88-CV!

Additions by soi_sunny: To win the race named Like the Wind at degree 21 in excessive series for les funds all you want is a Pagani Zonda R, which can be won by finishing the B-Spec GT Planet Championship race in the Skilled series. Get the car up to the optimum BHP and acquire some Racing Soft tires (quite crucial). Fine tune the automobile prior to entering the race. Set the prime speed to 242 beneath the trasmission settings and then set the downforce of the auto to the best number for each front and back. Beat these monster cars and win yourself a very truth Toyota Minolta.

Exploiting Your Birthday

Note: This may possibly be have been patched in a publish-release update! You'll want an on the internet PSN connection for this exploit. Produce a NEW account and signal into the PlayStation Network. When you set up your account, set up your birth date for the present calendar date. You will be awarded an automobile on the MM/DD of your "birthday," and the 12 months really determines what kind of automobile you will get (so set it to whatever yr you want a random automobile from). Enter GT Mode to obtain your online B-day reward/coupon for your cost-free car. Give the free of charge car to your real account as a gift. You can repeat this endlessly for cost-free automobiles!
Trophy Tip: Hidden Trophies

Gran Turismo 5 Cheat Codes, Gran Turismo 5 Hacks and Unlockables - Gran Turismo 5 Cheat Codes PS3

Here are some secret Trophies in Gran Turismo 5.
Endurance: Total the Endurance series of Race occasion
Red Bull X1 Challenge: Comprehensive Red Bull X1 Challenge particular occasion
Watch Falling Objects: Intentionally make an element of your automobile fall off even though driving. This is completed alot less complicated with the rally autos where the doors come of alot simpler.

Rollover: Rollover a car by flipping a vehicle entirely. Carried out by driving on trial mountain and hitting the S curve just before the commences finish line in a rapidly auto

Get the Formula GT Vehicle

The Formula GT automobile shows up in the Used Car Dealership (UCD), but its availability is random--like all utilised automobiles. The automobiles for sale at the UCD are "refreshed" each one day (game time, not true time). With every single "day" that passes, six new vehicles display up in the UCD. A day passes when you full a race or finish a license test. Nonetheless, you can go by way of days quickest by loading up a license test and skipping to the next check, with no ever truly racing the test. As lengthy as the load display exhibits up among tests, a single day has passed. It will take 5 game days to completely refresh the Used Vehicle Dealership's recent stock, providing you yet another likelihood to find the Formula GT vehicle.

Trophy Tip: Rollover

For this Trophy you require to "Flip an automobile and total it." This can be achieved by taking the final chicane on the Trial Mountain circuit almost flat-out in a McLaren F1. Use A Whole lot of the within and outside curbs. You probably need to do this twice in one particular race to get the Trophy.

Tickets can be redeemed for cost-free automobiles. Right here's how you can unlock them.

Rally Automobile Ticket - Get Gran Turismo Rally Special Occasion / Easy
WRC Car Ticket - Get Gran Turismo Rally Special Event / Intermediate
Classic Rally Automobile Ticket - Get Gran Turismo Rally Specific Event / Advanced
Classic Muscle Auto Ticket - Get Bronze Trophy in all Jeff Gordon NASCAR School Occasions
Level twelve Ticket - Get Bronze Trophy in all Professional Series events / A-Spec or B-Spec
Level 21 Ticket - Get Bronze Trophy in all Excessive Series occasions / A-Spec or B-Spec
Level 24 Ticket - Get Bronze Trophy in all Endurance Series events / A-Spec or B-Spec
Level 5 Ticket - Get Bronze Trophy in all Newbie Series events / A-Spec or B-Spec
Level 9 Ticket - Get Bronze Trophy in all Amateur Series events / A-Spec or B-Spec
Modern Muscle Auto Ticket - Get Silver Trophy in all Jeff Gordon NASCAR College Occasions
NASCAR Ticket - Get Gold Trophy in all Jeff Gordon NASCAR College Occasions

Perform the following actions to unlock added occasions.

Gran Turismo Karting Encounter - Unlocked at degree 01
Jeff Gordon NASCAR School - Unlocked at level 02
Top Gear Test Track - Unlocked at degree 04
AMG Driving Academy - Unlocked at degree 06
Gran Turismo Rally - Unlocked at level 10
Grand Tour - Unlocked at degree 13
Sbastien Loeb Rally Challenge - Unlocked at level 16
Endurance Series - Unlocked at degree 25
Sebastian Vettel Challenge - Unlocked at degree 30

License Exams
Perform the following actions to unlock license exams.

B - Purchase an auto
A - Attain level 3 and comprehensive the B license tests
International C - Attain degree 6 and comprehensive A license tests
International B - Attain level 9 and full Worldwide C license tests
International A - Attain degree 12 and total Global B license tests
S - Attain degree 15 and full Worldwide A license tests

License Reward Vehicles
Attain the following license amounts to unlock the automobiles beneath.

B License Gold - TommyKaira ZZ-S '00 (Common)
B License Silver - Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '07 (Premium)
B License Bronze - Mazda Demio Sport '03 (Regular)
A License Gold - Isuzu 4200R '89 Notion (Premium)
A License Silver - Mazda Atenza Notion '01 (Normal)
A License Bronze - Nissan mm-R Cup Automobile '01 (Normal)
IC License Gold - Nissan GT-R Notion '01 (Normal)
IC License Silver - Autobacs Garaiya '02 (Regular)
IC License Bronze - Acura DN-X Idea '02 (Common)
IB License Gold - Honda S800 RSC Race Car '68 (Regular)
IB License Silver - Mitsubishi HSR-II Notion '89 (Normal)
IB License Bronze - Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Restricted (NA) '91 (Premium)
IA License Gold - Ford GT (No Stripe) '05 (Normal)
IA License Silver - Land Rover Assortment Stormer Concept '04 (Standard)
IA License Bronze - Dodge RAM 1500 LARAMIE Hemi Quad Cab '04 (Regular)
S License Gold - Nissan GT-R Spec-V (GT Academy Version) '09 (Premium)
S License Silver - Mazda MX-Crossport Notion '05 (Premium)
S License Bronze - Opera Honda S2000 '04 (Premium)

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