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Listing of Added Item IDs

Once you activate the player.additem cheat from the console, you'll require to enter an item code and amount. Below, you'll uncover a checklist of extra things and gear you can spawn, along with the corresponding IDs, in addition to these previously noted elsewhere on this page.


Asbestos - 000aec5c
Ceramic - 000aec5e
Concrete - 00106d99
Cloth - 000aec5f
Adhesive - 001bf72e
Aluminum - 0006907a
Circuitry - 0006907b
Copper - 0006907c
Cork - 000aec60
Crystal - 0006907d
Fiber Optics - 00069087
Fiber Glass - 000aec61
Gear - 0006907e
Glass - 00069085
Gold - 000aec62
Nuclear Materials - 00069086
Oil - 001bf732
Plastic - 0006907f
Rubber - 00106d98
Screw - 00069081
Silver - 000aec66
Spring - 00069082
Leather - 000aec64
Lead - 000aec63
Wood - 000731a3
Steel - 000731a4
Caps - 00000f


Tato - 9DCC4
Mutfruit - 33102
Carrot - F742E
Corn - 330F8
Gourd - EF24D
Melon - FAFEB
Razor Grain - E0043

Infinite Caps (Exploit)

Proceed to the Human Error quest, which involves the Covenant. Find the compound the place Sincere Dan is waiting. A conversation follows in between him and the medical professional. Side with Truthful Dan, and kill every person nearby. Cost-free Stockton's daughter and then talk to Sincere Dan. After a bit, he'll give you the reward. However, DO NOT MAKE A DIALOGUE Choice. That's extremely important if you want to consider benefit of the exploit. Alternatively, alter the camera so that you back out of the conversation without making the decision. Walk away and wait for a couple of moments, then return to talk to Dan. The conversation will start fresh, and you can obtain the reward once more. Repeat the procedure as frequently as you like to earn 300 caps every single time and amass a tiny fortune.

Developer Space

You can uncover a developer space with a small assist from the cheat console, which you bring up by pressing ~ (TILDE, the essential over TAB). When you accessibility the console, enter coc qasmoke (don't fail to remember the space) to access the room. It consists of a bunch of sources you can use in the campaign. When you're prepared to depart, type coc ufocrashsite01 (yet again, with an area) in the console.

Infinite XP (Exploit)

Locate a terminal near a risk-free. You can open the secure by utilizing your lock choosing capability. Then you can enter the terminal and shut the safe, so that you can select its lock as soon as far more. You can repeat this procedure as usually as you like for straightforward XP. It helps also if your INT rating is substantial, so you achieve levels a lot more speedily.

Gatling Laser Exploit

Though the Gatling Laser exhausts your provide of fusion cores, you can switch to an additional weapon and back to uncover that your ammo has been magically refilled.

Duplicate Objects and Perk Factors (Exploit)
Make sure you get the "You Are Specific" guide, positioned in the property where you start, under the desk in Shaun's space. You also need to have a companion. Ideally, that companion is Dogmeat. Find a flat area and drop the item/book, then send Dogmeat a number of feet away. Inform him to fetch the dropped item/book, and wait for him to bow his head. Select up the item exactly as he does, and if you timed it appropriately, you'll have one in your inventory and he will also drop one particular. Making use of this approach, you can quickly obtain items and perk points as necessary.

Easy Cryogun

You can uncover the Cryogun in a situation just before you depart Vault 111. Usually, you'll require the Master level Locksmith ability if you want to open it. However, you can discover Dogmeat (your canine pal) and bring him near the situation. Use the Fetch command and select the Item alternative. He'll grab the gun for you and drop it in front of you so you can add it to your inventory. He also packs ammo, due to the fact he's beneficial like that.

Duplicate products

This glitch makes it possible for you to duplicate anything you can drop from your inventory. It also lets you get limitless S.P.E.C.I.A.L. factors (attribute factors) to max out all your special expertise (strength, perception, and so forth.) by duplicating the "You're Special!" magazine. The "You're Unique!" magazine can be discovered within your old home in Sanctuary, on the floor in Shaun's area. This basically provides you limitless almost everything: infinite weapons, ammo, mini-nukes, fusion cores, attribute points, junk objects, and even cash when you resell all this things. To duplicate things, drop the item you want to duplicate from your inventory (so it is sitting on the ground). Command your canine companion (Dogmeat) to fetch it. Select it up at the precise identical time when he is decreasing his head to choose it up. If done appropriately, one particular copy will be positioned in your inventory, while Dogmeat drops yet another after 2-3 seconds. Repeat this as numerous times as sought after. If you are obtaining any trouble duplicating objects, initial send Dogmeat away just before commanding him to choose up the item to make sure you are ready to do it properly. Note: This glitch was carried out on an unpatched version of the game. It will possibly sooner or later get patched. To avoid not getting capable to use this exploit, both do not set up new patches before making use of this exploit or delete the patches. You can keep away from patches becoming installed by disconnecting from the world wide web until finally you are prepared for the game to set up new patches.

Infinite caps and items

This glitch operates following the 1.02 patch. Talk to Sincere Dan (outdoors the yellow residence) in Covenant to begin the "Human Error" quest. Perform via the quest right up until you meet with Dr. Chambers and reject her provide. Totally free the woman (element of quest; use terminal to open her cell). Following, speak to Trustworthy Dan 1 time (only engage in the 1st set of dialogue possibilities), and then walk away from him. Do not engage in the 2nd set of dialogue options, as this will end the quest and render the exploit ineffective. Hold speaking to him to get 300 caps every time. Repeat this as numerous instances as desired. You can get one,800 caps per minute/108,000 caps per hour. That is an even quicker way to get caps compared to the other caps exploit. Note: Create a backup saved game just before undertaking this, just in case something goes incorrect (e.g. Sincere Dan dies, accepting Dr. Chamber's offer you turns Dan hostile, or you finish the quest by accident).

Find a vendor with any kind of ammo. Choose to acquire all rounds of one ammo sort (you could need to decide on the prime ammo selection) from the vendor, but do not verify the trade. Sell back only 1 of the rounds you just purchased, but again do not verify the trade. Then, promote back all remaining rounds and verify the trade. The one round of ammo will glitch and stay with you. Maintain marketing it back to the vendor right up until the vendor's caps are depleted. Following, keep buying back all of the vendor's rounds. Ultimately, purchase any things preferred from the vendor and accept the trade. You can then sleep for 24 hours and the vendor will have all their caps back. Repeat this method as several times as desired. Note: This glitch was carried out on an unpatched edition of the game. It does not function soon after the one.02 patch. To steer clear of not currently being ready to use this exploit, both do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can steer clear of patches currently being put in by disconnecting from the internet till you are ready for the game to set up new patches.

Find a vendor with any sort of ammo. Purchase all rounds of any variety of ammo so it gets sent to your side of the screen during the transaction, but do not in fact confirm to buy the ammo. Click on the ammo that is now on your side of the transaction display, and select to give 1 ammo back to the vendor. Repeat the over, but this time give all the rest of the ammo back (with diverse ammo). Send all of the unique ammo back to the vendor as nicely. If carried out appropriately, you will still have 1 of the ammo on your side of the transaction display that you can infinitely click on to get all of the vendor's caps. Soon after deciding on your single infinite ammo, you can purchase all of the added ammo that the Barter has designed from this method. Do this repeatedly to get limitless caps considerably more quickly. This functions with ammo, and if the vendor only has one sort of ammo, it performs with something as a substitute for the 2nd ammo, as prolonged as you take all of the 2nd item from the vendor.

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Easy Cryolator weapon early in game

Once you have Dogmeat as your companion, which will be inside of the first 45 minutes of starting the game, go to Vault 111 and consider the elevator down. Once the elevator opens, proceed forward and via the "Exit Zone" door. Proceed forward by means of the hallway till you reach the very first open door on the proper. Enter that space, and go to the tiny room on the left, with the door open. There is a Cryolator Situation on the wall. Typically, you would want to be at least Level 18 and have the Master Lockpick perk to open the situation. Instead, get in touch with your canine in excess of to the little area with the Cryolator, then pick "Talk", "Fetch", and "Items" to get Dogmeat to fetch the Cryolator from the case. Following, go up to Dogmeat and decide on "Command", "Stay", and "Trade" to get 200 Cryo Cell for the weapon. You can easily get more ammo for the gun from vendors by utilizing the "Infinite caps and items" glitch. The Cryolator is a submachine gun with excellent variety that freezes enemies and inflicts a lot of injury. The stats for it are twenty injury, 90 fire charge, 71 variety, 66 accuracy, 13.two weight, and 302 value. It is regarded as one of the greatest weapons in the game. Note: This glitch was carried out on an unpatched model of the game. It will probably sooner or later get patched. To stay away from not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before employing this exploit or delete the patches. You can stay away from patches becoming installed by disconnecting from the net until finally you are ready for the game to install new patches.

Secret Alien Blaster Pistol

Fast travel to Oberland Station (under the bend of the river), which is a great distance southeast of Sanctuary. After you are in Oberland, head right east until finally you see a downed UFO on fire. There will be some green alien blood near the crashed UFO. Follow the trail of green blood up the little hill and down off the cliff and into the nearby cave. Enter the cave and destroy the alien. Then, collect the Alien Blaster Pistol and the ammo for it on the physique of the alien. The alien will have among 400 and 550 rounds of ammo for the weapon. Its stats are 70 damage, a hundred fire fee, 149 variety, 73 accuracy, 2.five weight, and 1551 worth. You can consider the weapon to a workbench and modify the Barrel, Grip, Mag, and Sights. Considering that there is no other recognized way to receive ammo for this weapon, you can adjust the Mag on it so it employs Fusion Cells. Note: The weapon injury will reduce by two factors when modifying the Mag to Fusion Cells.

X-01 Electrical power Armor (total set) spot

To find the complete set of X-01 Electrical power Armor, you must be Level 28+. It is located in the 35 Court (green) constructing, just south of Custom House Tower. Once inside the building, consider the elevator up. Exit the elevator, and go appropriate and proceed up to the following degree. You will then experience the Sentry Bot. Ruin the Sentry Bot, then press the button in the two doors that opened to open the door with the Power Armor, in the middle of the room. You can improve it up to "Mk. VI" at any Electrical power Armor station, which will more boost the armor rating. X-01 is the strongest set of Electrical power Armor in the game. You are assured to get the full set at this location if you are Degree 28 or greater. If you are below Level 28, you will discover a weaker armor this kind of as the T-45. As a result, do not go there before reaching Level 28.

Infinite XP

First, join the Brotherhood Of Steel, which can be carried out quickly following the game starts. You can join by going to Cambridge Police Station or just following the primary story. Either way triggers the "Reveille" and "Fire Help" quests. Comply with the Brotherhood's quest line right up until they make you a member. Then, total their "Tour Of Duty" quest, where you will meet everyone on the airship. Following, make confident to have a substantial-injury Sniper Rifle with a prolonged-range scope (ought to be 50+ damage, which can be bought from vendors in Diamond City or Bunker Hill). Following joining the Brotherhood Of Steel, travel to Prydwen (their airship headquarters), and speak to Proctor Quinlan. Choose to aid on a patrol, and he will give you the "Learning Curve" quest. Following activating the quest, go to the deck of the airship. Make positive to set the trouble to Very Straightforward. Alternatively of undertaking the quest the typical way, you can shoot the Brotherhood ally you are supposed to safeguard correct from the airship, and it will finish the quest. He dies with one-four headshots on the Extremely Simple issues. Right after killing your ally, the quest quickly ends, but you nonetheless get to keep the reward for the quest. Make confident you crouch and are "hidden" before firing a shot and stay hidden just before taking a single stage or the guards will destroy you considering that you have just killed 1 of their members below. Then, return to the quest giver for your XP. He will give you the actual same quest again. Repeat this as numerous times as desired. Each and every run takes around 90 seconds with loading occasions if you can kill the target in one hit (use powerful .50 caliber sniper rifle). If your Intelligence level is at 11, you will get about 419 XP for finishing the quest, plus 42XP for killing the target. That is 461 XP in 90 seconds or 3,073 XP in ten minutes if all goes smoothly. Even with significantly less Intelligence, you can nonetheless effortlessly score about 2,500 XP in ten minutes. Use this method to rapidly attain Level 50 and get the "Legend Of The Wastes" achievement.

Infinite fusion cores

First, join the Brotherhood Of Steel, which can be accomplished immediately after the game begins. You can join by going to Cambridge Police Station or just following the principal story. Both way triggers the "Reveille" and "Fire Assistance" quests. Comply with the Brotherhood's quest line until finally they make you a member. Then, full their "Tour Of Duty" quest, exactly where you will meet every person on the airship. You can then pickpocket a fusion core (make confident you do not get caught) from one particular the Knights inside The Prydwen (their airship headquarters). Make confident to do this in a secluded area. As soon as you pickpocket the fusion core from the Knight, he or she will come out of the powersuit, replenish their fusion core, and re-enter the powersuit. When they are inside their powersuit yet again, pickpocket the fusion core once more. Repeat this procedure as many occasions as wanted. Note: Quicksave right after each and every profitable attempt, just in case you get caught.

Infinite lock XP

Find a risk-free that can be picked that also has a close by terminal that can be hacked. Select the risk-free, then hack the terminal to relock the secure. Choose the protected once again, use the hacked terminal, then relock the risk-free. Repeat this approach as many occasions as wanted to earn lock XP each time. You will also gain affinity with companions Piper, Cait, and Deacon as extended as the secure is unowned.

Infinite stock area (no fat restrict)

To get limitless stock space for your companion, rather of trading with your companion, just command them to select up the item for you. Companions will never ever be overburdened using this trick. If your very own stock is also full, just drop some heavy objects on the ground and have your companion choose them up. This is especially valuable when you find some good loot but can't carry much more bodyweight, or if you do not want to burden by yourself with heavy weapons. This trick makes it possible for you to always carry some mini-nuke launchers (Fat Mans), rocket launchers, and mini-guns to fights with out having to worry about their bodyweight.

Infinite settlement size

While at a settlement, drop all your additional weapons on the ground. Enter workshop mode, and click to retailer those weapons in your workbench. This will cause the game to feel it has a lot more room and you will see your dimension in fact drop. Then, go back to your workbench and include them back to your personalized stock, and repeat this process till you have sufficient area to build a lot more.

Flamethrower does not use ammo

Enter VATS with a flamethrower, choose a target, and activate it. Even though shooting it, hold [Fire] and exit it while nevertheless holding [Fire] to shoot with no employing ammo.

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