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Modify Character Gender

Right soon after Issues Betwixt, in the game's first region, you need to discover a small seashore with two ogres. Behind people ogres, you'll see a partially opened coffin. If you hop into the coffin, you can switch your character's gender. The coffin apparently does not serve any other goal.

Secret Use for the Petrified Something

The Petrified Something is an optional beginning item Gift in Dark Souls 2. Offered throughout Character Creation, the item has no apparent goal.

However, when positioned in the bird's nest in the game's quite very first region, Issues Betwixt, the Petrified Some thing might be exchanged a random item, from a close to-useless Old Whip to the very treasured Twinkling Titanite, an item which enables gamers to upgrade tools otherwise resistant to improvement.

Unlimited Souls (Exploit)

Find a corpse with an item or souls, and grab the loot. Now make a fatal leap off the nearest ledge. As soon as you die, quickly press the acceptable button to deliver up the alternative to quit your game. When you restart, you will be at the last bonfire with whatever you picked up from the entire body now located within your stock. If you go uncover the body, the item need to also be waiting on the entire body, permitting you to select it up again and repeat the process as usually as desired.

Easy Trick to Defeat the Executioner's Chariot Boss

In the Arena, destroy the very first Necromancer enemy, along with any close by skeletons. Remain in the door spot and cast Affinity. As the chariot drives previous, the spell will hit it. In this method, you can destroy Executioner's Chariot boss with no moving even more into the location or lowering the gate.

False Wall in No-Guy's Wharf
Near the far edge of No-Guy's Wharf is a modest space complete of jars containing poison. Two guards sleep at the table.

The wall behind them is false and can be blown out with a spell. Hidden behind are an amount of Souls and the beneficial Royal Soldiers Ring.

More Difficult Gameplay with the Business of Champions

Just behind the village in Majula is the Victors Stone, a shrine to the Company of Champions. Joining this Covenant substantially increases the problems of Dark Souls 2, a reality not made crystal clear in the approach of joining the cult. If you want to enhance the challenge, (and potential rewards) of Dark Souls 2, join this organization.

Easy Trick to Defeat The Pursuer

The Pursuer can be weakened 99% by a single shot from a single of the Ballista set-pieces in his boss arena. Lining him up needs some fairly precise timing, but a clean hit all but destroys him.

Vendrick's Blessing and Real King's Crown

Obtain the "Crown Of The Sunken King", "Crown Of The Previous Iron King", and "Crown Of The Ivory King" from their respective DLCs. Then, enter the Memory Of The King, utilizing the following measures. Open the gates at the Shrine Of Winter, and enter Drangleic Castle. Uncover the hollowed King Vendrick in the Undead Crypt, get the King's Ring, and enter Aldia's Keep. Reach the Ancient Dragon, and acquire the Ashen Mist Heart. Interact with King Vendrick's armor in the chamber at the end of the Undead Crypt to enter the Memory Of The King. Speak to King Vendrick, and for every DLC crown obtained, there will be a specific dialog. If all three have been obtained, every single of the crowns will be offered a new effect right after a quick cutscene. While outfitted, death no longer final results in a hollow, and you cannot be cursed. If you have also defeated King Vendrick and obtained the King's Crown along with the three DLC crowns, it will be upgraded to a new edition, named the "True King's Crown".

Secret Dragon Memory

Towards the end of the game, you will have to travel to the Dragon Shrine to acquire the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon. The Ashen Mist Heart makes it possible for you to travel into the dark recollections of the previous. You can use the key on hollowed giants in the Forest Of Fallen Giants. You need to fight the Giant Lord by entering 1 of these recollections to proceed. Nonetheless, there is also a secret spot to use the Ashen Mist Heart. After obtaining the Ashen Mist Heart, travel to the Duke's Dear Freja arena, and a new crystal will seem underneath the hollowed dragon. Interact with it to enter the Dragon Memory. You will be taken to an arid wasteland resembling the dragon battleground described in the unique Dark Souls. Interact with the ancient dragon's corpse to obtain an Ancient Dragon Soul.

Secret Darklurker Boss battle

The optional Darklurker secret Boss is located in the Dark Chasm Of Previous, past a series of really tough enemies. To enter the Dark Chasm Of Old and battle the Darklurker, you need to join the "Pilgrims Of Dark" covenant and reach Rank two. Full the listed demands beneath the "Joining covenants and rewards" information below. Once you have opened the gate to the Dark Chasm Of Old, you require to attain and defeat a series of enemies in 3 sections in the area. Defeat the enemies in every part, and light the sconce at the finish with your torch. Light all three braziers and talk with Grandahl to activate the elevator top to the Darklurker. Note: If you die in the Abyss, you should offer you a Human Effigy to Grandahl to re-open the portal. When you are Rank 2 in the covenant, the elevator within the Dark Chasm Of Outdated will activate. Travel by means of the Drangleic Castle portal to attain it.

Easy Titanite

Titanite is an uncommon component that can be bought and located all through the globe of Dark Souls 2. Titanite can be purchased from the following areas:

Titanite Shard: 800 Souls from Blacksmith in Majula (10 pieces)
Large Titanite Shard: McDuff in the Bastille (infinite)
Titanite Chunk: Lady at the entrance of Harvest Valley (infinite)
Titanite Slab: Blacksmith's Daughter (a single piece)

The following are spots exactly where Titanite can simply be farmed:
Brightstone Cove Tseldora: Go to the Chapel Threshold Bonfire in the Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Then, go downstairs to battle 3 distinct species of spiders. However, you must target on the Humanoid Spiders, as they are the ones that drop the Huge Titanite Shard. Proceed previous the initial zip-line, and smash a bookshelf to reveal a secret area. Enter the area, and go by means of two doors to reach the 1st couple of Humanoid Spiders. Defeat them, then go back to the room to fight 3 more Humanoid Spiders. Defeat the spiders, then go outdoors to drop down close to the Fast Sand. There will be 3 doors, and a single of them will have a Bonfire (Lower Brightstone Cove). Travel back to the Humanoid Spiders to get more Titanite. Repeat the method as many occasions as preferred.

Black Gulch: Travel to the Grave Of Saints, and defeat the Rat Boss. Then, proceed to the first Bonfire in The Gutter. Up coming, go to the Black Gulch to uncover Black Oil Puddles with enemies coming out of them. These enemies drop Titanite Shards and Titanite Chunks.

Princess Bell Covenant: Join the "Bell Keepers" covenant, and wear the ring you are offered. Then, go out to battle the invaders. Every time you defeat the invaders, you will be rewarded with Titanite.

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Changing character's gender

Go to the small seashore that has two ogres immediately after Factors Betwixt. Behind the ogres is a partially opened coffin. Enter the coffin to switch your character's gender.

Hollow Skin ("Crown Of The Outdated Iron King" DLC)

At the Foyer bonfire (third bonfire), use the initial elevator to the left when you walk out. When you exit, there will be another elevator next to you. Use it to go up yet again. Repeatedly search against the wall even though going up that elevator to reveal a hidden area. It consists of the Hollow Skin in a chest. The Hollow Skin functions one,000 Curse resistance, properly producing you immune to them. It also brings about far more messages to seem.

Tower Essential ("Crown Of The Outdated Iron King" DLC)

The Tower Crucial can be found on the big ashen cliffs. Discover a big jutting rock platform that is covered with ash corpses in the reduced ranges of the tower. The area is patrolled by hidden headless knights wielding clubs. Loot the furthest corpse to uncover the crucial.

Ashen Mist Heart ("Crown Of The Previous Iron King" DLC)

The Ashen Mist Heart is collected from the Ancient Dragon in the Dragon Shrine. The Dragon Shrine is identified beyond Aldia's Keep, by means of the King Door, which is unlocked with the King's Ring identified in the Undead Crypt.

Royal Soldiers Ring

Look close to the far edge of No-Man's Wharf to uncover a small area full of poison jars. The wall behind the two guards sleeping at the table is false. Use a speel to breach it to find some souls and the Royal Soldiers Ring.

Reaching Brume Tower ("Crown Of The Old Iron King" DLC)

Have the Heavy Iron Key in the "Key" area of your stock, then go to Eygil's Idol bonfire. Travel to the Old Iron King primal bonfire. You can now enter a new room in the rear corner of the region. Interact with the statue to teleport to the Brume Tower entrance. Use the Heavy Iron Essential on the large door to open the entrance into Brume Tower. Note: The Hefty Iron Crucial could require the Ashen Mist Heart to work.

The Previous Iron King memory ("Crown Of The Old Iron King" DLC)

Fast travel to the Foyer Bonfire, which is the third bonfire in Brume Tower. It is located near the giant kiln switch that activates the tower elevators. Ride up the iron ore elevator situated to the left of the key switch to reach the balcony. Move forward to uncover an additional elevator, and trip it up. Use the Tower Essential to open the locked door and proceed to find another elevator. Ride it up, then go up the stairs and all around to a circular area with a set of glowing armor. The Ashen Mist Heart is needed to use the armor. When utilized, the memory will start. Sir Alonne, the optional boss, will appear at the end of the memory.

Trading the Petrified Anything

After acquiring the Petrified Some thing throughout character creation, find the bird's nest in Things Betwixt. Place the Petrified Something in it to trade it for a random, and often uncommon, item.

Repair tree ("Crown Of The Sunken King" DLC)

Go up the hill from the second bonfire in Shulva Sanctum City. Move along the edge, and search down till you see a big stone tower and platform under, following to a cave in the rock wall. Enter the cave by making use of a bow and seeking to the left of the path entrance that is out of attain. You must see a narrow ledge covered in small statues and a switch. Shoot the switch with your bow, and the tower will rise, making a bridge to the dark tunnel. When there, kill the clusters of poison statues to attain a bigger chamber. You can loot the bodies in this area to get the "Promised Walk Of Peace Hexe" spell. In the center of the chamber is an odd tree that seems to have eyes. Close to the tree is a Notched Whip. Hit the tree with the Notched Whip, and it will glow. If you are close sufficient, the light will repair all your equipped gear. Note: Hitting the tree also a lot of times will kill it.

Getting Havel's Armor

To obtain Havel's Armor, commencing from the very first bonfire in The Gutter, flip and jump down to the constructing beneath with a ladder. Climb up the ladder, and enter the dark cave that consists of poison-spitting creatures. Defeat them, and open the Forgotten Door. Then, smash the vase near the back wall to receive Havel's Armor, which is of the most helpful heavy armor sets from the authentic Dark Souls.

Finding Cromwell The Pardoner

Cromwell is found in the second half of Brightstone Cove Tseldora, quickly right after the Prowling Magnus and Congregation. Exit the church, then take a left to attain a ladder. Climb it to uncover him up there.

Finding Felkin The Outcast

Felkin is found at the quite beginning of Huntsman's Corpse, prior to the 1st bonfire. You will want a base of 8 Faith and Intelligence in order to gain entry to him. If you have twenty Faith or Intelligence, he will also give you the Hexer Set and Sunset Personnel.

Finding Licia of Lindelt

Licia is initial discovered in the Tower Of Flames soon after the standard Dragonrider. Following exhausting her dialogue, she will move back to Majula at the gadget that unlocks the Huntsman's corpse on the way to Heide's Tower Of Flames.

Finding Straid of Olaphis

Straid is situated in Misplaced Bastille after the Wreck Sentinels near the bridge to Sinner's Rise, in the opened jail cell. Initially he is petrified, surrounded by five rupturing hollows that deal physical harm. A Fragrant Branch of Yore is needed to cure him. One can be obtained at the bottom of The Gutter, quickly ahead of the fog gate to Black Gulch. After you cure him, he will sell the spells and offer you trading Boss soul providers.

Defeating Executioner's Chariot

Kill the 1st Necromancer enemy and any close by skeletons in the arena. Remain in the door location, and cast Affinity. It will hit the chariot as it drives previous. Repeat this process to defeat the Executioner's Chariot boss without moving further into the region or reducing the gate.

Defeating Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon ("Crown Of The Sunken King" DLC)
When the battle starts, assault Sinh's feet. When he flies into the air, continue to be beneath or right behind him to stay away from his fire breath. Make certain to get out of the way when he lands if you are immediately beneath him to stay away from injury. Assault once more as quickly as he returns to the ground. If Sinh flies away from you, prepare to counter his dive assault. Do this by remaining in motion or rolling out of the way. When Sinh stands on his hind legs, he will breathe fire right in front of him. Although in this position, run toward him and attack his legs or tail. Whilst attacking Sinh's legs, remain moving as soon as he is accomplished with his current attack. Whilst attacking his tail from behind, make sure to roll out of the way if he abruptly spins close to. Hold moving in to attack although he is getting ready a lengthy attack, then dodge when the attack is ready. You will be rewarded with the Soul of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon for defeating him. You can also find the Crown of the Sunken King and Yorgh's Ring in the space.

Defeating The Pursuer

Shoot him with a single of the Ballista set-pieces in his arena. The aiming will be tough, but a single shot will take out virtually all his wellness.

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