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Game Of Thrones reference

In the greenhouse, just as you defeat Pan's brother, stand in front of Pan's corpse. Immediately behind you will be a statue on a plinth, in a sunken element of the terrain. The plinth is in a pool, and behind it is a dead soldier with a diary titled "Company Of Eddard S." The text also mentions "Poor King Robert", as Eddard's Captain.

Cheats menu

At the "Press Begin Button" screen after the game at first loads, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Appropriate, Left, Proper, B, A to unlock a "Cheats" option, which consists of choices like "God mode", in the extras part of the pause menu. If you entered the code correctly, Gabriel will wink. Note: Enabling cheat options will prevent achievements from currently being earned and the game from getting saved.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding variety of Gamerscore points:

Prince of Darkness (50 factors): Complete the game at "Prince of Darkness" problems.
Kleidos Champion I (twenty points): Full all the Reminiscences of Sapphire challenges.
Kleidos Champion II (twenty points): Complete all the Recollections of Ruby difficulties.
Kleidos Champion III (20 factors): Comprehensive all the Reminders of Amethyst issues.
Kleidos Champion IV (20 factors): Full all the Memories of Emerald difficulties.
Kleidos Hero (30 points): Full all of the Kleidos problems.
Kleidos Legend (50 factors): Comprehensive all of the Kleidos challenges at "Prince of Darkness" issues.
Void Collector (20 factors): Recover thirty Void Gems.
Chaos Collector (20 factors): Recover thirty Chaos Gems.
Life Collector (twenty points): Recover thirty Daily life Gems.
Expert Silversmith (thirty points): Recover all the Void, Chaos and Life gems.
Multiple Pockets (twenty factors): Recover all the upgrades for the Relics.
Philanthropist (twenty factors): Collect all of the artwork.
Start the path (5 points): Get a skill.
The path of the Whip (20 points): Obtain all of the Shadow Whip capabilities and upgrades.
The path of the Sword (twenty factors): Obtain all of the Void Sword capabilities and upgrades.
The path of the Claws (20 factors): Acquire all of the Chaos Claws abilities and upgrades.
The path of the Warrior (30 points): Acquire all of the expertise and upgrades.
Good buyer (five points): Purchase an item at the Chupacabras' shop.
Customer of the month (twenty points): Invest a complete of 20000 Expertise Points at the Chupacabras' shop.
Initiated in Mastery (five points): Increase the Mastery Degree of a weapon.
Whip Master (twenty factors): Improve the Mastery Degree of the Shadow Whip to the optimum.
Sword Master (twenty points): Enhance the Mastery Level of the Void Sword to the maximum.
Claw Master (twenty points): Increase the Mastery Level of the Chaos Claws to the maximum.
Weapons Master (30 factors): Boost the Mastery Degree of all weapons to the maximum.
Classic Taste (5 points): Cook a chicken in the previous style.
Experienced (10 points): Achieve a complete of 10000 Expertise Points.
Specialist (20 factors): Acquire a complete of 50000 Knowledge Points.
Veteran (30 points): Acquire a complete of 100000 Expertise Points.
The Outer Limits (50 factors): Complete 110% of the game.

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