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The Ghost in Gray

In numerous places of the game like Oracle's Clock Tower and Panessa Studios, posters can be noticed for The Gray Ghost. This is a reference to the Batman Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray Ghost," exactly where Batman must resolve a crime spree reminiscent of an outdated Tv show who's principal hero (voiced by Adam West) operated a lot like Batman.

The Dark Knight Coaster Reference

Play via the Batgirl DLC (released as "A Matter of Family") till you reach a level where you head underground, shortly soon after rescuing two officers who have been drowning. Look for an area with two boxes on leading of every other. They have a "2008 05 15" label on them. This date is a reference to the date when the Dark Knight Coaster opened to the public in the 6 Flags theme park.

Train Station Posters

Head to the train station positioned near Grand Avenue. Appear close to to discover posters that market travel locations. These consist of Keystone City (house of The Flash), Metropolis (Superman's residence). Seem closely at the artwork selling individuals locations and you'll see the heroes on show.

Solomon Grundy Room

Consult the map of Gotham and travel to the coordinates 2208, 1851. You'll find a door you can enter to reach a space with a Gramophone taking part in a recording of the poem of Solomon Grundy.

GCPD Evidence Locker

When in the GCPD, Batman can view the Proof Locker, which consists of weapons an gear confiscated by villains throughout Batman's adventures in Arkham Origins (note elsewhere also the references to the Blackgate Riots that took spot throughout that game), Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City - all of which have voice recordings from Aaron Funds.

You can discover Talia's sword in the Proof Locker, and inspecting it will result in Batman to have a personal minute of reflection.

Any additional enemies apprehended in the course of the program of Arkham Knight will see their weapons and objects additional to the Evidence Locker.

DC Universe References

Throughout the game, numerous of the thugs Batman encounters will go over other cities and heroes in the DC universe, including Metropolis, Bludhaven, Keystone and Central City. There are also numerous buildings owned by other DC heroes and villains.

Catwoman helps make reference to having burgled Queen Industries, which is the massive corporation owned by Oliver Queen - A.K.A. Green Arrow.

There are numerous billboards promoting vacation packages to Santa Prisca, which is the property nation of the villain Bane. A lot of Militia members can also be heard referencing the South American nation.

Other thugs reference the truth that Gotham beats out Keystone since you can at least see Batman coming, in contrast to The Flash, who hails from Keystone.

Different Ending

If you capture 14 of Gotham's most ended at the end of the game, you'll get a diverse ending than you will if you settle for the mere seven that are technically necessary.

Happy Unicorn Present Easter Egg

Go to 1617, 2295 coordinates to find a sofa and purchasing cart with a tv. Stand following to the couch, consider out your remote hacking device, and encounter the television. Flip on the floating invisible switch adjacent to the tv to flip it on. It will display a screen with a dancing eight-bit unicorn with the phrases "Happy Unicorn".

Batman: Arkham series references

Enter the Gotham City Police Department, and explore the Evidence Locker to see weapons and items confiscated from villains in prior Batman: Arkham series of video games.

Batman: The Animated Series reference

When you obtain the second Batsuit at the Falcone Shipping Yards in the course of the main storyline, one particular of the holograms for the coaching missions attributes Batman's head. Search at it closely to see that it is the version from the animated series.

Batman: Arkham Knight Cheat Codes, Batman: Arkham Knight Hacks and Unlockables - PS4 - Xbox One - PC

Metal Gear series reference
Sometimes when you die, the Joker will say "Bats? Bats? BAAAAAATS?!" and pretend he is on a comm.

Solomon Grundy reference

Go to coordinates 2208, 1851, and enter the door at that spot. You will be in a space with a gramophone enjoying a recording of Solomon Grundy's poem.

Easy "Dark Allegiances" trophy

Apprehending Scarecrow's senior commander happens during a side mission. Soon after clearing all the mines from the city, there will be one more tank battle with Deathstroke. Note: You will not trigger the ultimate three mine areas until the finish of the principal storyline. Unlike the very first battle, you do not have to scan the major tank. Just proceed to fire your major cannon. Also, all five Cobras do not need to have to be destroyed. Make certain the sidekicks do not get concerned, as the Cobra tanks are tougher to kill since they can only be destroyed by a crucial hit from the rear, and need a quite lengthy time to target lock.

Easy "Days Of Fire" trophy

Extinguish all the fires at the fire stations, and catch the villain soon after an auto race to get the "Days Of Fire" trophy. The last fire station is unreachable until the bridge is lowered, which only happens after progressing by means of the principal storyline.

Easy "Dirty Tricks" trophy
Simply hold R2 + Square for 3 minutes although turning in circles in the Batmobile to drift and get the "Dirty Tricks" trophy.

Easy "Double Jeopardy" trophy
This occurs for the duration of a side quest that entails an old pal at Wayne Tower. Make positive to counter the assault.

Easy "Gates Of Gotham" trophy

The watchtowers are very easily identified by seeking for the red spotlight outdoors the creating. Nonetheless, all locations are only exposed at the end of the main storyline. Use your disruptor wisely. Disable the minigun or hack the drone, as nicely as use an atmosphere takedown for the "crisis" muscleman. Even without having these upgrades, you ought to nevertheless in a position to takedown all of them. Make sure to ruin the management machine just before you depart.

Easy "Gotham After Midnight" trophy

Go to a tall constructing, and dive bomb all the way down. Pull the Left Analog-stick back when you are just a couple of meters above the street, and glide for 400 meters. The longer the dive bomb, the far more momentum you will have. It is also useful to set a marker on the map to see the distance you must travel. Be confident to fly very near to the ground, otherwise it will not count. You will get the "Gotham Soon after Midnight" trophy around thirty seconds soon after efficiently completing the glide.

Easy "Point Of Impact" trophy

You have to use the machine gun on your Batmobile to get the "Point Of Effect" trophy. Shoot the purple glowing sensors of five enemy tanks in a row with out missing a shot and without taking damage. Only fire 1 bullet at every single of them. If you hit the sensor, they will explode immediately. This can simply be accomplished in the "One Guy Army" AR challenge, as it can be repeated limitless times. There will be a text confirmation every single time you get an excellent shot. When it says "5x Excellent Bonus", you have completed the necessity and will get the trophy as soon as the challenge is over.

Easy "Run Via The Jungle" trophy

The fundamental technique to get the "Run Via The Jungle" trophy is to use the Batmobile Eject or leap from a really large stage, and dive bomb all the way down below the first bridge. Then, pull the Left Analog-stick back to get as substantial into the air as achievable. Preserve making use of dive bombs, and constantly pull the Left Analog-stick back to glide up into the air. This makes it possible for you to glide for a really long time, virtually endlessly as you will get a whole lot of momentum from the dive bombs and can fly high once again. You must fly beneath the three bridges that connect the islands. It is advisable to start off on the northern bridge (the smallest one particular), as it is the hardest. You will get the trophy roughly thirty seconds soon after flying below the third bridge. Note: You have to progress in the story 1st to restore energy to the bridges; otherwise, the bridges will not be lowered.

Easy "Scar Of The Bat" trophy

You should catch the Guy-Bat in a side quest. Pay attention to the radio although flying above the 3 islands to determine his presence. You have to catch him 3 instances from above. His appearance is triggered by progressing via the main storyline.

Easy "The Actual Deal" trophy

While exploring Gotham City, you will find thugs in vehicles. Glide towards them until finally prompted to apply Explosive Gel. Note: If you dive land on them, you will auto apply Explosive Gel. Repeat this method as many instances as required to get "The True Deal" trophy.

Star Wars reference

After the 1st experience with Penguin, when you are trapped in the little area with the ambush outside, wait till the Joker says "Use the automobile Bats" in a way that mirrors Luke currently being told to use The Force.

Superman references

Go to the train station positioned near Grand Avenue. You can uncover posters that market numerous destinations. One particular of them is Metropolis, property of Superman.

Listen to the messages on Bruce's answering machine at Wayne Tower to hear several messages from Lex Luthor. Furthermore, some thugs can be heard referencing Superman.

The location the place the missile launcher is positioned is in "Otisburg," which refers to the fictitious town in the '70s Superman film.

The Flash reference

Go to the train station positioned close to Grand Avenue. You can locate posters that promote various locations. One of them is Keystone City, home of The Flash.

The Gray Ghost reference

Various posters featuring The Gray Ghost can be located all through the game. This is a reference to the "Beware The Gray Ghost" episode of the Batman animated series.

Easy "A Leap Of Faith" trophy

To get the "A Leap Of Faith" trophy, you need to leap from eight diverse ramps with the Batmobile. You have to travel a distance of 100 meters or a lot more with each and every jump. There are a great deal more ramps all through the game than you will require to get the trophy. If you have trouble with a single distinct leap, simply go to a distinct one. It is recommended to initial slowly drive up the ramp and put a marker at the a hundred meter distance on your map so you will have an excellent estimate whether the leap counted or not. Sometimes the game does not register jumps effectively, or you will basically fall a few meters brief. Simply because of this, it is safer to do each leap numerous times. If you do not get the trophy after the eighth leap, just preserve doing other jumps until finally you get it.

Easy "All Snug In Their Beds" trophy ("A Matter Of Loved ones" DLC)

There are four unmarked puzzles/carnival games found all through the Amusement Park. Solving every single a single unlocks an audio tape. Right after collecting all 4 audio tapes, you will acquire entry to the locked main workplace for the final audio tape and trophy. You can nevertheless do this following finishing the DLC story. Note: Use the remote hacking device to activate the puzzles.

Big head mode

Note: This calls for v1.07 or higher. At the principal menu or even though taking part in the game, hold L2 + R2 and rotate the Right Analog-stick constantly in either direction until finally your character's head gets large. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

New Story + mode

Successfully comprehensive the game on the Regular or increased trouble to unlock the "New Story +" alternative at the major menu. In New Story + mode, you will retain your WayneTech upgrades and expertise points and will perform on the Knightmare trouble.

I Am The Night mode
Successfully comprehensive New Story + mode to unlock I Am The Night mode.

Azrael Symbol areas

Search the indicated places to discover all 4 of Azrael's burning bat symbols on rooftops for the "Heir To The Cowl" Most Needed side mission. 1 is discovered on Miagani Island, one particular on Founders' Island, one particular on Bleake Island, and on on the island in middle of the map. Effectively full this mission by obtaining all four symbols and taking part in combat challenges with Azrael to get the "Angel In The Dark" trophy. Progress via the primary story to obtain accessibility to this side mission. It will not grow to be accessible until finally considerably later on in the game.

Firefighter locations

Search the indicated areas to discover all 15 firefighters for "The Line Of Duty" Most Wished side mission. Rescue all 15 firefighters to complete the mission and get the "Death Of Innocents" trophy. Progress via the main story to achieve accessibility to the places of all firefighters. Some of them are not obtainable right up until much later in the game. Right after rescuing the final firefighter, you must free the captain and carry him back to GCPD to finish the mission.

Man-Bat places

Search the indicated areas to discover Man-Bat for the "Creature Of The Night" Most Needed side mission. In the mission, you need to track down the Man-Bat. The starting up stage can be discovered in the middle of Miagani Island. Appear for a flying creature among the skyscrapers (it is slowly flying around this area in massive circles). Use your detective vision to spot the creature more easily. Effectively complete the mission to get the "Scar Of The Bat" trophy. Progress via the major story to attain this location. Soon after completing all four parts of this mission, you can remedy Guy-Bat and lock him up in GCPD.

Mutilated bodies places

Search the indicted places to uncover all 6 mutilated bodies for "The Best Crime" Most Desired side mission. Two of the bodies are discovered on Bleake Island, two on Founders' Island, and two on Miagani Island. Successfully total this mission to get "The Monster Machine" trophy. Progress by means of the main story to acquire accessibility to all of the dead bodies. Some of them are not offered until considerably later in the game. After finding all of them, you have to track down the serial killer Professor Pyg, defeat him, and lock him up in GCPD.

Alternate costumes
The following costumes are unlocked in the game by means of the indicated method:

Adam West: PlayStation unique pre-buy bonus; offered to All Season Pass owners in Fall 2015.
Anime Batman: Indicator into a WBPlay account beneath the "WBPlay" option at the primary menu.
Batman 1st Appearance: Amazon pre-purchase bonus; or included in Critical Edition.
Batsuit Offered by default.
Batsuit v.eight.03: Progress by way of the storyline.
Flashpoint: Incorporated in the Premium Edition or All Season Pass.
New 52: Free DLC costume.
Pristine Edition default suit: Effectively total the game.
The Dark Knight Returns: Included in Gotham's Potential Skin Pack on Steam.
Zun-en-arrh: Submit a message on the Warner Bros. Local community forums using your WBPlay account, then use that identical account to log in from the major menu.

Freeze Blast hidden gadget

The Freeze Blast is the only gadget in the game that you do not get through normal progression. Not like other gadgets, you actually have to uncover and collect it. The Freeze Blast can be discovered in Panessa Studios in the area soon after exiting the elevator. It is essential to get some of the Riddler Trophies. Therefore, it is essential to reach one hundred% completion and get the full Knightfall Protocol ending. As the name suggests, you can freeze enemies with it to render them immobile for a short time, creating it beneficial for combat encounters. You can also freeze steam pipes with it to reach certain riddler collectibles that are otherwise inaccessible.

Alternate introduction sequence

Select New Story + mode and wait for the opening song to finish. Get started to burn up the Joker to view an alternate introduction sequence with various commentary.

Alternate ending sequence
Capture fourteen of Gotham's most needed by the finish of the game to see an alternate ending.

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