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Assassin Creed Unity Reference

In the final glitched memory in the castle, there is a courtyard with two young children. They will say their names are Arno and Elyse, which are the names of the major characters in Assassin's Creed Unity.

Other Ubisoft Games

If you look all around in the offices located near the Animus, you'll find numerous Ubisoft games displayed, such as FarCry and Splinter Cell.

Animal places
Explore the indicated regions to discover the corresponding animal:

Arctic Fox: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Miramichi
Arctic Hare: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte
Arctic Wolf: Gros Morne, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte, Terra Nova
Beaver: Glace Bay, Grand-Entree, Nerepis, Yarmouth
Black Bear: lle Des Pins, Otetiani, St. Nicolas
Black Wolf: Or-du-Nord
Canadian Lynx: Grand-Entree, Le Chameau, Nerepis
Deer: Widespread in many areas.
Eastern Elk: Sept-lles, Ash Creek, Coeur-de-l'hiver, Greystone, Red Financial institution, Riviere Aurifere
Fox: Albany, Dekanawida, Mount Vernon, Ruisseau du Renard
Gray Wolf: Outdated Development Forest, Sleepy Hollow, Twin Snake Path, Two Bends, Vallee Verte
Hare: Typical in several regions.
Humpback Whale: North Atlantic (north or southeast)
Killer Whale: North Atlantic (close to center or southeast)
Narwhal: North Atlantic (northeast)
Polar Bear: Fogo, HMS shipwreck, The Sapphire
Shark: North Atlantic (southwest)
White Whale: North Atlantic (west or southeast corner)

Assassin Interception missions

Successfully complete all Assassin Interception missions to get the Templar Enforcer armor, which enables Shay to mark Stalkers from a higher distance. To begin an Assassin Interception mission, appear on the map for an Assassin Intercept quest icon. This indicates the place of a pigeon that is employed by the Assassins to talk. Pigeons are normally identified perched large on buildings. Climb up and slowly make your way in the direction of the bird. Moving also quickly will cause the pigeon to fly away. As soon as close enough, comply with the onscreen prompts to capture the bird. If you fail, the pigeon could fly off. If that occurs, you can both chase it to the place it lands or retry later on. Following capturing the pigeon, you will know the place the Assassins plan on attacking their target. Quickly travel to that spot. The Assassins will be hiding in numerous locations close to the victim. Each place will be marked by a circle to indicate their presence. You can locate the Assassins employing Eagle Vision or by seeking for someone dressed in yellow. A man or woman in a yellow outfit that does not seem on the mini-map without having the use of Eagle Vision is a confirmed Assassin. You have to destroy a particular number of Assassins just before the timer expires. Kill all Assassins to get a bonus, and make the next element less complicated. Following the timer ends, the Assassins will assault the target, typically from rooftops or by sprinting by means of the streets. Watch each of individuals places and the mini-map to establish which path the subsequent assault is coming from. The victims are weak and will not survive for too lengthy. Rather of climbing up to the rooftops to fight, shoot Assassins from beneath. You will effectively comprehensive the mission as soon as all Assassins are killed.

The Headless Horseman Easter Egg

Travel to Sleepy Hollow at evening although the moon is visible. Go to the church to discover a headless brute guard that is considered a redcoat. He is hard, but not unattainable to kill. Stab, slash, or shoot him repeatedly until finally he falls over. It is also possible to hang him with a rope dart. He is regarded a redcoat.

Assassin's Creed: Unity reference

Enter the ultimate glitched memory in the castle. In the courtyard are two youngsters. They will say that their names are Arno and Elyse, which are the names of characters in Assassin's Creed: Unity.

Ubisoft references

Exit the Animus, and enter the nearby cubicle to locate game instances, status, and books that refer to Assassin's Creed three, Assassin's Creed four: Black Flag, Far Cry 3, Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, as well as confirmation of the Rising Phoenix DLC for Assassin's Creed Unity.

Successfully comprehensive one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Platinum (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
Halcyon days (Bronze): Total sequence one.
The end of youth (Bronze): Comprehensive sequence two.
Making new buddies (Bronze): Complete sequence 3.
Picking teams (Silver): Comprehensive sequence four.
One legend dies, and one is born (Silver): Comprehensive sequence 5.
Brotherhood broken (Silver): Full sequence six.
No page unturned (Silver): Total the last glitched memory.
Templar then; Templar now (Gold): Complete the game.
Achieve full synchronization (Silver): Achieve 100% synchronization in all major missions.
Capture all Gang HQs (Silver): Capture all Gang HQs.
Stalker killer (Bronze): Counter-Kill thirty Stalkers.
Property Tycoon (Bronze): Complete all renovations.
Dedicated Employee (Bronze): Full 35 Abstergo Difficulties.
Phantom Queen (Silver): Entirely Upgrade the Morrigan.
Camper (Bronze): Loot 20 provide camps.
What's yours is mine (Bronze): Loot 20 ship convoys.
Do not want (Bronze): Counter twenty smoke bombs efficiently employing a gas mask.
Repairman (Bronze): Fix all computer systems in Abstergo Entertainment.
Cartographer (Bronze): Visit each and every spot in the game.
Ancient Hero (Silver): Get the Native Armor.
Knight of Yore (Silver): Get the Templar Armor.
Globe Trotter (Bronze): Total 17 story missions in the Naval Campaign.
Memory collector (Bronze): Collect all animus fragments.
Owned (Bronze): Complete each and every activity in a single location.
For the Empire! (Silver): Capture all forts.
I'll get that (Bronze): Capture all settlements.
Master of the North Atlantic (Gold): All legendary battles completed.
Smashing (Bronze): Ruin a hundred Ice bergs.
Ice Breaker (Bronze): Break by way of 500 meters of Ice Sheets.
Freedom fighter (Bronze): Cost-free 300 British Prisoners of War.
Unicorn Slayer (Bronze): Harpoon a Narwhal.
Defence First (Bronze): Survive a Reverse-Boarding.
Denied (Bronze): Counter 15 air shock attacks.
King of the Hill (Silver): Complete all Native hills and Ice Caves.
Ninja (Bronze): Full an Outpost with no acquiring detected.
Instant Vikings (Bronze): Hit five enemies with a berserk grenade at the same time.
Nap time (Bronze): Put five enemies to rest with a rest grenade at the identical time.
This war of mine (Silver): Comprehensive all assassin interceptions.
Hunt the hunted (Bronze): Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying although only the HUNTED cheat is energetic.
I ENDURE (Bronze): Sink ten ships in North Atlantic without dying although only the ENDURANCE cheat is active.
Supplier (Silver): Get in excess of 10 massive supply camps whilst only the VETERANS cheat is active.
Killing Machine (Silver): Destroy 30 guards without dying although only the ENDURANCE cheat is active.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Cheat Codes, Assassin’s Creed Rogue Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - Xbox 360 - PC

Additionally, there are 4 secret trophies:
Did I do that? (Bronze): Complete Present 1.
He's not dead, is he? (Bronze): Full Existing two.
A worthy result in (Bronze): Total Current 3.
Sending a message (Bronze): Complete Present 4.

Fleet missions

Progress by way of Sequence 3 to access the Fleet missions. You will be able to send your fleet on missions by way of the Captain's Cabin on the Morrigan. To improve your fleet's size, capture ships by boarding broken enemy vessels and picking the "Add to Fleet" selection. This will value some income, but you will make cash in return. You can send a number of ships on different missions simultaneously to enhance their opportunity of achievement and the rate of earning cash and assets. Your fleet can carry various cargo such as meals, health care supplies, and troops. Send ships for any assets that are urgently required, and hold your weaker spare ships functioning the easier trade routes to sustain sources and money. The success or failure of a ship on a particular mission depends on the ship's abilities. Smaller sized ships demand much less time to complete a mission. The Fleet Mission display is randomized each time it is opened. If you do not like the current trade routes, just exit and re-open the screen till you are satisfied with the trade routes. The Fleet Mission rewards are as follows:

Barbados Mission: 889, Admiral Lion's Pistols
Belem: 1383, Dead End
Brest: 1426, Admiral Lion Wheel
Buenos Aires: 2725, Relic of Pedro de Mendoza
Calcutta: 4646, Kingdom of Mysore
Cap-Français: 618, Engraving of François Mackandal
Carrickfergus: 1298, Irish Flag
Cartagena: 1668, Mediterranean Defense
Copenhagen: 1726, 18th-Century Mariner's Compass
Crete: 1074, Dancing Cretan Bull Mosaic
Florida: 371, Spanish Conquistador Helmet
Gibraltar: 1514, Spanish Sword
Goree Island: 1626, A Door of No Return
Gothenburg: 1489, Admiral Lion Sword and Dagger
Havana: 510, Cuban Salvage
Isle de France: 3749, Gilded French Sails
Java: 3767, Javanese Gong
Lagos: 1392, Statue of São Gonçalo
Le Havre: 1473, Ruinous Reinette
Louisiana: 720, Aveline Figurehead
Luanda: 2421, Golden African Wheel
Malacca: 1942, Admiral Outfit
Malta: 1278, Hospitaller's Plea
Manila: 4333, Manila Galleons
Mombasa: 4229, Portrait of Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi (Sultan of Oman)
Mozambique: 3719 , Omani Arabs
Puducherry: 4438, Mysorean Rocket
Rio de Janeiro: 2013, British Lion Sails
Saint-Louis: 1538, African Mask
Sardinia: 2356, British Lion Figurehead
Savannah: 319, Savannah Collectible
Stockholm: 1517, Swedish Levant Company
Yanaon: 3399, India Flintlock Pistols

* Assassin’s Creed Rogue Cheat Codes, Assassin’s Creed Rogue Hacks and Unlockables

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