Assassins Creed III Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - Xbox 360 - Wii U - PC

Homestead Mementos
*You can unlock a variety of mementos by satisfying the corresponding problems throughout the game.

The Artwork of Conversation - All ambient conversation with Connor complete
A Area Called Residence - Improve all staff entirely
Shipshape - All ship upgrades purchased
Friends in High Areas - All recruits have reached the Assassin rank
Boston Exploration - Map of Boston is cleared of fog
New York Exploration - Map of New York is cleared of fog
Frontier Exploration - Map of the Frontier is cleared of fog

Side Mission Unlockables
*As you full different side missions and related duties, you'll obtain unlockable trinkets, as indicated under.

Scale Model of the Aquila - Oak Island Naval Area
Privateer Memento - All Privateer contracts finished
Boston Brawlers Memento - All Brawler challenges finished
Thief's Club Memento - All Thief challenges completed
Hunting Society Memento - All Hunting problems finished
The Frontiersman - All Frontiersman missions completed
Bear Memento - The Man-Eater Hunting Society Missions completed
Bobcat Memento - Feline Feet Hunting Society finished
Deer Memento - The Patriarch Hunting Society completed
Wolf Memento - The Pack Leader Hunting Society finished
Cougar Memento - Acute Cat Hunting Society finished
Elk Memento - The Elk Bachelor Hunting Society finished
More Than Stories - All side missions a hundred% finished
Anchors Aweigh - All Naval locations 100% completed
New York Liberation - New York Liberation missions a hundred% finished
Boston Liberation - Boston Liberation missions one hundred% finished
Free the People - Liberate all forts

Story Mementos
*As you full the game's story campaign, you'll unlock the corresponding mementos with each and every new victory (as indicated under).

The Battle of Trenton Newspaper - Sequence 12
The Great Fire of New York Newspaper - Sequence 12
Kaniehti:io Memento - Sequence 04
The Boston Massacre Newspaper - Memory 02 in Sequence 05
First Expedition Painting - Memory 05 in Sequence 05
The Boston Tea Party Newspaper - Memory 03 in Sequence 06
Robinson Tea Chest - Memory 03 in Sequence 06
Paul Revere's Ride Newspaper - Memory 01 in Sequence 07
The Battle of Lexington Concord Newspaper - Memory 02 in Sequence 07
The Second Continental Congress Newspaper - Memory 02 in Sequence 07
The Battle of Bunker Hill Newspaper - Memory 04 in Sequence 07
The Declaration of Independence Newspaper - Memory 03 in Sequence 08
Valley Forge Newspaper - Memory 01 in Sequence 09
Brewery Memento - Memory 03 in Sequence 09
Naval Painting - Memory 04 in Sequence 09
The Battle of Monmouth Newspaper - Memory 03 in Sequence 10
The Battle of Chesapeake Newspaper - Memory 01 in Sequence 11
The Battle of Chesapeake Naval Map - Memory 01 in Sequence 11
Know it All - All Sequences 100% complete

Special Costumes
*By satisfying specified circumstances, you can uncover alternative outfits for Connor. The costumes and the corresponding requirements are indicated below.

Achilles' Authentic Outfit - Full the Achilles' Painting mission
Altair's Robes - Complete all story missions with a hundred% sync
Captain of the Aquila - Offered from preorders
Captain Kidd's Robes - Full the last Peg Leg mission
Colonial Assassin Robes - Offered from Target and preorders
Ezio's Robes - Purchased from UPlay for 30 points
Kanien'keha:ka Outfit - Gather all feathers in the game
Prisoner Clothes - Total Sequence eight

Retail-distinct outfits are also offered in some collector's editions of the game, in situation you missed out by failing to preorder.

Assassin's Creed III Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - Xbox 360 - Wii U - PC

Haystack Support
You can use haystacks to your advantage in missions that encourage completion with minor or no overall health reduction. In this kind of circumstances, you can leap into a haystack and wait for an enemy to get close. Then emerge from the haystack and kill the enemy ahead of retreating back into the haystack. There are some missions (such as the last Peg Leg mission that finds you battling wolves) exactly where that technique can truly save you some grief.

Konami Code (Turkey Assassin)
Go to your homestead, then press up towards a wall close to the corner of a house and whistle. You will hear Bobby "The Gobbler" come operating more than (he's a giant turkey). Highlight him employing the L1 button, then enter the Konami code: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, Appropriate, LEFT, Correct, B, A. You'll now have a companion, the Assassin Turkey.

Secret assassin turkey
At any level after Sequence six, go to the Davenport Homestead. Stand following to any corner on the outside of the home, enter stealth mode to lean towards the wall of the home, then press B to whistle. If accomplished accurately, a turkey should seem. Then, highlight the turkey, and quickly press Up(two), Down(2), Left, Appropriate, Left, Correct, B, A to feed it. The turkey will now put on an assassin's hood, and comply with you about.

Cheat mode
Collect the hidden Pivots all through the game to unlock the following cheats underneath the options menu:

Infinite Ammunition: Infinite pistol ammo and arrows
Killing Spree: Permitted to assassinate enemies even though not in stealth mode
Made Of Steel: Invincibility
Ninja: Enemy AI disabled; enemies will not see or hear you
Recruit: Infinite recruit tokens
Season Changer: Toggle seasons between summer and winter
Semi-Automatic: Ranged weapons have no reload time among shots
Sun And Moon: Toggle among day and evening
Thunder Destroy: Thunder and lightning after every kill
Weather Guy: Set recent climate conditions

Finding Pivots
Note: Pivots only turn into offered right after finishing the campaign, or throughout the Epilogue. Pivots are hidden collectibles that can be found during the game. Pivots can only be found even though on the internet. However, you can use the tutorial while in offline mode to uncover the 1st three Pivots. You have to acquire the 1st three Pivots to find more. The rest of the Pivots are randomly placed by other gamers, which is why you have to be on-line to acquire the rest of the Pivots. To locate the player placed Pivots, you need to have to triangulate their place utilizing the first three Pivots you collected. Putting the three Pivots will develop a green search zone on your map. These Pivots can be eliminated and added on your map display (get rid of them by placing the cursor in excess of the pivot, and add them by putting the cursor more than the "Connor" icon). As soon as a search zone has been created, search for a square icon on your mini-map to locate a new Pivot. Every single Pivot unlocks a new Animus Hack cheat code beneath the choices menu. Pivots spawn each and every 15 minutes; a timer will seem in the menus. Every single Pivot is positioned manually by a player. Therefore, if another player finds your assigned Pivot just before you collect it, the Pivot will modify areas.

Alternate costumes
*Successfully total the indicated job to unlock the corresponding costume:

Achilles' Original outfit (at manor): Successfully comprehensive all Achilles' Homestead missions and interactive conversations.
Altair's robes (at manor): Get an one hundred% Sync on all story missions.
Assassin's robes: Begin Sequence six. Diverse colors can be obtained from common shops.
Baltimore outfit (at outlets): Start Sequence 9.
Boston outfit (at shops): Start Sequence 6.
Captain Kidd's outfit (at manor): Acquire all 24 Peg Leg Trinkets, four Map Shards, and fix the riddle on Oak Island.
Charleston outfit (at stores): Begin Sequence 6.
Jamestown outfit (at outlets): Begin Sequence six.
Kanien'kehaka outfit (at manor): Gather all feathers.
New York outfit (at stores): Begin Sequence 9.
Philadelphia outfit (at shops): Start off Sequence 9.
Prisoner outfit: Start off Sequence 9.

Uplay rewards
Uplay can be accessed from the major menu. After you have registered for Uplay, you can earn Uplay points by completing the indicated tasks:

10 Uplay points: Get the "Mystery Guest" achievement by finishing Sequence two.
20 Uplay factors: Get the "Tea Is For Englishmen" achievement by completing Sequence 6.
30 Uplay factors: Get "The Sum Of Truth" achievement by completing Sequence 12.
40 Uplay factors: Get the "Abstergo Entertainment" achievement by reaching Degree 20 in Multiplayer mode.

Assassin's Creed III Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables - PS3 - Xbox 360 - Wii U - PC

Uplay unlockables
*Uplay can be accessed from the primary menu. Once you have registered for Uplay, you can commit Uplay factors to purchase the following bonuses:

Assassin's Creed three Theme: Buy for ten Uplay points.
Multiplayer Profile Things and Pouch Upgrade: Buy for 20 Uplay factors.
Ezio's Oufit: Obtain for thirty Uplay points.
Multiplayer Profile Things and Night Stalker Outfit: Obtain for forty Uplay factors.

Shard Of Eden
Successfully full all 5 Captain Kidd missions to get the Shard Of Eden ring, which decreases the likelihood of currently being hit by bullets. When the Shard Of Eden deflects a bullet, a yellow animation will seem.

Easy funds
Keep spawning and looting convoys to get a lot of great loot speedily. A convoy is a horse-drawn carriage that is guarded by some soldiers and a drummer. They can only be discovered in the Frontier region. There are specified locations they spawn, but they also will randomly seem during any daytime and weather situation. 1 of the convoys has approximately a 50% possibility to spawn in front of the Templar Fort that is found in the south-western corner of the map. There is a harbor nearby that can be utilised as a quickly travel station. If the convoy does not spawn, you can travel to an additional map and return. Defeat all the enemies guarding the convoy, then interact with the back of the carriage to get some excellent loot. Repeat this as several instances as desired.

Easy incognito
Use the following trick to go from notorious (wished) to incognito (not wanted) with out paying a bribe to the crier or the printer, and with out tearing down any posters. As soon as you are anonymous (unseen by the enemy), you can use "fast travel" -- and when you do so, you will turn into incognito again.

Changing gear
To change tools (for instance, to use a new sword), enter the "Equipment" display at a store to switch things. Note: Some items, such as particular outfits, can be switched in the basement of the homestead manor.

Saving time with Nathem
During the very first two or three sequences the place you play as Natham, do not devote any time obtaining money or weapons, as you will lose them all following switching over to Conner.

Almanac Page areas
Search the indicated spots to uncover all 36 Almanac Pages (20 in Boston and 16 in New York.). You can also get an in-game map at the general store that reveals all the Almanac Web page spots. A single Almanac chapter consists of four different pages. Each chapter unlocks an invention for your Homestead Manor. Once you get near a web page, it will start flying away. Stroll into a page to gather it. If you do not catch the page, it will disappear. All pages will respawn following a short period of time. Just walk around one hundred meters away from the spawn stage, and return after a minute. Total a single chapter to get the "Blowing In The Wind" achievement. Craft one particular of the unlocked inventions to get the "Patent Not Pending" achievement. Locating all collectibles is a necessity to attain 100% synchronization and get the the "Completionist" achievement.

Item crafting recipes
There is only a single way to craft an item, but all objects can be crafted without a recipe. Hence, it is essential to know specifically which resources to use to craft an item since you will lose the ingredients if you do not mix the right supplies to create an item. Most crafted products are only good for marketing, but there are some specialty items that can be crafted that will develop distinctive weapons and upgrades. Most specialty recipes can be identified in treasure chests in outside areas. The specialty items can be crafted at any time as lengthy as you have the necessary material(s) and artisan level(s). Some artisans will only obtain amounts at specific points in the game; therefore, you may have to wait right up until later on in the game before specified specialty things can be crafted. Furthermore, specialty products at times call for special components to construct.

Cool Hand Luke reference
When you bump into particular women about Boston, they will say "What we have right here is a failure to communicate." This is a reference to a famous line in the 1967 movie Awesome Hand Luke.

MMA reference
During an early sequence with Desmond in Brazil, you will be operating via a stadium's catwalks. If you search down, you will see an MMA battle with Guilherme Venancio vs. Luis Otavio Duris.

Easy "Bring Down The Property" achievement
To go to Fort Wolcott, you have to total the very first portion of the "Peg Leg" side-quest. The quest giver can be discovered at the harbor in the Homestead region. Discover one particular Peg Leg Trinket (marked on your map), and return it to the quest giver. You will then have to use your ship to reach Fort Wolcott. Adhere to the path of the mission, and keep away from currently being detected. Efficiently full the mission to get the "Bring Down The House" achievement.

Easy "Circus Act" achievement
During DNA Sequence 10: Memory three - Battle Of Monmouth, immediately soon after the sequence starts, you will be in control of a cannon and have to defeat some soldiers. Aim somewhat to the left and as far back as possible. Shoot into the approaching group of soldiers, and you ought to get 15 kills from your initial shot. If you miss the shot, you can both restart from the checkpoint or wait for another group of soldiers.

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