Prototype Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables For PS3, X-Box 360, and PC

Prototype Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables For PS3, X-Box 360, and PC

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Secret Story Event
Complete all Scientist Eat occasions to reveal Karen Parker's place soon after her disappearance.

Hard Mode
Beat the game on Standard to unlock Difficult Mode.

Earning a Gold in each occasion unlocks Platinum Occasions, which are more challenging.

New Game +
Once you beat Story Mode, you'll be in a position to play by means of it again with all of your powers and upgrades.

Body Surf
To unlock a new capacity referred to as "Body Surf," navigate to the Cheats menu (below "Extras" in the Primary Menu) and enter this code: Appropriate, Proper, LEFT, DOWN, UP, UP, UP, DOWN (D, D, A, S, W, W, W, S on the keyboard).

Flourish Move
Once you acquire a power in Prototype and have it set as a shortcut move, you can then hold down the shortcut button to do a flourish move with the electrical power. It's an unique, if ineffective, animation.

Final Boss Approach
After the minimize scene ends, swiftly switch to Armor and Blade (Infected Vision also assists). Stay away from your opponent until finally he begins to jump soon after you. When he lands, hit him with the Air Blade Slash. Get in a couple of great hits and he must be stunned. Grab him and repeatedly hit the PUNCH button. If he knocks you down to crucial, use a Devastator move to stun him.

Collectible Vision
It's occasionally hard to spot Landmark and Hint Collectibles. Switch on your Infected Vision (or Thermal Vision) to aid discern them.

Easy "Misconception" Achievement and EP
The "Misconception" Achievement needs you to destroy 25 contaminated water towers before they hatch. Do this following you get your powers back -- when Ragland aids you -- as there appear to be more of them in abundance. Lock on to a single and run up the corresponding creating, leap to the roof and use the flying kick attack, causing a lot more than half of the existence bar to be depleted. On landing, comply with up rapidly with a combo. To make it a tiny quicker, use the "claws" powers.

Later in the game this turns into even less difficult. Just hijack a helicopter, fly above contaminated locations and maintain tapping the target button till you target a water tower (or helicopter or Hive) and fire away.

The "Friendly Fire" and "Projectiles" Kill Events as both have helicopters sitting next to the Occasion markers, so grab those and exit the event for a free of charge 'copter.

Unlimited EP Exploit
On mission 22/31, exactly where you get the first cell mobile phone lower scene, you'll be asked to jack a Black ops helicopter. Once you have the helicopter, you are prompted to pick up a few Black Ops guys and then ruin a Hive. Do not destroy the Hive!

You now have a helicopter with limitless missiles, no time limit, and as prolonged as you don't destroy the Hive, you can blow up anything at all else with no it kicking off the alert meter. This also enables you to get out of the helicopter with no it ending the mission (helpful for collect Memory Strands).

The easiest way to get EP in this is to switch to your Infected Vision and fly close to blowing up infected water towers. You can conserve your game in the middle of this mission if you need to have a break and do the exact same thing. You can max out your skills and then some utilizing this exploit.

Mind the Crows
Infected water towers are often circled by squawking crows. This can make it easier to track them down

Smooth Landing Velocity Boost
After jumping, avoid utilizing the two of your dashes although airborne and save one to use just prior to landing. If timed appropriately, you should hit the ground at close to full pace, which is very helpful when attempting to evade the military or in the course of a timed activity. Note: This doesn't function for the highest of drops.

Easy Thermobaric Tank
First you must unlock the Kill Event referred to as "Rolling Thunder," which seems in between the East Village and the Decrease East Side (a single block from the East coast). Right next to the Occasion is a Thermobaric Tank. Jumping into it will activate the Occasion, but you can back out of it before the Event commences. Do this correctly and you'll have a cost-free tank. Note: If you exit the tank it or use it to destroy a Hive or Base it will vanish. You can grab it once more at the Event point.

Prototype Cheat Codes, Hacks and Unlockables For PS3, X-Box 360, and PC

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Orb Collecting XP Rewards
You'll receive XP for each Orb you pick up. That value is based on how many Orbs you've collected. These values are given below in addition to the one-time bonuses you get for reaching certain Orb collection milestones.

Landmark Orbs
1 - 2,600 each
10 - 5,000 each (+10,000 bonus)
25 - 9,750 each (+25,000 bonus)
100 - 15,000 each (+50,000 bonus)
125 - 17, 250 each (+60,000 bonus)
150 - 20,000 each (+70,000 bonus)

Hint Orbs
1 - 5,000 Each
10 - 7,500 each (+10,000 Bonus)
15 - 12,500 each (+25,000 Bonus)
35 - 15,000 each (+50,000 Bonus)

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EXP Exploit
If you are just quick of an improve (e.g. you have 90k EXP and you require 100k), you can earn the amount you need to have, acquire an upgrade with EXP, and destroy yourself and return to a checkpoint and you'll have the two the improve and the 90k you had at that checkpoint.

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