Upgraded Crazy Taxi City Rush Inspiring Arcade in Free Latest iPhone Games

Before being part of free latest iPhone games, Crazy Taxi City Rush was well known as video games with racing game types. Hitmaker is the game developer and Sega is the publisher for this game. This game belongs to arcade game and it was successful game in 1999, long time before the smart phone invention. The copies were sold millions in United States. Let’s say that this is game is best seller game. This arcade game comes with the excellent concept. Nintendo, PlayStation 2, and GameCube port Crazy Taxi City Rush. Score attack genre of this games make it become more enjoying to play.

Although free latest iPhone games are many, this taxi game is still charmed the gamers. Almost every iPhone users download and play this game. Besides being the cab driver, the gamer can also customize his taxi. As taxi driver, the gamers can use their driving skill to speed among the traffic, drift, and whip around. The more skillful the gamers, the more score they will get. This game is also completed by the sophisticated graphic and cute colors and characters. Arcade games should not be boring; this Crazy Taxi City Rush is worth to download.

Helpful Crazy Taxi City Rush Hints

Earning cash is the main purpose of this game. Free latest iPhone games always have cheats and hints available suggested by the gamers. It is a great advantage both for the beginner who just started playing this game or those who have been playing it for a while. These tricks can be applied during your game in order to lifting up your level. Power and capacity are the first elements that are needed to be checked before doing other strategies. Improve the capacity by adding the extra boost. Boost is also important to determining whether gamers are fail or successful. Get the golden by passing the zone of drop off before running out of time.

Being told by the experienced gamer of Crazy Taxi Rush joined in free latest iPhone games forum, the next hint is the gamer should pimp the ride. It is done to get more cash even to gain maximum cash. Add more ornaments, accessories, and hood or anything that can make the can looks cooler. If the passenger feels comfortable by riding the taxi, the gamer will get more costumers and automatically earn extra cash.

Getting extra points are also needed during the game. The gamer can connect his Facebook with this game. After doing this connecting activity, he will get 3,000 coins as bonus. The connection has functioned as the game’s social aspect where the gamer can ask and do interaction their friends to get involved in this game. This is what is done by most free latest iPhone games.  If this game is played every day, the gamer will earn more extra cash.

Crazy Taxi City Rush has Mystery Trunk. The gamer will achieve this Mystery Trunk after completing the missions. After that, the gamer can grab random items around the city scene. The Mystery Trunk can be unlocked by these items. However, the tip is the diamond should not be used too much on Mystery Trunk. Almost in every most free latest iPhone games has this session. For gamers who are familiar with arcade game, he knows what to do.

Crazy Taxi City Rush Review to Consider

Various comments are obtained in different forum of most free latest iPhone games regarding Crazy Taxi city Rush. Some say this game is perfect fast-driving game. However, this game also includes safe driving. Not to be surprised, this game is an easy game that can be played by almost every one. Light arcade games are not always boring; Crazy Taxi City Rush has proved it.

If the gamer want to have fun in long time, this game can be a choice. The negative comments about this game are mostly about lots of advertisements and the monotonous repetition. Sophisticated game soundtrack and art graphic can be the reason of that high-cost item. Among the game genre, Crazy Taxi City Rush is classic arcade game that is design in high standard game for free latest iPhone games in arcade form, where it can be considered as high-lever arcade game.

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