Thrilling Sci Fi Game Experience for Latest PS4 Games: Axiom Verge

This year, as latest PS4 games, Axiom Verge comes as the cool sci fi game experience which indeed explores and as well as uncover the mystery of the surreal alien world. This cool game is done by blasting the aliens and glitching the environment with the modern retro side scrolling action or the adventure for PS4. This game indeed triggers curiosity in which this game may offer the cool plot with some mysterious stories which all players should be done well.
As latest PS4 games, you may come with fun yet thrilling story in which a failed scientist who dies in a certain accident enters a weird alien world. For this year, Axiom Verge comes as real life, afterlife, virtual, real, nightmare, mystery, alien etc. For those who love the sci fi things related to aliens, planets etc then this game definitely should be included in the must try list. No wonder that for this year, the latest version for this game is out in which it is priced $19.00 224 MB or about £14.99.

Cool General Tips for Latest PS4 Games: Axiom Verge

Latest PS4 games, for Axiom Verge, there are some cool general tips which become worthy information for those who want enjoy the thrilling adventurous game. First tip is you have to constantly use the disruptor and as well as the drill which will be used for finding the cool hidden items or even the secret worlds in which those items may give cool benefits and the secret worlds which will give new fun adventures. Furthermore, that is the main point of this game.

Second tip for latest PS4 games, Axiom Verge, is about the Kilver. It is obvious that The Kilver is indeed the best weapon in this game, at least for the half play of the game. Even though it does not have much range for the playing, this weapon will go through walls and as well as deal with a heavy ton of damage. Still, you may choose the Voranj which is a great and correct option for dealing with the enemies which are in difficulty to reach places, as how the spread attack may cover many areas in the game.
Third tip for Axiom Verge as latest PS4 games is about the pass code tool. Sometimes, you may get the complex pass codes in which you may use the trick by keeping an eye out on the environment and simply glitch the enemies often. With tip, you may get surprised with the cool things you may find after it. This tip may result better when you have help from a friend that will give you chances to travel quickly. For this option, you should hop on a creature’s head and marvel at that creature’s speed.

Last tip for Axiom Verge as latest PS4 games, you should glitch the enemies in which it will make you fight them lot much easier. It is a better idea if you try to get used to this kind of fighting manner because when a creature’s health is lowered as how you glitch it often, then that is a kind of great achievement. Furthermore, if you are dying, that will deliver you to the last save point. Even though it may save your progress, your bad condition may lead you to die in any spot in the game.

Latest PS4 Games: Axiom Verge Trophies

As latest PS4 games, you should know the trophies in the game. There are numerous trophies in which you have to fulfill the requirement of each trophy. The best one is the platinum type, PatternMind in which it requires you to fulfill your legacy first. Then, it is followed by the bronze types Xedur which requires you to defeat the Xedur variant, then Telal which requires you to defeat the Telal variant, Uruku which requires you to defeat Uruku variant, as well as for Uruku, Gir-Tab, Sentinel and Ukhu.
Then, latest PS4 games especially for Axiom Verge, there are other trophies which are also valuable. There are 100% trophies which include 100% map, items, weapons, tools, health, power, notes etc. For these kinds of trophies, you have to complete all 100% requirements. Thus, this year, play the updated version with these cool tips and achieve the cool trophies which define your mastership on this cool Sci Fi game, Axiom Verge.

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