Surprising Facts about Free Latest iPhone Games: Groove Coaster Zero

When it comes the time to discuss more about free latest iPhone games, specifically Groove Coaster Zero, our memory might be back on its predecessors, Groove Coaster. Zero type is the updated versions from the previous gaming and it has a lot of differences. It is free to play and added with any social components as an effort to increase its popularity. Becoming the updated versions, this game still has the similar game play in which the players must burst markers by holding, tapping, or swiping the screen right after choosing the Groove coaster zero song list.

How about the scoring? When you are successful in bursting the markers and when you can find as many as possible the hidden points there, then your point will be a great one. However, timing might affect your score too. If you make mistake for example, Groove Coaster Zero free latest iPhone games will directly decrease your points by reducing the bars or moving you to the lower level. Now that you are interesting with this fun games, check about what points that differ the zero versions with its previous generation.

Differential Points between Groove Coaster Zero and Its Predecessors

1.    Zero needs internet connections while Groove Coasters don’ts
A focal different point between free latest iPhone games Groove Coaster Zero with the previous sibling is about the download type. The newer version can be downloaded once the app is needed while the old version is on contrast. Zero needs to be connected with the internet connections so that the players can play and the groove coaster original can be used offline. This point gets a lot of criticism from App store big fans as Groove Coaster Zero apps offers inconvenience especially for those whose Wi-Fi or cellular receptions are poor.

2.    Zero is more and more complicated than its previous
Well, actually it is all about the game systems. If the original version of this game uses game centre as its leader boards, then the Zero versions requires a bit complex systems in which the players should have username and password to do synchronization between the main board and your devices. However, the game lovers think that Taito’s decisions toward Groove Coaster Zero free latest iPhone games is anything but a strange since the game centre typically requires no additional services for the players to sign up.

3.    The game play systems of Zero version is somewhat different
The difference between Groove Coaster Zero free latest iPhone games and its previous generations is on the game play systems. The zero, again, gets some negative from the game reviewers as there are so many drawbacks that are claimed to add the game sales purchasing. For example, some tracks in the game are unlocked, the gamers requires to use the coins while Groove coaster zero points for free is so limited, and many more.

4.    Simply conclusion : the previous is better
Although this Matrix software game gives a free chance for new players to try, the updated systems found in this game are however, far away worse. The original versions of free latest iPhone games that is offered for $ 2.99, brings a lot of convenience for the game users. It can be played offline, needs no internet connections, needs no online ID, and the like. So, if me, offered with both games, I will surely choose the old versions as it brings more attractive options too. However, we should appreciate of the efforts from Taito corporations for launching games with no cost up-front!

Benefits and Drawbacks of Free Latest iPhone Games Groove Coaster Zero

1.    It is totally fun
Despite the negative comments, iOS rhythm game Groove Coaster zero versions offers the user attractive 3D graphic challenging you to get the marks. This game can be operated with one single finger allowing you to touch everywhere in easy. It can be played anywhere, in public transports, in home, by standing or sleeping. With the various list of music, from the calm to upbeats, you are going to have fun with free latest iPhone games Groove Coaster Zero.

2.    Graphic 3D is confusing
Although this game is already completed with super attractive 3D display, it might make your eyes feel so tired. That’s why, if you or another users have problem dealing with too much colorful graphics, then it is not recommended. Choosing Cytus game over Groove Coaster Zero free latest iPhone games is anything but a better option.

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