Playing the Enchanting Bloodborne, the Latest PS4 Games

If you like some games called Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, you will probably like Bloodborne. That game is made by the same game developer. This is the latest PS4 games in role playing game. You will play in a dystopian world called Yharnam, which is currently and unfortunately being cursed by a strange illness that spread quickly. You are the only hero who can fight against this dark world to reveal the danger and secret lies in every corner of Yharnam so you can survive and end the game.
You will see that this new world is the best place to set a new journey to a gothic city where you can kill any nightmare creatures and sly mobs in every corner on the city. Bloodborne as one of the latest PS4 games will need the player to have a strategic action combat. You will be equipped with usable weaponry such as saw cleavers and guns to kill your enemies. Only the player who has the high level of wit, cunning strategy and stealthy reflexes can penetrate the guard of the enemies on Yharnam.

Getting through Yharnam, The City on Bloodborne

Just like the other game, this game is filled with the hidden NPCs that can help you find items or the quests. Most of them hide from the wicked creature behind the door and will only respond when you knock the doors in various answers. You can collect the message written in scattered page that you can read later, to know the secret of Yharnam. Miyazaki continues the mystery of the previous games through the Latest PS4 games. This game gives simplistic hints in the interconnected regions and pathways to lead you.

To attract you, Bloodborne as one of the latest PS4 games gives some horrendous enemies and bosses that you can find. Hunter mobs will try to stall your game in the corner. These guys are infected with the strange disease here. Thus, they hunt and kill the prey, which is you. You will commonly face them. You will also find the wheelchair mob, but don’t judge the way they look or they will kill you over and over again. The wheelchair mob might be slow, but they brought guns for self defense.
As for the bosses, you will find new bosses in these latest PS4 games. The Dark Beast discharges electrical waves through its prehistoric body in bony and skull form. It attacks you with unpredictable movement. The Cleric beast has the huge form that you will encounter. You will need times to kill it down. Blood-Starved Beast is the other boss that has unpredictable movement that makes you difficult to kill it. The worst part is the Hemmick Witch who turned out to be an insane hag who likes to collect eyeballs.

To kill the bad guys, you need the saw cleaver to be your close-range weapon. When you articulate the saw, it will have more range and give more fatal blow to your enemies. You need to dodge the attack from the enemy, or counter attack them in some time to regain your health point. This game is a great way to practice your combat in the virtual flat screen. You can do the offensive parry to trigger the firearm to shoot your enemy by giving the best visceral attack.

Dungeon Features in Bloodborne

The best of these latest PS4 games is that you can wander through the dungeons. The dungeon is full with the protectors and traps. The protectors will guard the tombs in their cold and bluish-white skin as it lacks of sun exposure. They worship the ritual master that lies in piece. Yet when the master awake, they will try any curses and dark rituals enchant to kill you. You need to be careful with the traps too. The traps are hidden and can give you severe injuries to you.
The Chalice dungeons have the architectural beauty that you can adore. It is full of treasure and challenge that you can try. They contain swamps, rocky corridors, or the hall in such details. As you can play the dungeon in standard or procedurally-generated one. Either you play it online or offline, it up to you. However, the beauty of these latest PS4 games is that some needs more than one hunter to slay down every enemy.

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