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Zombie, shotgun, blood what can be better that Dead Trigger 2. Although there are also other free latest android games on the same genre with Dead Trigger 2, you may find something more interesting in this game. This game will make you get close with zombies, flesh and blood as you shoot them. And your adrenaline is tested here. Your heartbeat can be faster when you are on the mission or accomplishing the mission or objectives. You can experience the new feeling playing FSP games in your android.

Besides the HD graphic that is awesome, different difficulty on each level and different objectives or missions, you will also need to have strategy in accomplishing the missions. Easy, you are not alone in this game. Dead Trigger 2 will be played with your team. The team helps you during the missions. And one thing that makes this game is different with other free latest android games of FPS games is about your teams gear and weapon. You need to upgrade them as well as you upgrade your own.

Dead Trigger 2 Android with Old Blood, Just Shoot Them

It is just like an old story of other free latest android games, but there are more in this Dead Trigger 2. You will be dropped on the mission with your team. You will not only defend yourself from the zombies but also accomplishing the objectives. Here, it is told that there is a survivor that still fights with the infection. And that is just one of other awesome stories in this game. You and team should work together during the playing. If you are not familiar with Dead Trigger I, you may need couple times to be familiar with.

Although you are with team, it doesn’t mean you will control them all directly. The controls are simple. So, if you think free latest android games of FPS games are little bit frustrating in the key or controls, you will not see in this Dead Trigger 2. You just need couple minutes to be familiar with. Yup, usually FPS Android games have the difficulty in the key controls where it can be too sensitive or too frustrating. Here, the controls are quite smooth.

You slide your finger on the left of your screen to move. And to turn your head, you need to slide the right of the screen. You can also fire the zombies automatically. You can also see the ‘fire’ button where it means you can concurrent on aiming the target. Although it is not perfect, Dead Trigger 2 has better key controls than other free latest android games in the same genre. Dead Trigger 2 has smoother experience in aiming or moving and turning your head.

And other that makes this Dead Trigger 2 is worth for playing as your free latest android games, it is about the HD graphic, awesome sounds and sure there are many options of the weapons and gears. You can upgrade with your money for purchasing the weapon you need. Each mission may have different effective weapon. So, it is better to read the tutorials or see more other players’ video playing to get the right strategy. However, any of goods of this game, you should also consider your real cash to pay.

Read Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay and Tutorial          

It is right that this Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best free latest android games of FPS genre you can download and play. And to understand more about the games, it is better to read or watch the tutorial including the gameplay videos from other players. It is because you may need some strategies too in accomplishing the missions besides upgrading your weapons and gears where it needs more cashes to pay.  

One thing that you should consider playing Dead Trigger 2 as one of best free latest android games of FPS genre is about your real cash. It means, upgrading the gears and weapon as well as unlocking the new weapons need you to have some amount of the money. And here, you will also upgrade your teams’ gears and weapons where it uses your money too. It is said that. Bundles of the game start at £1.99 or same with $2.99 for 150 coins and it is up to £34.99 or $49.99 for 7,000 coins.

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