Number One Famous Free Latest iPhone Games Hexiled Review

iPhone provide smany games options in their store for their consumer. The genre is various, from fantasy, arcade and adventure. The users could choose the game that they like in the supplication store. Some games might be paid but there are tons choices for free games. One of the Free Latest iPhone Games that include in the Trending list of games is Hexiled.

Hexiled is kind of words game but it is different with other word games. Hexiled is unique because of its innovation in each level of this game and also this game provides a grid of letters with an open section at the center which is very different with other word games that start with an open section in the beginning. The player goal in this game is by form words to make the way out start from the center to the outside of the grid. These Free Latest iPhone Games become more challenging because the player should compete with the time limit in each level.

Hexiled Free Top iPhone Games Level Modes

There are four different play modes in these Free Latest iPhone Games. So, the player could experience four different sensations in each level with different level of difficulty. This game is also quite different compared to other word games in the Playstore and also this is the first game made by Australian that could reach the first rank of word games in 35 countries.

The first mode in this game and the easiest one is Escape mode. In this mode the player should try to reach the edge as quick as possible. The player also could move outwards in any direction. In this mode the player should play in a dynamic timing. The timing in this game is varied but typically this game runs for 20 seconds to two minutes. In this level of Hexiled Free Latest iPhone Games sometimes it will feature a desperate rush to win the level in the last few seconds that the player have. This mode is free to play.

The second mode in this game is Explore mode. In this mode the player could finish the game in unlimited time. You could make the high score by searching for the longer words. This mode is good to accompany you in your lazy weekend or it in the late nights. You could play with your friends or beat their high score in Free Latest iPhone Games. This mode will be unlocked after 100 games.

The third mode in this Free Latest iPhone Games is Survive mode. In this mode, the player must create words as many as possible to hold the countdown at bay. This mode lasts for one until five minutes. This mode will reward the vocabulary and speed that player achieved. It allows the player to put on longer effort in playing this game mode. This game will be unlocked after 500 games.

The last mode in this game is discovering mode. In this mode, the player are challenged to try to reach the edge of the game with few words as fast as possible. This Free Latest iPhone Games mode is untimed but usually the player will take 5 or 15 minutes in one play. This mode will challenge your vocabulary. This mode is free to play without any requirements to unlock this mode.

Hexiled Top Free iPhone Games Apps Gameplay

To play this game is quite simple. The player only needs to drag their finger from the words. The words can be identified when it comes down to the correct words. This Free Latest iPhone Games level of difficulty will be increased as you get better playing this game. The level will challenge you with its time limit, so you must think quick and used your strategy to play this game.

If you want to buy the full version of this game, you only need to pay $1.99 for a single app. You will get full of the four modes in this game. The combination of all the modes will absolutely challenge your collection of vocabulary and make you addicted to play this game over and over again. Of course, this Free Latest iPhone Games Hexiled will improve your vocabulary.

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