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If you feel bored with your old games in your phone and you need something new with more challenging mission in your game list, it means you need to check Latest X-Box One games. Xbox has been known for the best games platform around the world with its stunning collection of games. Ori and The Blind Forest is one of the games for Xbox player which liked by a lot of people.

The Latest X-Box One games entitled Ori and The Blind Forest is developed by Moon Studios with Thomas Mahler as the director. It is published by Microsoft Studious that make the game available to be played in Microsoft windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The genre of this game is adventure, metroidvania which provides a long journey with certain mission that should be accomplished. But, unfortunately this game has only single player mode, so you could not play this game together with your friends.

Ori and The Blind Forest Top Xbox one games story

The story in the Latest X-Box One games Ori and The Blind Forest is unique and sentimental story. Ori the main character that the player used in this game fell down from Spirit Tree in Nibel forest because of the thunderstorm. Then Ori was raised by a bear-like creature named Naru. She took care of Ori as her own kid till a cataclysmic event happened and make the forest whiter and caused Naru died. But then Ori met Sein whom later guide him on his adventure and attacks the enemies.

The mission that Ori and Sein should accomplish in this game is to restore the forest by recovering the light of three elements that supporting the balance of Nibel, they are waters, winds, and warmth. Those three elements are restored in three different locations. The Wind element is supported by Gumo and Kuro; a large female owl, which her offspring is killed by the cataclysm. Then, Kuro helped them to revive Naru sprit by storing the light from the Spirit Tree. This is the first part of this Latest X-Box One games Ori and The Blind Forest.
The second part of the game tells about Ori and Sein journey in the Mount Horu, to find the Warmth element. In this place Naru find Ori unconscious because of the flames captured him. Then, by this event, Kuro reminds the feeling of losing her offspring with the same pain. Then Kuro tried to restore the chaos by send Sein back to the Spirit Tree and restore the forest but unfortunately, she died by the struck of the light. The story of the Latest X-Box One games Ori and The Blind Forest ends with the flourishes of the forest, and the three of them Ori, Naru and Gumo live together and Kuro’s remaining egg could be saved.

The animation in this game is set as 2D open world game. The player takes controls as Ori the shite guardian spirit whom has ability to shoot flames and do wall run. In these Latest X-Box One games, the player could jump from the platforms and should solve some puzzles.
In the play, the player should help Ori to collect tokens, such as health shards, energy shards, new abilities and upgrades. This token is used to upgrade Ori ability during the gameplay. To create the check points in this game, the player should use the special resources collected during the play in this Latest X-Box One games.

Xbox One Games Ori and The Blind Forest review

These Latest X-Box One games Ori and The Blind Forest are very smoothly to be played. It has excellent controls; it can be mastered quickly if you could master the basic control. The levels in this game are various in the difficulty level. It will make the play more fun and enjoyable without make the player feel bored in its level.
So, if you are interested in this genre of game, this Ori and The Blind Forest are worth to try. You could get this Latest X-Box One games- by downloading the game in the Xbox platform. After that, you could enjoy playing each level in the game and enjoy the unique story line in game.

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